LWS Extra 2: C10 Boyfriend!

Madam Su really wanted to wash her hands off this but unfortunately, her son was looking at her with big eyes, clearly expecting her to clear up his confusion. She flushed red and then waved at the machine. “Isn’t it obvious? You have to press these buttons and pull the lever.”

Su Yan nodded as if he had just been enlightened, making Madam Su wince. He would really believe everything he was being told, wouldn’t he Who had raised this child? Maybe she should have been more stringent in her parenting?

Looking at her son’s curious expression as he bent over the buttons, she could only sigh. Never mind. Who could be strict with this child? Just look at her husband! Because he had tried, Su Yan had decisively moved out and only relented after his father gave in, even accepting Nie Chang. Obviously, the child had already been spoiled rotten and couldn’t be taught anymore.

Su Yan turned back to his mother with his brows furrowed. “Do I have to press all the buttons? Why don’t they just make one then?”

Madam Su’s brows twitched. “Why would you press all of them? Don’t you normally choose one?”

Su Yan looked back at the machine and then pressed one at random. Then he waited. Unfortunately, the slot machine didn’t do anything. Su Yan blinked his eyes and turned back to his mother. “It’s not doing anything.”

“I can see that.”

“Why though? I pressed a button already! Don’t tell me it was the wrong one?” He looked back at the machine, wondering if maybe he should have pressed another one.

Madam Su rubbed her forehead. “You didn’t pull the lever.”

“Oh.” Su Yan didn’t think any further and pulled at it.

The slot machine … still didn’t do anything.

In return, Madam Su was once again subjected to her son’s gaze that was clearly seeking help. She stared at the machine, trying to find out what else could be wrong. Those buttons had to be for choosing something whatever that was. And the lever should make those pictures in the middle roll. So what else did they need to do?

She furrowed her brows but finally, her face lit up. “You forget to put the money in.”

“Money?” Su Yan looked to the slot where his mother was pointing and his own face lit up as well. “Right! Ah Chang gave me money when we packed!” He pulled out his briefcase and opened it, looking at the banknotes and coins inside. So how much did he need? He pulled out some banknotes only for his mother to reach over and snatch them away. “Ah?”

“This … Don’t take all of it. Start with some coins.” Otherwise, wouldn’t her son gamble away all of his boyfriend’s money? She couldn’t let that happen! After the wedding, there would still be many expenses.

Su Yan blinked but obediently took out a coin, inserting it into the slot before waiting again. The mother and son pair waited for the machine to start up but to their surprise, it still stayed silent.

The two of them exchanged a look, not knowing what else to do. They had already pressed a button, pulled the lever and put in money. What else could they do?

“Uh … Maybe it was the wrong order? Maybe you can only press the button after putting in the money?”

Su Yan nodded, feeling that his mother naturally had to be right. He pressed the button again, pulled the lever again and … stared at the unresponsive machine.

Another look was exchanged. Madam Su wrinkled her brow, wondering what else might be the problem. Maybe the slot machine was defect? But that was unlikely. Somebody should have noticed. Then it should have to do with the buttons. She took a closer look, noticing that two of them were slightly further away. Maybe they had to push two buttons?

Before she could suggest it, somebody cleared their throat next to them. Su Yan and Madam Su both looked up, seeing a man in his thirties standing in front of them. He was wearing a nice suit and gave a pleasant smile.

Seeing that he had their attention, the man started to speak.

Su Yan blinked in response and turned to his mother. “What did he say?”

Madam Su furrowed her brows and turned to her son. “How would I know? He’s speaking English!” She stared at the man whose expression turned slightly awkward. They couldn’t just not answer, could they? But how … She pondered and then looked at her son in confusion. “Why don’t you speak to him? Didn’t you have English in school?”

Su Yan nodded. “We had. But Ah Chang always answered the questions.” Honestly, English was strange. How could anybody expect him to understand it? And this man was talking a very weird English anyway.

The man’s lips twitched when the two of them only talked among themselves and didn’t acknowledge what he said at all. Could it be they didn’t understand? They looked like foreigners but he hadn’t wanted to assume. Maybe they had a problem with his dialect? He repeated his words, more slowly, in the hope that it’d help them understand.

Su Yan narrowed his eyes. He might not understand English but … there was something like context clues! He could definitely figure out what this guy was saying even without knowing the language.

Seeing Su Yan’s focused expression, the man’s expression lit up which in turn made Su Yan feel that he was a genius. Ah, surprisingly, he had already figured it out! Now, he only needed to communicate his answer.

Su Yan furrowed his brows, feeling deeply troubled as he searched through his admittedly not very extensive knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar. In the end, he perked up though. Right, he didn’t have to say a whole sentence! As long as he communicated the main point, it would be alright. After all, he had been able to figure out what this man was saying just from context clues. If this guy wasn’t a total idiot, he’d be able to do the same.

Thus Su Yan proceeded to clearly communicate his intents: “Boyfriend.”

Or so he thought …

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