OMF V7C115 Nothing to Say

The man smiled. “What is Sect Master Xian’s meaning? You wouldn’t want to let me go home, would you? Otherwise, I really don’t have any need for these ‘news’.” His voice sounded hoarse from the years he had spent in the dungeons without uttering a word.

Really, what was this man thinking? He wouldn’t be so dumb as to trust him after they had imprisoned him for so long. Where had his compassion been all these years? When he had asked for any news on the Yun Zou Sect in the beginning, when he had begged them to let him go or at least sent a message so Xiao Fang wouldn’t worry … He had only been met with silence. Now, he suddenly wanted to talk? This was ridiculous!

Xian Xun still maintained his own smile, not in the least worried about Ma Zhi Wu’s rejection. There was something this creature wanted. As long as he was willing to negotiate it, he would definitely win this gamble. “Zhi Wu, aren’t you interested at all? This is about the people you claim to regard as your family, after all. Wouldn’t you like to know if they were in danger?”

Ma Zhi Wu gritted his teeth. Danger … Naturally, he would want to know. But what could he do? Even if he knew, he could only stay here and worry. How would that help them? And if he gave in to Xian Xun … Who knew what would happen then? Most likely, one of his martial brothers or sisters was suspected to be a demon as well. If he answered any questions, he might condemn them to the same fate he was currently suffering. How could he let that happen?

Seeing his expression, the Sect Master smiled and then glanced at his disciple.

Liu Cheng nodded and leaned forward, giving Ma Zhi Wu a worried look. “Since we have gotten involved you can probably guess what has happened. It’s true: Two demons have surfaced in the Yun Zou Sect. We don’t know what their goal is yet but we certainly won’t let your martial brothers and sisters suffer. We only need a bit of information to make sure we can subdue them without anybody else getting hurt. I’m sure you would also want that.”

Ma Zhi Wu glanced at Liu Cheng with disdain. “Your dungeon might be corroding my strength but it hasn’t attacked my brain. Do you really think I’m an idiot? If you needed the information to quietly catch some demons, you would go to Sect Master Yuchi and ask him. Since you haven’t … you probably mean to say that you’re suspecting two of our disciples and don’t want to be caught yourself when you kidnap them.”

“We would never do something like that. We don’t hurt humans.”

“Unfortunately, your definition of who counts as human is rather strict.” He shook his head and turned away, falling silent again. It was just as he had thought. In that case, it was better to keep quiet, lest he unwittingly gave out some information that could be used against the others.

Xian Xun furrowed his brows at this. “I had actually thought you had learned your lesson and were willing to make amends.”

Ma Zhi Wu snorted. Make amends … What amends could he make for his blood? The Chun Feng Sect would never let him go. Not as long as he wasn’t able to change his race. This sly fox was just trying to make him give up what he wanted to know.

Watching Ma Zhi Wu’s expression, it was obvious that he wasn’t willing to step into his trap. In that case, it seemed he could only lower himself to really make a deal with a demon. “Alright. If you aren’t willing to help just on account of that small human part of your heart, I guess we will have to deal with you like a demon.”

Ma Zhi Wu closed his eyes. He wasn’t a demon. His ancestors weren’t real demons either. And not cooperating with the people that had imprisoned him for so many years didn’t make him a demon either. He was still a human. He just wasn’t stupid.

“I’m sure there is something that you want. Why don’t you tell me and I’ll see if I can make it possible? Then you will tell me what I want to know in exchange. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?”

Ma Zhi Wu’s eyes cracked open. “Tell you what I want?” He opened his eyes completely and looked from Xian Xun to Liu Cheng and back again. “How about letting me out? I feel like I’ve been in here for long enough.”

Xian Xun looked at him as if he was pained. “I’m sorry but that is something that I can’t do. You would just hurt another human.”

“I have never hurt a human. Well, at most some demonic practitioners but that is what happens in the fight between sects.”

Xian Xun ignored his words as if he hadn’t said anything at all. “Choose something else.”

“Then I want to see Nian Hong Fang.”

Xian Xun furrowed his brows. “You really haven’t learned anything. The Grandelder’s disciple is the last person I’d let you see.” Wasn’t that what he had just talked about? As soon as he let this demon out of the dungeon, he would go and hurt somebody again. The Grandelder’s disciple could really count himself lucky that he had been spared from needing to deal with this demon any longer.

“Then I don’t have anything to tell you.” Ma Zhi Wu closed his eyes. No, he wouldn’t give in. If he couldn’t see Nian Hong Fang, he wouldn’t give in. This was the only thing … the only thing that might make him betray somebody else. Maybe that meant he was just like a demon, willing to do anything if the price was right. But what could he do? He missed him and he was worried about him. Who knew how Nian Hong Fang had held up over the years? If he couldn’t see with his own eyes … How could he ever let go?

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