AHS C6 The Jewelry Takes away from the Beauty

Qiu Ling carried his beloved away from the square but finally relented when they reached the next street and put him down. He still pulled him along to take a look at all the stalls at the side though.
Two hours later, Jing He had ended up with three more hairpins sticking out from the knot of hair in his neck, five sparkling bracelets around his wrists and two jade pendants hanging from his belt. He started to feel like a walking treasure trove.
“Ah, my love, look at those —”
“Qiu Ling.”
Qiu Ling looked back at him and blinked his eyes, using the opportunity to pull Jing He into his arms. “What is it, my love?”
“Don’t you think this is enough? When will I get the time to wear all this?”
“Aren’t you wearing it right now?”

“Mn …” Jing He rubbed his husband’s chest and nodded. “I do. But don’t you think it’s taking away from the beautiful hairstyle you did for me today? I’d really love to show your handiwork off to everyone else. So … why don’t we keep all this in your spatial ring for now? We can take it out when we’re back home and then I’ll wear one of them each day for you, alright?”
Qiu Ling nodded happily, took the hairpins out of Jing He’s hair, slipped the bracelets over his wrists and entangled the jade pendants from his waist. Then he stuffed everything into his spatial ring and smiled brightly. “Are you happy, my love?”
“Mn. I’m always happy when I’m with you.”
“Aw.” Qiu Ling leaned down and cupped his cheeks, shielding them from prying gazes as well as he could before he kissed him. “Let’s get you something to eat. I saw there are a lot of stalls selling food. You probably want to taste all of them, don’t you?”
Jing He wanted to shake his head but couldn’t bring himself to do so when he saw Qiu Ling’s eager gaze. “Well … I’m a little hungry indeed. But visiting every stall sounds like it would be too much. Why don’t we have a look at two or three?”
“Three.” Qiu Ling nodded and looked around. Finally, he spotted something he liked and pulled Jing He over, his gaze roaming over the products that were displayed.
Jing He also took a look. He couldn’t help but raise his brows when he did though. “Qiu Ling, aren’t those … sweets?”
“Mn!” Qiu Ling hugged him to his chest again and kissed his cheek. “It’s as if they’re made for you. You’re also very sweet.”
Jing He blushed and glanced around to see if anyone had noticed. After two hours, the festival was already in full swing, every street of the capital full of people. If he had been alone, he might not have drawn too much attention. After all, he hadn’t taken part in any official matters until he came of age and since then he had only appeared in front of the gods a handful of times. There weren’t many that would recognize him at first glance. But with Qiu Ling at his side, it was impossible to stay unnoticed. His husband was just too good at drawing attention to them. It was the same right now.
A lot of couples had stopped in their tracks or were walking deliberately slowly, trying to see what the two of them were doing. Jing He’s cheeks blushed even further and he turned back to the stall. He should just choose something fast and hurry away. Unfortunately, the vendor was the person who had seen the most clearly. In fact, he had even heard Qiu Ling’s sappy words. His big beard trembled and his teeth ached. Who would have known … their crown prince was fond of showing his affection in public?
Jing He buried his face in his husband’s chest to escape that shocked gaze. Ah! Just why had he agreed to this? No, why had he asked that question? He should have known it would end like this!
The vendor grabbed his beard to calm himself. Most likely, he had seen wrong. These two probably weren’t their crown prince and the dragon king. Although they were both very beautiful. And hadn’t his daughter come running earlier, screaming that those two were making up the top of the list of beauty? Ah, well, there were still other beauties around.
He cleared his throat and smoothed out his beard. “What do you want? I have a lot of sweet things here! I guarantee you’ll be satisfied!”
Qiu Ling nodded eagerly and looked around again. Unfortunately, he couldn’t decide. “That … uh … My love, what do you want?”
Jing He peaked at the stall. “I … I don’t know. Why don’t you pick something?”
“Ah? How could I do that! My love, since you want to eat you don’t have to hold back. Just tell me what you want. Your husband will get it for you! I’m not the king of the dragon race for nothing.”
Jing He hid deeper in his husband’s arms. Did Qiu Ling need to proclaim his identity this loudly? Now there was no way people wouldn’t know who they were.
The vendor’s eyes widened below his bushy brows. So that was indeed their crown prince! Who would have thought!
Jing He randomly pointed at a red sweet that looked like dice and smelled like a fruit he didn’t know. Each of them was lying on a small piece of beige paper.
The vendor raised his brows. “Are you sure, Your Highness?”
Jing He nodded hurriedly. He just wanted to leave!
“Mn. Yes.”
Qiu Ling took the candies when the vendor handed them over and stuffed one of them in Jing He’s hands. Then the two of them walked away.
Not far behind them, Jinde lifted the fan he had made Leng Jin Yu buy and hid his smile.
Leng Jin Yu gazed at the retreating backs of the couple in front and glanced at Jinde. “Don’t you think you should tell them?”
“Tell them what, my dear?”
“That’s a happy candy.”
“A what?”
“A happy candy. It’s an aphrodisiac.”
“Oh? It was something like that? I certainly didn’t know. Don’t tell me you’re knowledgeable about that kind of thing.”
Leng Jin Yu kept quiet. Don’t think he hadn’t seen the glint in his husband’s eyes.
On the other hand, Jinde’s smile got even more pronounced. He grabbed Leng Jin Yu’s arm and batted his eyelids. “Should we also go and buy some?”
“Do you feel that we need it?”
“Well … if we ate it, maybe you’d agree to leave with me sooner. Then we could … enjoy the rest of the day on our own.”
Leng Jin Yu smiled back. “How could we go already? I didn’t go and vote for you yet and didn’t you want to see Xin Lan’s lover?”
Jinde sighed. “You know me too well. Then how about buying it and taking it back home? I’d really like to give it a try.”
Leng Jin Yu also sighed. “Why do I feel like I’ll still go over there and buy it even though I think it’s a bad idea?”
“It’s because you love me so much!” Jinde leaned over and kissed him. “Now go and buy it. Take four!”
Leng Jin Yu’s brows twitched but he still went over and brought four of the happy candies.

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