OMF V7C107 Working Together Was Joyous

At that time, Jin Ling finally reached the Yun Zou Sect. Since he had already lost time when he had to deal with Yin Lin Lin, he used his ability as a demon to move most of the way, only needing a few minutes to traverse half of the human realm. Standing in front of the gates of the Yun Zou Sect, his heart beat madly. Just a few more minutes. Just a few more minutes and he would finally see him again.

He went to a spot not too far away from the gates that was hidden from view by the trees and didn’t need long to find Qiguan Cheng Da.

The disciple looked at him with his brows raised. “The information I gave you this time should have been quite good, shouldn’t it?”

Jin Ling nodded, this time indeed quite satisfied. It turned out that this human scum was much more useful than even that half-demon that he had sent to the capital city back then. He had actually managed to bring him a step closer to Jinde. “You did indeed very well. As promised, I won’t treat you badly in return.” He opened the dimensional space tied to the gem embedded in his earlobe and rummaged around for a moment. He had accumulated quite a few things over the years and there was nothing he wouldn’t give away if it meant that he could see Jinde again but he still had to make sure that it was something that Qiguan Cheng Da would deem useful. After all, who knew if he wouldn’t need to use this person again? It was better to be prepared just in case it was necessary.

In the end, he took out a spew spirit fruits from the demon realm and handed them to Qiguan Cheng Da. “This should help you advance to the next level.”

Qiguan Cheng Da looked at them, feeling for the spiritual energy inside. Seeing that the amount wasn’t low, he nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad. Then you probably want to know a bit more?”

Jin Ling raised his brows. “Is there more to know?”

“That depends. From what I could see, the people that went inside were the Sect Master’s disciple, the Grandmaster’s disciple and that Jing Yi who is the lover of the Grandmaster’s disciple. As for the other person …”

Jin Ling waved. “No need to say anything. I know who he is.” He did wonder about that other person though. “The Sect Master’s disciple … He should have been the one who stood at that array?”

Qiguan Cheng Da nodded. “His name is Yu Jin. The Sect Master took him in at about the same time when the Grandmaster’s disciple and his lover also entered the sect.”

Jin Ling’s eyes flashed. At the same time? That truly was quite an interesting coincidence. “Was he close to them?”

Qiguan Cheng Da furrowed his brows, thinking back quietly. “Well, he was sent to get news from them when they were on a mission in the Hei Dian Sect. He also went out while they were traveling outside and I think they met up at that time as well. I’m not sure how close the relationship between them is though. That Yu Jin is a rather withdrawn person. He doesn’t talk much and doesn’t have too much contact with the other disciples. Ah, right!” His expression lit up when he remembered something else. “He was also the one I told you about that was trapped with Jing Yi in that realm in the Leyuan region.”

Jin Ling twirled a strand of his hair around his finger and narrowed his eyes. “The Leyuan region?” That should have been that realm where Qiu Ling’s lover had been able to retrieve some of his old memories. So this person … He couldn’t say for sure but considering that he had been there in several situations and had even entered that array together with them, he might be of either the dragon or the god race. That was quite peculiar. “Anything else you know about him?”

Qiguan Cheng Da raised his brows. “Like what?”

“Like … Does he have a family? A lover?” Qiu Ling and his lover entering that array together wasn’t anything surprising. But why had that person been there? Because he had been sent to watch over the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation? Or because Qiu Ling’s advisers deemed it necessary that somebody went to meet with him?

Could it be that he was thinking too much and this person was just a mortal? Anyway, remembering how that person had been touched by Jinde at that fleeting moment when they entered the realm, he wasn’t happy at all.

Qiguan Cheng Da pondered but finally could only shake his head. “All I know is that he seems to have been a wandering cultivator before he joined our sect. His previous Master was killed. Other than that … I don’t know.”

Jin Ling nodded. “Well, that’s already quite good. Help me keep an eye on things. About that person … You don’t have to inquire too deliberately but I’d like to know some more if you can find out at the side.”

Qiguan Cheng Da gave a smile. “But of course. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help you.”

Jin Ling looked at him and shook his head. This person … was almost as bad as a demon. Making a deal with him was truly joyous. “Alright, then let’s leave it at that. I’ll go over and take a look at that array.” He once again nodded at Qiguan Cheng Da and then turned around, changing his appearance to fit in better with the humans before he went over to the Sect Master’s peak.

He had been able to see everything clearly so he knew where this array was located. Stopping in front of it, his lips curled into a smile. In a moment … He would finally see him again. He would be able to tell him how much he loved him and how much he regretted being too forceful back then.

He was sure that as soon as they saw each other, Jinde would forgive him. And then … There was no question that they would finally be able to become a couple. After all, there was nobody standing in his way anymore.

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