LWS Extra 1: C6 Quick! Before It Starves!

Nie Chang wanted to speak up several times to alert his darling to things on the shelves next to them that they might need. Unfortunately, Su Yan with his single-track mind was just scanning the aisles for the pet toys. It didn’t seem like he wanted to stop for anything else since he didn’t slow down even once.

Nie Chang finally just gave a sigh and took out his phone, noting down everything he could think of that they’d need to buy later on. After they got a few toys for the dog, they could just follow the list. He’d better not ask Su Yan again what he thought they should buy next.

Finally, the two of them found the shelves with the toys. Su Yan’s face lit up and he rushed forward as if these toys were actually for him instead of the dog.

Nie Chang barely held back a chuckle and followed him. “Alright, what does my little darling think we should get?”

Su Yan looked around, finally picking up a red ball. “What about this one?”

Nie Chang raised his brows. Could it be that they were picking out everything in red today? Had he missed something about dogs and the color red? “Well, lots of dogs love balls.”

Su Yan looked at the ball, his brows furrowing. Before Nie Chang had a chance to ask what was wrong, he put the ball back and picked up a fetch stick instead.

Nie Chang raised his brows. “What’s wrong with the ball?”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “You said that many dogs like balls. But our dog isn’t like most dogs. It’s very special. Of course, it wouldn’t like something like that.”

He turned around to see if their dog liked the fetch stick he had chosen only to find that the aisle behind them was empty. Su Yan whirled around to Nie Chang and grasped his arm. “The dog’s gone! Ah Chang, our dog has disappeared. It was still there a moment ago! Do you think …”

Nie Chang looked around but he couldn’t see the dog either. Ah, they probably should’ve bought a leash before and put it on the dog before they went shopping. Now they’d first have to find the dog.

Su Yan leaned closer and lowered his voice. “Do you think that woman gave us a ghost dog?”

Nie Chang chortled. Seeing his darling’s blank expression, he coughed. “Oh, don’t scare me, darling! I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for why the dog isn’t here. Let’s go and search for it.” He grabbed Su Yan’s hand and pulled him to the end of the aisle. Since the dog had been behind them before, it should have been lost on the way somewhere.

The two of them only had to turn one corner to see just where the dog had disappeared to. The little thing was sitting in front of a shelf, looking up with its tongue sticking out and saliva dripping to the ground.

Nie Chang sighed. “Well, I guess we should have fed it before. Who knows if it even got something this morning? And if they only got the dog yesterday … It might be very hungry.”

Su Yan immediately forgot his fear of having a ghost dog and hurried over, crouching down next to the dog. “Ah, you poor thing! Didn’t they give you any food? You don’t have to worry! My boyfriend is a really good cook. I’m sure he’ll make something tasty for you when we get home.”

Nie Chang sighed again but this time, there wasn’t any relief in it. He went over and crouched down next to the two of them, rubbing his darling’s back. “You better not tell it something like that. Dogs shouldn’t eat food that’s meant for humans. Let’s just buy it some dog treats and then find some normal food. Since it isn’t that old yet, we can take one of those packages with puppy food.”

Su Yan looked up and spotted one right next to them. A very happy little puppy was printed on the package, making him feel that this might not be too bad. He didn’t trust other people as much as he trusted his boyfriend though. “Do you really think it’s tasty?”

Nie Chang looked at the package and pointed to a line below the brand name. “Do you see that? It tastes like turkey. Do you think turkey’s tasty?”

Su Yan shook his head. “Not particularly.”

Nie Chang grimaced. He probably shouldn’t have asked. “How about this one then?” He pointed at the one next to it. “It’s with chicken. You like chicken, don’t you? I’m sure our dog has as much of an excellent taste as you. He’ll probably love it!”

Su Yan beamed and got up, taking the package out of the shelf and putting it into Nie Chang’s basket with a grin. “Then we should take it!” He leaned down and patted the dog’s head. “We found something super tasty for you! Just wait until we go and pay!”

The dog rubbed its head against Su Yan’s hand and then threw itself to the ground, exposing its belly.

“Aw!” Su Yan squatted down and started stroking the dog.

Nie Chang sighed. “How about the two of you play here while I go and look for the rest? I’ll come and get you after I’ve paid.”

Su Yan looked up in horror. “How could that be! How will you know what the two of us will like?”

Nie Chang looked from his darling to the dog and back again. The two of them … He hadn’t thought he’d go and buy something for his boyfriend here. He couldn’t help but smirk at the thought. When Su Yan’s expression darkened, he hurriedly took out his phone and waved it in the air as if he had meant to do that. “Don’t we have phones for that? I’ll take a picture of the products I think might be good and you two decide which one I should take.”

Su Yan pursed his lips and continued to rub the dog’s belly. Actually … “Alright. Deal! But you hurry up, ah! We still have to feed it before it starves.”

“Sure thing, darling.” Nie Chang leaned down and kissed his head, then also rubbed the dog’s head and went on his merry way. Without Su Yan tagging along, he was faster making his way through the shop even though he had to send a photo of everything. Well, as long as his little darling and their dog were happy …

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