OMF V7C23 I’m Sure You Understand the Sentiment

Qiang Yan stared at Leng Jin Yu, completely tongue-tied. This couldn’t be, could it? Leng Jin Yu had been Chun Yin, Qiu Ling’s father, in his past life? And now he was married to the previous Longjun, Qiu Ling’s predecessor? Just what was going on here?

Leng Jin Yu shook his head and sighed, motioning down the road before Qiang Yan could say anything else. “I can imagine that this comes as a surprise to you but still, it’s not the issue right now. We still have to go to the Court of Justice and get the soul-engraving dagger. So?”

Qiang Yan rubbed his forehead and shrugged his shoulders. “Alright. I guess I can’t get five minutes to get used to the thought.”

Leng Jin Yu continued walking, his lips curving into a smile. “You know just as well as me that time is running differently here and in the mortal realm. If you take five minutes to comprehend the situation, then wouldn’t Jinde be angry when I return home late?”

Qiang Yan grumbled but still continued walking and even accelerated his steps. He definitely didn’t want that person to be angry. What if Leng Jin Yu said something and that person believed all of this was his fault? Then after he was healed, wouldn’t he come to get revenge? That would definitely be in line with the style in his early years. If he was still like this now, then even if a thousand years went by, this grudge wouldn’t be laid to rest until he had gotten his just desserts. No, that kind of thing couldn’t be risked.

Thus the three men hurried to the Court of Justice. The guards over there already knew Qiang Yan thanks to his frequent visits so they didn’t ask any questions and just let him pass. He didn’t bother with niceties and barged right into Li Yin’s study.

“Now, this is a surprise.” Li Yin glanced up from his desk and shook his head before he turned back and just continued working on his documents. “I wouldn’t have thought the God of War was this rash.”

Qiang Yan’s lips twitched but he still went over and sat down in front of him. “There’s no time for this. I need your help.”

The brush was waved, making a few characters appear on the paper. “Saying it like this … This is probably calling on me for a favor, not something that has anything to do with regulations of the Court of Justice, isn’t it?”

“I need the soul-engraving dagger.”


Qiang Yan looked at the ceiling and gulped down a curse. “Li Yin, would it fucking kill you to look at me? This is important!”

“As is safekeeping the soul-engraving dagger. You’ve seen what kind of mess was created the last time somebody managed to steal the soul-devouring dagger from your palace. I certainly won’t let the same thing happen in my Court of Justice.”

Qiang Yan’s brows twitched but now that his friend brought it up … “Mn, Li Yin, I do remember that the one who was on guard duty that day was your precious son. I let him get away lightly because I did you a favor. Don’t you think you should repay me at all?”

This time, Li Yin’s hands stilled and he put down the brush, looking up at Qiang Yan. “Are you using my son to threaten me?”

“I’m using your son to get your fucking attention. I really need the soul-engraving dagger. Look, it’s not as dangerous as the soul-devouring dagger. So what can happen? And it will be quick. You’ll get it back today. No, you’ll get it back in under an hour!”

Li Yin stared at him for a moment and then turned to look at the two people that had followed Qiang Yan in and conscientiously closed the door. “And these two are …?” Well, he did know one of them but as for the other …

Qiang Yan cleared his throat and motioned at Bai Mu first. “My son.” He didn’t know what else to say but thankfully, Leng Jin Yu used that moment to step forward, cup his fists and bow.

“Greetings to the God of Justice. You might remember me from the matter with crown prince Jing He and the idle goddess Yin Lin Lin. I am the ascended deity Leng Jin Yu.”

Li Yin nodded. “Right. So what is this about? Once again about crown prince Jing He? Then it shouldn’t be a problem to get the Heavenly Emperor’s permission to use the soul-engraving dagger, should it?”

Qiang Yan had no idea how to answer this. He definitely couldn’t let his brother-in-law know about this. Even though it would be impossible to connect this with the previous Longjun, he would still start to ask questions and if he couldn’t provide him with an answer …

Before Qiang Yan could come was up with anything, Leng Jin Yu lowered his hands and gave a smile. “The God of Justice cherishes his son very much, isn’t that so?”

“Will this be another threat?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “I’m not one to threaten people.” Well, he definitely wasn’t one to threaten somebody he couldn’t see through and this person … He felt that there was something more to him. Anyway, there should be another way to get out of this. “That’s not it. But I do believe that the God of Justice would be willing to do anything for his son. Even if it was slightly disregarding some regulations.”

Li Yin unabashedly nodded. “I would. But what does this have to do with this you?”

“Nothing but you are also friends with the God of War, aren’t you? He already told you that this person is his son. Likewise, he would also do everything for him. In fact, there is something he is trying to do for him. This matter is sensitive so not a lot can be said about it. But I believe that as a loving father, you can understand this sentiment behind that.”

Li Yin raised one eyebrow at him and leaned back, his fingers fiddling with the brush. “I sure can. Can you? You seem a little young.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile. “How could that be? I’ve lived a long time in the mortal realm already.” He didn’t bother to add anything else. This person probably only believed half of what he said but maybe he wouldn’t inquire further.

Li Yin pondered and finally sighed. “Alright, just tell me this one thing: The soul-engraving dagger, will it be used on either of these two people?” This time he looked back at Qiang Yan, his gaze not wavering from his eyes for even a moment.

Qiang Yan nodded. “It will.”

Li Yin got up from his seat and straightened his robe. “I guess I will take the God of War and his two … associates to go on inspection then. After all, since that matter with the soul-devouring dagger, we certainly can’t let anything happen to the soul-engraving dagger and should take extra caution.”

Qiang Yan heaved a sigh of relief and also got up. “Thank you.”

Li Yin looked over and shook his head. “Don’t thank me for this. Using either of these daggers … It’s a pity I’m allowing this. Oh, and should your brother-in-law get wind of this, then I will have no idea what this is about. I would just direct him to your doorstep.” With that, he walked out of the room, not bothering to check whether the people behind him were keeping up.

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