OMF V7C113 Making up for His Negligence

The Yun Zou Sect that had just had a joyous occasion with the addition of a new dimension in their sect grounds so that the old one could be used to train their disciples, now had to face the sad fact that they had also lost one of their most important backers.

They had always stood back-to-back with the Chun Feng Sect but it was obvious that things would go downhill from the moment Liu Cheng drew his sword to attack Qiu Ling and Jing Yi.

Sect Master Yuchi couldn’t help but sigh whenever he thought of it. Not only had they lost somebody who had been helping them for many years, but there was also the added trouble of guarding against any surprise attacks. After all, the Chun Feng Sect took these things very seriously. Liu Cheng wasn’t even the most extreme when it came to matters regarding the demons. His Master, Sect Master Xian, was even worse.

Yuchi Bing Xia couldn’t hold it against him. Everybody knew that both his wife and daughter had been killed in an attack perpetrated by somebody who had pretended to be human but had then turned out to have demonic blood. Becoming a demon hunter had been to one day take his revenge, as well as to make sure that no other family would ever have to suffer through this again.

Although Yuchi Bing Xia still felt that the Chun Feng Sect had gone too far with attacking a disciple of an ally, he couldn’t deny that the Chun Feng Sect had also done a lot of good over the years. There was a reason why the common people might know about the Chun Feng Sect and their disciples’ heroic deeds regardless of where they lived while they had no idea what the deity sect ten li away was even called. To them, the immortals were lofty figures that they might like to hear stories about but they had nothing to do with them. The Chun Feng Sect though … They were the ones they would call if they really needed help and didn’t know what to do anymore. They were the ones they truly admired.

And now, the Yun Zou Sect had had a falling out with this most-admired sect. It really gave him a headache. The worst of all was that while he was trying to solve matters, he would be subjected to the accusing gaze of the Grandelder’s head disciple. It really made him want to enter closed-door cultivation and throw all matters to his own disciple! Unfortunately … Yu Jin was in that realm together with the other three. So if he wanted to throw this to a disciple, he could only choose Wu Min Huan. The child was obviously eager to help but … would he be able to shoulder this burden?

Yuchi Bing Xia sighed and then turned to this disciple that was once again standing close by, looking at him with an expectant gaze as if he wanted to be thrown some bread crumbs. It really made him feel that he might have neglected him too much in the past years.

Yes, since the day he found Yu Jin, he hadn’t paid too much attention. Even the position of head disciple that Wu Min Huan had held for many years had been given to this small junior martial brother of his after a few years. Thinking about it this way, it truly was unfair to Wu Min Huan. Unfortunately … he just wasn’t as talented or perceptive as Yu Jin.

Maybe this was the difference in their upbringing. Yu Jin had been traveling through the world with his previous Master, seeing much more of the things outside and learning in a different manner than Wu Min Huan who had basically grown up sheltered in the sect. Sure, he had had more resources to cultivate but his understanding was probably more shallow than Yu Jin’s because of that. He hadn’t been given enough opportunities to solve his own problems.

Maybe … Just maybe it would be good to give him a few tasks and let him handle them without interfering. Even though he had decided to have Yu Jin follow him in the position as Sect Master, one person alone couldn’t hold up the sky for a whole sect. He had seen that more than clearly with himself and Grandmaster Zhangsun. Even the two of them hadn’t been enough to let the Yun Zou Sect keep its position, making it tumble further and further down the ranks. Even threatening to fall to the status of a second-tier sect despite its once lofty status.

This kind of mistake couldn’t be repeated. No, they had to spend more time cultivating these young people. Letting them cultivate more, letting them experience more … this was imperative to the future growths of their Yun Zou Sect. He had taken too long to understand that but since he finally had, it was time to act on it.

Thus the task of taking care of the younger generation while he himself tried to resolve matters with the Chun Feng Sect was thrown to Wu Min Huan. The disciple who finally wasn’t ignored by his Master any longer was more than happy and threw himself into work right away, devising a plan on who would be able to enter the realm when and how the others could make faster progress outside.

In the end, both the Elders and their head disciples were dragged out and forced to teach the disciples at fixed intervals or take them on missions. Neither of them was happy but they couldn’t deny that the disciples that had the chance to take part in these measures were indeed making more rapid progress than before.

The biggest surprise were probably the ones with mediocre talent in the outer sect who suddenly showed that they were able to reach the threshold of becoming inner sect disciples in much greater numbers and in a much faster amount of time than before when they were guided this way because they made up for their lack of talent with hard work and diligence, using the chance they had been given.

Seeing this, the Elders really couldn’t complain anymore and the transformation of the Yun Zou Sect finally began.

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