RMN C51 Spread the Message

They had already spent a lot of time in the forest and later in the valley so Mei Chao Bing didn’t take another break to teach Yun Bei Fen more and just directly flew to the border region, stopping only when they reached the camp of the righteous side.

The disciples that were outside to train their sword arts or cultivation techniques looked up and started to whisper to each other. Obviously, Mei Chao Bing’s arrival hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Senior martial brother Yang, look there! It’s actually that Mei Chao Bing.”

Yang Wu Huang harrumphed. “Don’t bother about him. He’s just the disciple of a traitor. Why should we care about him?”

Yang Wu Huang’s junior martial brother pursed his lips. “But didn’t you say you were interested in Elder Baili’s youngest disciple? You don’t care that he’s with him?”

Yang Wu Huang who had just been cultivating opened his eyes. “Yun Bei Fen is with him?” He got up and also turned to look. Indeed. Yun Bei Fen was actually standing on Mei Chao Bing’s sword, wrapped in his arms.

Yang Wu Huang clenched his hands into fists. That bastard! He actually dared to touch the person he, Yang Wu Huang, had set his eyes on. As if a traitor like him had any right to get this kind of benefit. What gave him the idea? It seemed, he’d need to be taught a lesson.

Yang Wu Huang raised his chin and made his way over to where Mei Chao Bing was landing, cupping his fists in a show of politeness. “Senior martial brother Mei, it’s good to see that you’re back. We were worried when you didn’t manage to arrive even after a few days but everyone else had already gathered here. It’s good to see that nothing happened to you.”

The disciples around them furrowed their brows. Yes, how come Mei Chao Bing was this late? Hadn’t he already formed his core? That had been such big news back then! Their own Masters had all used him as an example to spur them on to train harder, endlessly nagging them. How could this person be there later than all of them?

There was only one answer: Obviously, this guy had taken his time on purpose. He had heard that they were going to the border region and fighting the demonic faction and hadn’t wanted to get involved. Either he was afraid or maybe he was just like his Master, a traitor to the righteous faction. And now, he was afraid to expose himself so he had pulled such a stunt.

Yang Wu Huang smiled when he heard the people whispering around them. It seemed his plan was working quite well. He stopped paying attention to Mei Chao Bing and instead turned to Yun Bei Fen, smiling gently. “Fen’er, I hope you’re doing well too? Nothing happened to you? I was really worried when senior martial brother Mei suddenly took you away.”

The whispers around them got even louder and the disciples looked at Mei Chao Bing with disgust while some of them couldn’t help but give Yun Bei Fen a pitying look. Could it be that this Mei Chao Bing had actually tried to pull him over to the other side? Or had he done some other unspeakable things to him? This Yun Bei Fen was quite pretty, after all, and with Mei Chao Bing’s reputation, there was no way he would be able to get such a beauty any other way.

Yun Bei Fen blinked and then turned to look up at Mei Chao Bing. Wasn’t this the person his senior martial brother had said not to talk to? Then what should he do now?

Mei Chao Bing put his arm around Yun Bei Fen’s waist and gave Yang Wu Huang a lazy smile. “Junior martial brother Yang, what are you even talking about? Was there really a need to worry about Fen’er? After all, Elder Baili himself put him in my care. Of course, I won’t disappoint the Elder’s expectations.” He looked at Yun Bei Fen and gave a smile. “Right, since we’re a little late, we should hurry and go tell your Master that you’re back. I’m sure he must be really worried.”

“Mn!” Yun Bei Fen beamed and happily followed his senior martial brother. He didn’t bother to look at the other disciples or even the surroundings and just went the way that Mei Chao Bing steered him in.

Behind them, Yang Wu Huang narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t say that he was surprised. No, he had expected this. Naturally, that Mei Chao Bing had taken Yun Bei Fen away to be alone with him and influence him. It wasn’t strange at all. Unfortunately, Yun Bei Fen was much too young to see through this ploy. Well, it wasn’t too late to educate him yet.

Yang Wu Huang turned to the junior martial brother next to him and lowered his voice. “Spread the message that Mei Chao Bing is back. And let them know that he seemed awfully close to Elder Baili’s beautiful little disciple.”

The junior martial brother grinned and gave a nod, soon disappearing in the crowd. Yang Wu Huang turned away and went back to cultivating. He’d wait for Mei Chao Bing to confront Elder Baili. He’d really like to see how he’d deal with it when the Elder thought that he had done something to his little disciple. After all, everyone knew just how much Elder Baili doted on him. Certainly, Mei Chao Bing wouldn’t be able to hold onto Fen’er.

And if his reputation was ruined even further, then maybe one of the demonic practitioners would be able to solve this problem for them once and for all when he was alone.

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