RMN C67 Was I Tricked?

Yun Bei Fen still looked at Yang Wu Huang in a daze. How come he didn’t understand a single word this person said? In his helplessness, he turned to Mei Chao Bing again, posing the question that was the most important to him right now. “Was I tricked?”

Mei Chao Bing gave a smile and then reached out, nudging his nose. “Do you feel like you were tricked?”

Yun Bei Fen tried to look down at the tip of his nose and then looked back up, pondering the question. Tricked … He shook his head. “No. No, I don’t think so.”

Mei Chao Bing smile brightened. “Then I guess you weren’t.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded and turned back to Yang Wu Huang. As it turned out, not even Mei Chao Bing could understand what he was talking about. He really shouldn’t say such irresponsible things. “I wasn’t tricked.”

Yang Wu Huang looked at him in a daze. How had he picked out exactly that one sentence and inquired after it? And how could he just casually say that he wasn’t tricked after asking Mei Chao Bing? “Junior martial brother Yun …” Yang Wu Huang furrowed his brows, looking as if what he had to say next was very hard for him. “I guess tricking might not be a strong enough word to describe this. I also don’t want to hurt you by saying anything more than that. So I guess it would be better if we stopped here. I just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t look down on you and neither will my junior martial brothers. And if you want our help to take revenge for that slight or just so we can guard you in the future, then you just have to say the word. We wouldn’t want you to waste your time on a despicable bastard just out of embarrassment.”

Yun Bei Fen still couldn’t understand what was going on. “What despicable bastard?”

Yang Wu Huang glanced at Mei Chao Bing but refused to say anything. “Alright, junior martial brother Yun, I understand already. You do not dare speak about it. It is alright. Just know in your heart that we’ll be there for you. The unfair treatment you have suffered, we will make sure that it is paid back in the future.”

Yun Bei Fen was even more bewildered. What unfair treatment? He felt that everybody treated him quite fairly. In fact … Yun Bei Fen tilted his head and then looked up at Mei Chao Bing before he turned back to Yang Wu Huang and gave a bright smile. “Senior martial brother …” He pondered and finally just left the name out. Nobody would notice, right? “You’re really very nice. I don’t know why you think that I was treated unfairly but it is still nice that you want to step out and help me. Actually, since you’re such a righteous person, why don’t you help senior martial brother Mei instead? You know, he’s being treated very unfairly. My heart hurts seeing that. So in the future, can’t you speak out on his behalf when people are mean to him?”

Mei Chao Bing’s body shook but he barely held back the laughter that was threatening to erupt. Ah, his little bunny was too cute! He had actually asked the person that had always wanted to butt heads was him since they had entered the sect to help him out in the future if somebody didn’t treat him nicely. This was hilarious!

Wasn’t Yang Wu Huang the one who was behind it when the others treated him badly? After all, he had tried to fan the flames several times, hadn’t he? Yang Wu Huang should be feeling pretty miserable by now.

Especially since this latest incident had also been brought about by him. With the rumors he had created, wasn’t it strange that Yun Bei Fen asked somebody to take care of him? He wondered how Yang Wu Huang wanted to get out of this. He should be hard-pressed for an explanation right now.

Yang Wu Huang was indeed unsure of how to proceed. Yun Bei Fen’s question … This was too far out of his expectations. It was exactly contrary to those rumors. After all, which victim would try to make somebody take care of the perpetrator?

Yang Wu Huang could only awkwardly clear his throat. “Junior martial brother Yun, what are you saying? You want me to take care of senior martial brother Mei?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded guilelessly, making Yang Wu Huang pause once again.

He tried to speak up but didn’t know what to say. Who knew how Yun Bei Fen would respond? He couldn’t risk anything. No, if he answered now, then he had to make sure that nobody would be able to misunderstand. He had to say something that — regardless of what Yun Bei Fen said — would still leave no doubt in the other disciples’ minds that Mei Chao Bing had indeed done something unforgivable.

He looked away and then turned back to Yun Bei Fen, reaching out and grabbing his shoulders but also lowering his voice as if he didn’t want anybody to hear. Obviously, with how silent the other disciples had fallen, his words were still able to be heard clearly by all. “Junior martial brother Yun, I guess it is understandable that you don’t want to admit what happened. You probably feel that if you don’t acknowledge what has happened, then you can pretend that it didn’t. But that won’t make things go away. So don’t try to fool yourself. Just tell us if you want us to take revenge for you and we’ll do it gladly. That kind of bastard, we can’t let him get away.”

The other disciples nodded. Indeed! Yun Bei Fen was so scarred by what had happened that he didn’t even want to acknowledge it and even went so far as to ask somebody to take good care of the perpetrator as if nothing had happened at all and he was on good terms with that person. The poor boy had suffered too much. As men, could they let something like this happen right under their eyes? No, definitely not.

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