LWS Extra 2: C9 Spend Some Time Apart

“What are you doing, mum? What about Ah Chang? He’s still in there!”

Madam Su nodded. “I know. That’s the point.”

“Ah?” Su Yan followed after her and looked at the closed door in confusion. If they went to have a look around, shouldn’t his boyfriend come along?

Madam Su grabbed her son’s shoulder and turned him around to face her. “Xiao Yan, you better listen well now. You’ve managed to find a great boyfriend and I’m very sure that Nie Chang will stay with you for the rest of your life. But as you’ve certainly noticed while watching your father and me while growing up, couples sometimes need a bit of time apart.”

Su Yan blinked his eyes. “You mean you want me to throw Ah Chang out of our house every now and then? But he paid for it.”

Madam Su looked at her son and sighed. “No. Just … just spent some time apart every now and then. You know, the two of you are still young and there are lots of things you don’t know yet. You should make some experiences on your own.”

Su Yan pursed his lips and glanced at the door. He was pretty sure that his mother was right about him not knowing everything but … Nie Chang knew a lot and it was really handy to have him along. That way, he could always ask if he didn’t understand something.

Madam Su cleared her throat to get her son’s attention back. “Anyway, right now is the perfect time for that. You see Nie Chang was really tired before. We can just let him sleep for a while and amuse us on our own. Don’t you think it’d be nice to go around and have fun with your mum once in a while?”

“Do we take dad along?”

“No.” She certainly didn’t want to have her husband harp next to Su Yan’s ears that it might be better not to marry yet and wait until he turned twenty-five at least. Not that she was afraid that Nie Chang would use this opportunity to run away but who knew what crazy ideas her son would get in two years’ time? No, it was better to put a ring on his hand and have this legalized in some countries at least. Mn, they’d still have to do something about their home country though. She should talk that through with Nie Chang when they had the time.

Su Yan looked over at the other door. “Then what if we buy something? Who’ll carry the bags?”

Madam Su looked at her son exasperatedly. “What’s this? Aren’t you a young man? You can’t even carry some souvenirs?”

“Ah Chang always carries everything for me.”

Madam Su sighed and linked arms with him, pulling him away from the door before he could run inside again and wake his boyfriend because of something like this. “I’m pretty sure Nie Chang would even carry you around on his back if you told him you didn’t want to walk. He’s too nice for his own good.” She shook her head. “Honestly, you should treat him better. Don’t let him do everything for you.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’ll tire him out easily and he’ll die young. Come on now.” She pulled him back into the elevator, not caring about his shocked expression at all. Her child wouldn’t be so stupid to actually believe that, would he? Anyway, even if he was, wouldn’t he run to Nie Chang later on and ask? Her son-in-law would certainly find a way to set this straight. She shouldn’t worry about it. Well, not after she managed to attract his attention to something else. “So … Do you want to try your luck at the casino? Maybe you can win some money for your boyfriend and settle some bills.”

Su Yan’s expression lit up. “Do you really think so?”

“Of course! I’m sure Nie Chang would be thrilled.”

“Let’s go then!” Su Yan rushed his mother as soon as the elevator reached the first floor, just one step short of dragging her into the nearest casino.

Madam Su’s brows twitched but then she thought of her poor son-in-law who had been dragged around like this all the time before without any way to defend himself and decided that she might as well sacrifice herself for a while. As his mother, she would at least be able to scold Su Yan when it was enough and let him run back to complain to his boyfriend.

Su Yan rushed up to one of the machines and then blinked his eyes. Uh … how did this work? He swiveled around to his mother, waiting for an explanation.

Madam Su sighed. This boy! Nie Chang had obviously spoiled him too much. Would he really wait for somebody to explain if he didn’t understand something? What about figuring it out himself?

She shook her head and went over, taking a look herself. The machine in front of them was one of the slot machines that were often shown in the advertisements for Las Vegas trips. You probably just needed to put in some money and then you were good to go?

She looked it over from top to bottom and furrowed her brows. There were some buttons at the front and a handle at the side. There was also a slot in the middle where you were probably supposed to put in some money.

Madam Su turned back to the buttons. Most likely, you were supposed to press them somehow? She stared intently at them with her brows furrowing further and further. In the end, she straightened up and gave a cold huff. Hmph. How was she supposed to know how this thing worked? She was a respectable lady! She had never once in her life gambled! Yes, yes, that was the reason. It had nothing to do with the fact that she couldn’t read the words on the buttons.

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