RMN C90 Causing Some Trouble

Not too far from them, another group stopped to inspect the terrain surrounding them.

“Senior martial brother Yang, there seems to be something here.” One of the disciples motioned at the ground.

Similarly to Mei Chao Bing’s group, they were in a part of the land that was completely dried up because of the lack of spiritual energy. They weren’t faced with any weirdly-shaped boulders though and could only see a large expanse of rubble instead. Looking at it, it actually looked as if there had been a fight that turned the original landscape into this wasteland of dust and pebbles.

It wasn’t unimaginable. The demonic cultivators were also split into several sects and contrary to the righteous cultivators that at least upheld a civil appearance in public and would only covertly act against each other, they didn’t mind ripping out each other’s throats in broad daylight and even proudly announce that they were the perpetrator.

Yang Wu Huang stepped closer to what the disciple had found and nodded his head. “Very well.” There was indeed an energy gathering array hidden beneath the rubble.

With his cultivation of a core formation stage disciple, Yang Wu Huang was naturally more experienced than the others. He didn’t actually have trouble finding an array like this. It was just that he had had his own plans. Who would have thought that Mei Chao Bing would actually appear and then casually reveal something like this? It truly was maddening!

“Should we go and report to the Elders right away?”

Yang Wu Huang narrowed his eyes, looking at the array. His mind churned and finally, he shook his head. “No, let’s wait a while. I think that … we should use this for ourselves first.”

The other disciples exchanged glances and then gathered around Yang Wu Huang with an excited expression. “What did you think of, senior brother?”

“Must be something good!”

Yang Wu Huang smiled serenely. “Well, it might be. I was thinking of … causing some trouble for Mei Chao Bing and maybe there’ll be some martial sisters that will be very happy with you when you help with solving the trouble.”

The other disciples couldn’t help but grin. “That sounds good indeed! So what’s the plan?”

Yang Wu Huang motioned for them to step closer and then pointed at the array. “What do you think will happen when this array is deactivated?”

The other exchanged a glance. Even though their level wasn’t as high as Yang Wu Huang’s and their experience slightly more shallow, they still could think this kind of thing through. “The … demonic practitioners would probably notice?”

“And if they do?”

“They … might come and check?” They exchanged another glance but only saw confusion in each other’s eyes. “What does that have to do with Mei Chao Bing though?”

Yang Wu Huang’s smile became more pronounced. “If we have found an array and another array was already announced today, then don’t you think the one who found it was him? In other words, there definitely has to be one in their part as well.”

“So you mean we should go and deactivate their array?” The eyes of one of the disciples lit up. “Then the demonic practitioners would hurry there but might also stumble upon some of the other disciples. There could be fights.”

“It is likely that there will be some. After all, we are disturbing whatever their plan is. They will want to take care of the troublemakers.”

The others nodded but one of them couldn’t help but have some doubts. “But what if somebody is killed?”

“Then I’d be only too happy to have Mei Chao Bing be exposed as the traitor he is. He might have been lucky the last time because he indeed had a private relationship with Elder Baili’s disciple, but this time, things are different. This isn’t just a minor transgression. He will have endangered all his fellow martial brothers and sisters. Even if nobody can prove that he had malicious intent, hurting somebody because he was greedy for success will also have a negative impact on him. I’d really like to see who will still be on his side.”

“Eh, that’s true. The others seem to be less hostile to him just because of what Elder Baili said yesterday. They’re truly too fickle!”

“Yeah. Especially that Yun Bei Fen. What is he thinking, getting together with that traitor? Senior martial brother Yang has treated him so well. Isn’t it obvious who he should choose?”

Yang Wu Huan smiled. Indeed. Between himself and that traitor, the right choice should be obvious. He really couldn’t understand why Yun Bei Fen would be this stubborn. But, well, he was young. He was bound to make mistakes. As long as he realized that he was wrong and made amends, he wouldn’t hold it against him. He was just curious as to how long that unconditional trust of his would last.

When he saw people getting hurt and it was directly pointed out to him that Mei Chao Bing was likely the culprit behind this, would he finally turn away from him? Or maybe he would still hold on and needed something even more terrible to happen?

Yang Wu Huang smiled to himself. Even though he hated to see Yun Bei Fen put this kind of trust into that traitor, he was also eager to receive this trust himself when they finally got together. Having this beauty cling to him every day and look at him with such adoring eyes, making him defend him with a quivering voice against everybody who tried to slander him … It really would make for a beautiful scene.

Yang Wu Huang chuckled and then waved at the others. “Alright, since we’ve talked it through, let’s go. We have to be fast. We need to go and find the array as fast as we can, then we need to deactivate it and return here. We also have to make sure that we don’t leave any traces. It would be best if we could search the other part of our area at the time when things go wrong over there. It wouldn’t do to be associated with this crime.”

The other nodded and they set off, rushing into the others’ area at their fastest speed.

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