OMF V6C111 I’d Like to See Him

Nie Chang held onto Bai Mu’s arm when they made their way through the corridor. Even if Xiang Yong had said that things were different in the dragon realm and that the palace wasn’t exclusively for the king, it was still a place meant for important people. Bai Mu might count as one of those if he really had a relationship with the dragon king but … what about her? There was no way she could justify being here.
Xiang Yong finally stopped in front of a door and turned back to face them. “Here. If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask for it. You can find me in the room at the end of the corridor. Should I not be there … just ask somebody where I am or tell your request to somebody else. I’ll inform the people here that you’ll be living here from now on.”
“Thank you.” Bai Mu hesitated but finally took out a stone from his spatial ring. “There is one thing …”

“His Majesty’s transmission stone?” Xiang Yong raised his brows. The king wasn’t too reliable but it wasn’t like he’d leave something important behind just like this.
Bai Mu nodded. “My …” He gulped. “The God of War was supposed to contact us but Qiu Ling wanted to explain matters to him first. Unfortunately, he had to leave and … that man with the mask …”
“I see. Do you want me to explain to the God of War? I do not know about the situation though.”
“Well, Qiu Ling talked to his sister if I understood it correctly. She might have told him already. It’s just … I wouldn’t want to make matters difficult. If the God of War is suddenly faced with somebody unfamiliar, would he still listen?”
Xiang Yong looked at the transmission stone and then at Bai Mu’s face. “I guess you haven’t met him. As far as I know, the God of War is rather amicable. His Majesty handed the stone to you. He’ll be able to understand that so he would also listen to your explanation.”
Bai Mu furrowed his brows in confusion. “The God of War … is rather amicable?”
Xiang Yong inclined his head. “Isn’t it just that he has gotten himself a position that requires him to be good at fighting? It shouldn’t have to do with his personality too much, should it?”
Bai Mu nodded. “Yes, that … is probably right. I just …” He shook his head and sighed. “Thank you again then. I’ll explain to him.”
“Mn.” Xiang Yong nodded, turned to Nie Huang and also nodded at her. Then he turned around and left, getting back to work. Ah, not much time had passed in the dragon realm but it was still best to get back to it as soon as possible. He couldn’t afford to let anything happen just because he was negligent.
In the corridor, Nie Huang turned to her fiance. They might not have seen each other for a long time but it was obvious that something was bothering him. Most likely, it was something about that God of War.
Bai Mu took her hand and smiled. “Let’s go in then. Toward a new life.”
“Mn.” Nie Huang followed him inside, her gaze traveling through the room. It didn’t look that different from the capital where she had grown up. The only difference was that the room was bigger and looked more elegant than her family’s home but that was probably to be expected considering that this was a palace.
Bai Mu brushed her hair back and his smile widened. “Do you like it?”
“Mn. It’s beautiful. But the most important is that we’re together anyway. Even if this was just a crooked hut somewhere in a desert, I’d still be happy.”
Nie Huang laughed, tiptoed and kissed him. “Then will you tell me what is bothering you? Who is that God of War?”
Bai Mu sighed. He hugged her around the waist and leaned forward, their foreheads touching. “Where to start?”
“Right at the beginning. Or is it something you can’t tell me?”
“Mn …” Bai Mu closed his eyes. “That’s not it. It’s just that … I never would have thought I’d ever … have to face this person. Or get to face him. Ah Huang.” He opened his eyes and leaned back, cupping her cheeks. “You know about my family. Back then, I told you that my father tried to ascend and … likely didn’t make it, didn’t I?”
“You did. Your mother was heartbroken and had to raise you on her own.”
“Mn. I found out today that … things might be different. In fact, I heard about it a while back right after I was freed but … that person was being so vague and … he didn’t explain properly so I didn’t give much about it. But today, he finally told me. My father wasn’t who I thought him to be. He’s likely someone from the gods.”
“The God of War?”
“Mn. But … he never came back. I don’t understand. There were always … only two possibilities.” He let go of Nie Huang and wandered to the window, looking out onto yet another courtyard. “He either died trying to ascend and my mother couldn’t bring herself to tell me. Or he ascended but never looked back, leaving us behind. Now, it seems the latter was true. This isn’t the truth I wanted to hear. I’d like to see my father, see who he really is, but at the same time …”
Nie Huang approached him and gently put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry too much. I’m sure that there is an explanation. And even if there isn’t … you’re not letting your mother down just because you talk to him. You’re just … making sure. For yourself. For her. There is nothing bad about that. Even if you find out that he isn’t the hero you thought he was, you will at least know. That’s also good.”
Bai Mu nodded. “Yes, you —”
Just then the transmission stone in his hand started to pulse with white light. It seemed … the person he had waited for had finally reached out to him.

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