OMF V7C149 Looks Like a Demon

Shao Hai stared at Xiao Dong who had curled up against the wall. “Heh. Are you sure you’re not a demon?”

Xiao Dong cracked his eyes open, the blue iris glittering dangerously. “What’s that supposed to mean?! I already told you I’m not! Stop asking already!”

Next to them, Ma Zhi Wu sighed. “Some of us don’t even know ourselves. It’s not your fault. Don’t think about it too much.”

“I’m not!” Xiao Dong opened his eyes completely and furrowed his brows. How could they just say he was a demon? Obviously, he was a proud person of the dragon race! Unfortunately, he couldn’t very well say that … Otherwise, wouldn’t that put his king’s plan at risk? He couldn’t let that happen. His Majesty was counting on him!

Shao Hai pursed his lips and glanced at the disciples that were guarding the room. “How long do you think they’ll let us stay in here? It’s already been a few weeks.”

Ma Zhi Wu also leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. “It’s better if you don’t think about it.”

Shao Hai didn’t quite know what to make of that so he just continued to look around. “Anyway, I still don’t think this is right. Aren’t the Chun Feng Sect and the Yun Zou Sect allies? How can they do this to us? Even if they think that we’re demons, shouldn’t they at least talk about this with the Yun Zou Sect? I’m sure they would be able to tell them that we aren’t.”

Ma Zhi Wu opened an eyelid and glanced at Shao Hai. In the end, this guy was still too young. He obviously hadn’t seen enough of the world yet. “Shao Hai, do you think they believe that you are a demon?”

Shao Hai blinked his eyes. “Well, I’m not. That’s why I said they should have asked the Yun Zou Sect. My Master could certainly tell them.”

Xiao Dong harrumphed. “Then what about me? Is Master going to tell them that I’m not a demon either? Do you think they’d believe that?”

Shao Hai only continued to purse his lips. “Well, it’s much harder to believe if it’s about you. Just look at your hair. You look like a demon!”

The disciples guarding outside couldn’t help but look over. Indeed. Among the three of them, Xiao Dong was indeed the person that looked the most like a demon. Even that Ma Zhi Wu that had spent five years in their dungeon couldn’t be identified as a demon at one glance. The only thing that might tip anyone off had been the talent he had displayed. It wasn’t impossible for a human to be that talented but there was only one person in a ten thousand so each of them deserved to be examined more closely to make sure they were indeed human. As it had turned out, this one wasn’t. It had actually come as a surprise to them.

This Xiao Dong was different. Whether it was his hair or his eye color, they were both far from anything a human should ever show so there hadn’t been the slightest doubt when they found him sneaking through their dungeon. It was strange that he had shown a delayed reaction to the blood gems but who knew what the demons had come up with to make that happen?

Anyway, they couldn’t help but wonder how the Yun Zou Sect had been able to make such a mistake. Ma Zhi Wu could be excused but this Xiao Dong … There was no way they could have taken him in without noticing that something was off about him. It made them suspect what was going on in the head of Sect Master Yuchi. Did he have some plan that involved these demons? Unfortunately, no matter how hard they thought, they couldn’t come up with any explanation.

Meanwhile, Xiao Dong only scoffed and turned away. How did he look like a demon? He even had the same hair color as the previous king! If that didn’t show that he was a dragon instead of a demon, then he also didn’t know what would. That Shao Hai didn’t know anything at all. He just shouldn’t talk to him.

With Xiao Dong not bothering to answer, Shao Hai didn’t know how to proceed. He looked at the disciples guarding them once again and couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to them. Would they really continue to be imprisoned here? How could the Chun Feng Sect do that? But right now, everything looked as if this was indeed the case. He couldn’t understand but that wouldn’t change anything. At the moment, he could only hope that they’d be let out soon. Or … He turned back to Xiao Dong and inched closer, lowering his voice. “Do you think we should try to break out?”

Xiao Dong who had just closed his eyes to try and rest cracked them open again and looked at Shao Hai as if he was an idiot. “Even if you tried, do you really think you’d be able to get out of here? We didn’t even manage to get inside without them noticing. How do you want to get out without being seen? Don’t you think they’d be looking around here every now and then? If three people suddenly vanished from a cell, they would certainly know that something was up. How do you want to get back to the Yun Zou Sect in that short amount of time?”

Shao Hai went back to his previous place and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I was only asking. No need to be like that.”

Xiao Dong shook his head and refused to answer. He understood very well that Shao Hai wanted to do something to get out of here. If he could, he would also like to do the same. Unfortunately, there was no way to do that. Obviously, Ma Zhi Wu was more than just a little affected by the dungeon and the same was already true for him even though it had taken quite a bit longer than it should usually be the case. Well, being young also had its perks.

Anyway, there was no way to get out. They could only endure for now and hope that somebody would realize soon that they had imprisoned by the same guys as Ma Zhi Wu. Ah, he could only hope this matter would be investigated more closely this time around.

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