OMF V7C51 Not Feeling Well

Elder Gongxi wasn’t happy when the Yang Huo Sect’s disciple had finished reporting what happened outside. He tightened his lips and looked towards the front door. “The Yun Zou Sect sure is going all out to make us leave. They won’t get their way with this though. I hope you all remember your tasks for today.”

The disciples nodded, making the Elder break into a bright smile. “Well, then let’s go and give these two a surprise they won’t forget that fast. I’m really interested to see how that Qiu Ling’s face will look when he finds out that we’re a step ahead of him.”

The disciples exchanged glances and chuckled. With what the Elder was planning, they could imagine that that guy would be livid. But what could he do? They were still the honored guests of the Yun Zou Sect. Even if he wanted to complain, he would have nowhere to run to. After all, the Grandmaster might be able to show some favoritism to his disciple but he couldn’t be too blatant. Otherwise, the whole Yun Zou Sect would suffer from it. Especially now that all of the other first-tier sects and even some of the second-tier sects were here.

Elder Gongxi led the disciples to the door and gave Qiu Ling and Jing Yi a smile. “I’m sorry you had to wait. The disciples are prepared now so we can commence with the duel.”

Qiu Ling smiled. “That would be great but …” He glanced from Elder Gongxi’s face to the door behind him and narrowed his eyes. “Didn’t you forget one of your disciples inside?”

Elder Gongxi froze slightly but his smile didn’t collapse. He had expected as much. As the Grandmaster’s disciple, this guy certainly had the skills to determine whether there was somebody left in the house or not. “Ah, yes, one of the disciples isn’t feeling well. I’m afraid he won’t be able to take part in the duel.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum. “So it’s like that. What a pity. I was really looking forward to dueling all of your disciples.”

Elder Gongxi put on a troubled expression. “You wouldn’t insist on having the duel with him today, would you?”

“Ah, how could that be? Since your disciple isn’t well, there’s nothing we can do. A delicate person such as this shouldn’t be strained too much. That wouldn’t be good for their health.”

The disciples behind Elder Gongxi grabbed onto their swords, glaring daggers at Qiu Ling. What was this guy saying again?!

Elder Gongxi shot them a warning glance. He definitely couldn’t let these guys make trouble again. He turned back to Qiu Ling and nodded. “Yes, we’ll have to pay some more attention to his training after we get back to the Yang Huo Sect. He hasn’t lived up to my expectations this time.”

Qiu Ling nodded as if he could understand very well. “You must be so disappointed.”

Elder Gongxi didn’t bother to say anything to that. With this guy, the less he said the better it was. Otherwise, he would twist words and logic and achieve his goal in that way.

Qiu Ling wasn’t bothered by Elder Gongxi’s lack of reaction. He didn’t really need a second person to help his plan along. In fact, it might even be beneficial if the Elder didn’t bother to say anything. “Well, I guess your disciple will be even more disappointed. I mean he also looked forward to having this fight and now he can’t even take part. It’s really sad.” He sighed and then looked at Jing Yi, taking his hand.

“My love, do you think it would be alright if we invited the disciple along so he can at least watch the fight? I think that would be better than having to stay in the house and not being able to do anything. I remember that when the Gathering of Practitioners was held ten years ago, you also came to watch to learn about sword arts. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot on that day, haven’t you?”

Jing Yi lowered his head but couldn’t help but smile. Ah, he understood what Qiu Ling meant this time! “That’s right. I didn’t know much yet but I felt that I understood a little better after watching. I’m sure that a disciple that had proper training before would be able to learn even more.”

“Ah, I guess we should really do that then.” He turned back to Elder Gongxi and continued to smile. “Elder, why don’t you invite your disciple out? He can just sit to the side and watch the fights of his martial brothers. Even if he isn’t able to learn anything, I’m sure he’d like to be their moral support. After all, losing all the time will be difficult to bear for them as well.”

The Yang Huo Sect disciples stared at Qiu Ling speechlessly. Had this guy just said that they would lose all the time? Even if he was the Grandmaster’s disciple, he couldn’t be serious!

None of them had been there back at the Gathering of Practitioners. When Zhou Wu described Qiu Ling’s fights after getting back to the Yang Huo Sect, everyone had just thought that he was exaggerating to save some face. The other disciples hadn’t bothered to correct everybody’s perception either. After all, with Zhou Wu out of the way, their own status in the Yang Huo Sect would be one step higher. Who knew? They might even become the next head disciple of Elder Gongxi.

Thus none of the disciples that were visiting the Yun Zou Sect this time had any idea of what Qiu Ling was really capable of. There were sure that he was a talented genius but so were they. With him fighting against all of them, he was bound to lose sooner or later.

Elder Gongxi also wasn’t happy with this. The last ten years had been spent training the disciples even harder, preparing them for such an occasion. Even if they had a fight now, he didn’t think that they would lose just as badly. No, this time, his disciples — even if they lost — they would still be able to save some face for their Yang Huo Sect.

At the very least, that was what he thought.

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