LWS Extra 1: C5 The Most Handsome Dog

Nie Chang waved at the woman from the shelter who happily waved back when the car rolled onto the street and left toward the inner city again. For a while, Nie Chang didn’t say anything and just concentrated on driving, every now and then glancing at the rear-view mirror to make sure that his little darling and their dog were still alright.

Well, it seemed like he didn’t have to worry about that. Su Yan still very happily patted the dog, cuddling it as if it was a long-lost friend. He didn’t even seem to remember that this very same dog had just licked his cheek, staining it with saliva and making him so uncomfortable. In this case, it was probably good that his little darling was so unfocused. Whatever happened with the dog, he would forget about it in no time and be back to happily getting along.

Nie Chang smiled to himself and kept quiet so as to not disturb the two of them. Finally, he stopped the car next to a shop selling pet products and turned to the one person and one dog team on the backseat. “Darling, we’ve reached. Do you want to wait in the car with him or …?”

Su Yan abruptly raised his head and glared at his boyfriend. “How could that be?! Naturally, I’ll have to come inside with you. After all, who is going to decide what he likes?”

Nie Chang smiled and then motioned at the dog. “So do we take him with us? Actually, I don’t know if the shop allows it.”

Su Yan harrumphed. “What are you even talking about? It’s a shop selling pet products. Of course, we’ll be allowed to take the pet with us. Even if I have very good taste, we still have to see if he thinks the things I choose are just as good. If he doesn’t like it …” Su Yan pondered and pursed his lips. “Well, I guess we should indulge him for now.”

Nie Chang grinned. Hearing that his little darling wanted to indulge somebody sounded a little funny. Wasn’t it normally the other way around? But if he insisted … “Well, I guess we’ll do that then. If they start to complain, you just have to look at them with your cutest gaze. I’m sure they’ll let us in without question then.”

Su Yan blinked his eyes but finally nodded. Nie Chang wasn’t wrong with it. With how cute he was, it was to be expected that the shop would make an exception for him.

Thus the two people and the dog got out of the car and walked over to the shop. Nie Chang couldn’t help but keep a wary eye on the dog. They hadn’t even brought a leash beforehand so he couldn’t help but worry that the animal would run onto the street or vanish somewhere around the corner. Luckily though, the dog was very well behaved. At the very least, it didn’t run off. It couldn’t help but jump around Su Yan though, woofing and reaching out with its paws, scratching Su Yan’s legs. In turn, his little darling got scared and rushed around him.

Nie Chang sighed and grabbed Su Yan’s hand, pulling him to his side. “Alright, enough now. Let’s hurry up and get into the store. I’m sure it will be preoccupied with other things than trying to catch you when we’re there and it sees all those new things.”

Su Yan pursed his lips but still nodded. He couldn’t help but glance at the dog though. How come it was trying to scratch him all the time? Wasn’t he being really nice to the dog?

Seeing his expression, Nie Chang patted his head. “Give it a little time to get used to everything. I’m sure it’s just trying to show its love for you. Just like me when I pat your head.”

Su Yan looked at his boyfriend’s hands and pouted. “What are you even saying? You don’t have claws!”

Nie Chang sighed and reached out for the dog as well, patting its head and successfully distracting it from Su Yan. “Sure enough.”

The three of them entered the store but nobody came to complain that they had brought the dog with them. Ah, it seemed they really didn’t have a problem with people bringing their pets with them.

Nie Chang looked around and then turned to his darling. “What should we get first?”

Su Yan furrowed his brows. “How about … some toys!”

Nie Chang raised his brows but nodded. He took one of the baskets and then followed his darling through the aisles. He took note of everything around them and then tugged at Su Yan’s hands after a few meters. “Darling, look at this!”

Su Yan turned around and looked at the shelf next to them. “What is it? Didn’t we want to go look for the toys?”

Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Well, yes but look at this. They actually have leashes and dog harnesses here. Maybe we should go and get one of those?”

Su Yan looked at them but didn’t seem very convinced. “But … didn’t we want to go look for the toys?”

Nie Chang nodded. “Sure we did. It’s just …” He scratched his head and looked at the dog that was very happily sniffing at the price tag on the shelf next to them. He really wasn’t so sure that it would be a good idea to let it walk around without putting it on a leash. After all, you could never know what would happen if it ran away and they didn’t get it in time.

If the dog they just got from the shelter was caught and brought somewhere else where they might not even be able to get it back, wouldn’t Su Yan’s little heart break? As a responsible boyfriend, he couldn’t let something like that happen!

“Well, we will also need a leash and I’m a little afraid that I might forget to buy one later so why don’t we pick one right now since we’re here already?”

Su Yan looked at them but didn’t feel that it was very important. “Don’t they all look the same, ah? Why don’t you just casually pick one?”

Nie Chang looked from his little darling to the products and back again. Even if he said so now … After he picked one out, wouldn’t his darling furrow his brows and scold him for having no aesthetic sense and making their poor dog look ugly? That would certainly be his style. “You really don’t care?”

Su Yan frowned. “Why would I care?”

Nie Chang motioned at the dog that had sat down and was looking at them with big eyes. “Well, it’ll be snow-white after you wash it, won’t it? Then don’t you think it should have a pretty leash? You wouldn’t want to let our dog down, would you?”

Su Yan also looked at the dog and felt that his boyfriend was quite right. It might look a little shabby right now but it would definitely be the most handsome dog in all of Shanghai when they were finished with it. He really couldn’t let it down! Wouldn’t the poor thing think he mistreated it if its leash wasn’t pretty?

Thus Su Yan earnestly looked at all the products that were displayed and finally pointed at a bright red one. “What do you think about this one?”

Nie Chang nodded. “Very … bright.”

Su Yan nodded as well. “I also think so. That way, all the people will look at our dog when we go and walk it.”

Nie Chang smiled and leaned over, pecking Su Yan’s cheek. “I’m sure all of the people would already look when they see somebody as handsome as you with such a cute dog no matter what the leash looks like.”

Su Yan grinned. “Well, that’s to be expected! But I can’t let our dog look too shabby next to me! That wouldn’t be good for its self-esteem!” With that, he threw the bright red leash into the basket and hurried away.

Nie Chang shook his head and picked up a harness in the same color, putting it down next to the leash before he followed Su Yan. The dog very happily ran after them, giving a woof.

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