OMF V7C83 He’d Like Him to Dare

At the gates of the Yun Zou Sect, Yuchi Bing Xia fidgeted, giddy with excitement. Ah, Alliance Head Hua from the Liu He Alliance had actually come to visit their humble Yun Zou Sect. That was one of the premier experts of the righteous faction! Only comparable to their own Grandmaster Zhangsun but considering the status of their sect, receiving him as a guest might be worth even more. This feeling… It was probably on par with being fancied by a beautiful woman?

Yuchi Bing Xia had no idea what the latter felt like but he was still more than happy to be in the current situation. He could hardly hold back an exaggerated smile and had to make sure that he spoke slowly, lest he stumbled over his words and made a fool out of himself. “Alliance Head Hua, welcome to our Yun Zou Sect.”

Hua Min nodded, not sure what to say. He glanced at Zhangsun Xun Yi, feeling a bit better that his friend was there. Anyway, visiting him wasn’t a problem but visiting him with that person in tow was something else entirely. “Thank you for receiving me. I … I heard that the Yun Zou Sect was having some trouble. Since I know Zhangsun, I felt that I should come and have a look. Anyway, it’s also good for my disciples to have some more opportunities to go out and see the world.”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded wildly. “Of course, of course. Gaining experience is very important.”

While the two of them stumbled through their greetings, Jinde looked around. The only ones who had come over were the Sect Master and the Grandmaster. Not even a disciple could be seen not to mention his husband!

Could it be that Jin Yu hadn’t come back yet? Ah, this was really too much! They already hadn’t seen each other for several weeks. He was missing him. He wanted to see him right this instance!

As much as Jinde would’ve like that, he couldn’t make time to turn faster so he was bound to have to wait for Leng Jin Yu’s return. Mn, maybe he should use the opportunity to go and have a look at that realm his husband had created? Anyway, it was already there even though other people would still be able to enter. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t go and explore a bit, did it?

He pursed his lips but finally rejected the idea. As curious as he was how that realm would look like, it would be much more romantic if he went with Jin Yu. Mn, while they were at it, they should make some nice memories …

At that time, Yuchi Bing Xia finally motioned at the gate. “Why don’t you follow us inside? We’ll arrange dwellings for you and your disciples right this instance.”

Alliance Head Hua didn’t know what to do. He glanced at the person standing behind him, wanting to know what he thought of it. Unfortunately, Jinde hadn’t paid attention and with the veil in front of his face, it was impossible to gauge anything from his expression.

Seeing Hua Min turn away, Yuchi Bing Xia couldn’t help but also look over. When he saw the disciples … His expression turned blank. What was this? Why were all these people wearing veiled hats?

He turned to the Grandmaster next to him, hoping that he would be able to explain. Zhangsun Xun Yi had no idea what was going on though.

Hua Min gave an embarrassed smile when he saw their strange expressions. Hadn’t he said that this wasn’t a good idea? With that kind of appearance, they would draw even more attention. The only advantage was that nobody would be able to tell who was who so nobody should come after Grandmaster Leng’s husband.

Hua Min awkwardly cleared his throat and gave the excuse Jinde had come up with back when he protested against this idea. “Uh … There was a slight accident when trying to refine pills. These young people, they don’t dare to show their faces now.” Even his own brows twitched when he said so.

Yuchi Bing Xia and the Grandmaster looked slightly surprised but Hua Min himself just couldn’t help but think of just how old Grandmaster Leng’s husband had to be. Could he really refer to him as a young person? Well, never mind. It was alright as long as nobody asked any further questions.

Yuchi Bing Xia looked from the veiled people back to Hua Min and gave an equally awkward smile. “Oh, so it was like that. Well, we don’t mind. If your disciples feel better like this, then they are welcome to keep those hats on. Now …” He motioned at the gate once again and Hua Min nodded, waving at the disciples behind him to follow.

The group stepped through the gate and Zhangsun Xun Yi walked over to his old friend. “You’re looking a little … troubled. Is something the matter?”

Before Hua Min could answer, one of the veiled people inched closer, inserting himself into the conversation. “I wonder if the Sect Master’s disciple is here?”

Zhangsun Xun Yi turned to the one who had spoken, his brows raising slightly. If he wasn’t completely wrong … this should be that person? But why would he …

Yuchi Bing Xia also turned around. “My disciple?”

Jinde nodded happily. “Yes, ah, I heard a lot about Sect Master Yuchi’s head disciple. I wonder where he is? Or is that asking too much?”

Hua Min looked at Jinde strangely, wondering what this was about. Wasn’t he just here to see his husband?

Meanwhile, Yuchi Bing Xia was flattered that somebody from the Liu He Alliance actually deemed Yu Jin as important enough to ask what he was doing. “Well, it’s really unfortunate. He is currently in closed-door cultivation. If he knew that you had asked for him, he would certainly have met with you. He’ll be regretful when he finds out.”

Jinde just chuckled. If his husband didn’t meet with him when he asked him to, he’d get into trouble with him for sure and that was a reason to be regretful! Ah, but he’d certainly like him to dare and try. The outcome might be interesting.

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