OMF V7C29 The First Time

He opened his eyes to the sight of luscious golden locks bathed in the light of the morning sun. Leng Jin Yu wanted to raise his brows but his body didn’t obey him. He just continued to look at that golden hair while happiness bubbled up in his chest, filling his entire body until he felt that he couldn’t contain it any longer. He wanted to hug this person and laugh out loud, sharing his own happiness with him.

Leng Jin Yu sighed inwardly. Ah, it seemed using the soul-engraving dagger had triggered one of the memories from his past life. And this time, that memory was more vivid than the few images he had managed to glimpse in his time in the Yun Zou Sect. It wasn’t just something he saw. No, this time around, it actually seemed real as if he had returned back in time and was living through this again.

He saw that golden hair and the light reflecting off it, he heard Jinde’s light breathing and smelled a faint flowery fragrance emitting from his body that covered the notion of their sweat. The light blanket rustled when he moved and slipped over his skin. Even the feelings inside his heart were clear as crystal as if they were his own and all of this was real.

This kind of memory, it was welcome on one hand since it allowed him to grasp Jinde’s past life slightly better and understand his grievances but it was also terrifying. Lacking the ability to control his body … he would need some time to get used to that. Well, at the very least, he could still think normally.

Leng Jin Yu concentrated on the situation at hand, making sure that he stayed calm. Even though the situation was strange, he didn’t want to miss out on anything. No, this might be important. He couldn’t risk it.

Looking at the way they were lying together in bed, this should be … at a time before Jinde and Chun Yin drifted apart. They would have to be very good friends at the very least but more likely they would have to be considered lovers.

Chun Yin propped himself up on his elbow, leaning his cheek against his hand and gave what could probably only be called a goofy smile. Leng Jin Yu had no idea how he really looked since there was no surface that could be used as a mirror but just from the way his muscles moved, he couldn’t help but be reminded of the grin that Qiu Ling always gave Jing Yi. Yes, most likely that stupidity had been inherited from his father.

Chun Yin didn’t move even a single inch and just continued to look at Jinde’s back as if this was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen and as if didn’t have anything else to do either. Obviously, this was the most important person in his life and even if there was a reason to get up, Chun Yin wouldn’t care. He would just continue to lie there. If he could, maybe he would never get up from this spot.

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but wonder just how these two had drifted apart that much in the later years. It seemed that their relationship had originally been very good? At the very least, Chun Yin had obviously deeply loved Jinde. There was no falsehood to that, no deception. He had definitely adored him to a point that would have been unhealthy if he was human. For a dragon though … maybe this was what it felt like to find your soulmate.

Just when he thought so, Chun Yin leaned forward and wrapped Jinde into his arms, very gently brushing a strand of that golden hair to the side and kissing the jade-white shoulder that was exposed below.

His touch was so light that Jinde might not have even noticed if he was awake not to mention that he still hadn’t stirred at all. Obviously, Chun Yin didn’t want to wake him up just yet. No, he wanted to let him sleep, to rest a while longer in his arms.

Chun Yin continued to look at him, his gaze traveling over his slender body, taking in the slight curve of his hips, the way he had bend his left leg and how the ball of his foot touched him. He smiled and reached over his beloved, grasping the fair hand that was lightly pressed against the bed. He intertwined his fingers before he finally looked up, this time focusing on Jinde’s face.

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but stare in a daze. This person … It was indisputably Jinde but … Well, he only looked half as old as the person that he had gotten to know. He had never cared much about Jinde’s age since he had already met him like that and didn’t know anymore how he had looked when he was younger but right now, he felt that he understood why Jinde was making such a fuss when his age was brought up. Even though he was beautiful as he was this younger self of his was stunning in another way.

He had always known that dragons aged differently from gods or humans but he couldn’t help but wonder how young Jinde had been at this moment. He did seem as if he had already come of age but he lacked the maturity that he normally carried. Well, maybe the fact that he was sleeping right now did a lot to give that impression as well but he still couldn’t imagine that that was all. No, obviously, he hadn’t been that old at this moment. Maybe this was actually the first time he had spent the night with Chun Yin.

This unguarded look coupled with that youthful face … it could truly give a man some forbidden thoughts.

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