LWS V7C77 A Bit More Couldn’t Hurt

With an even worse outcome presented to him, Su Yan forgot about the spitting bird for the moment. Right, right, it was great that Nie Chang’s nose was alright. Nothing spoke against doing it now. In that case …
Su Yan turned his koala mode back on and hugged Nie Chang’s neck again. When Nie Chang raised his brows, he smiled brightly. “Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”
“Mn … I guess so.”
The two of them looked at each other and finally both turned their faces away. Nie Chang couldn’t help but be rueful. Hadn’t the mood been quite good before? Maybe he should have gone for the nest immediately instead of insisting on playing around first. Then again, he wanted that this was nice for Su Yan too. He didn’t want to be the type of guy who only thought of his own pleasure.
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Uh, then … let’s continue?”
“Mn …” Su Yan continued to cling to Nie Chang. Ah, thankfully, Nie Chang was the one who had to work hard! As for him, he could just lean back and enjoy this. Oh. He should make sure his bird didn’t do any strange things again. Uh, Nie Chang wouldn’t secretly hold a grudge because of this, would he? “Eh, Ah Chang, you …”
Su Yan looked down and found his boyfriend kneeling between his knees, hand stretched out toward his nest. Uh … Most likely, this wasn’t a good moment to interrupt just to ask if he was angry, was it? He should wait until Nie Chang was finished and ask then.
While Su Yan planned his future steps, Nie Chang finally touched the nest. He glanced up to see if his boyfriend was alright but Su Yan didn’t seem too disturbed. Maybe his face was a little red but other than that there was nothing different about him. Nie Chang smiled and carefully reached in.
Su Yan tensed.
“Is everything alright, darling?”
Su Yan’s gaze flickered from side to side. “Uh … it’s alright.”
“Really? You don’t have to force yourself to anything.”
“No, no, no! Everything is alright. You continue with what you were doing. I … I’ll just continue to lie here.”
“Uh … alright?” Nie Chang cleared his throat and looked down. To be honest, he wasn’t completely sure about this. Knowing the theory was still a lot different from doing it. He wouldn’t do anything wrong and hurt Su Yan, would he?
“Ah Chang …”
“What? You don’t like it after all?”
“No! Why are you taking so long?!”
Nie Chang raised his brows but didn’t comment. Instead, he looked back down and did as he was told.
Su Yan tried to relax. He couldn’t give his boyfriend any reason to stop again! Would they ever finish if he did? No, no, he had to make sure that —
Su Yan’s eyes widened and he looked down again. He really wanted to say ‘not that fast!’ but he bit back the comment. No, no, they had agreed on this and it wasn’t that bad. He just had to wait a bit. Most likely, they would to the good part soon. Like the one Xue Chang Fu had experienced. Mn. Come to think of it, hadn’t Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang been in that room together only for a short time? How come those two were so much faster? Could it be Nie Chang didn’t know as much about this as the Elder?
Now that he was a Master of Love, they could visit the world of the novel whenever they wanted. Maybe he should suggest going over again so Nie Chang could ask for some advice? Then they might be faster.
Nie Chang very conscientiously continued with his current task of preparing Su Yan. Mn, by now, his darling should be feeling it again, shouldn’t he? He glanced up only to find a contemplative look on his face. Ah. Just what were they doing here? Could it be he wasn’t good enough? Why was Su Yan still thinking so much instead of enjoying himself?!
Nie Chang sighed. Maybe … they were both thinking too much. Su Yan hadn’t complained so he probably liked this. And even though he wanted to make this as good as possible for him, he couldn’t expect their first time to be the best experience either. There was no way they would get everything right.
Nie Chang smiled to himself and leaned over the edge of the bed. He pulled out the bottle of lube from under the bed that he had hidden after they got together in the hope that something might happen. He opened it only to freeze the next moment. Now … how much was he supposed to use? Taking a bit more couldn’t hurt, could it?
He generously poured some on his hand and looked at Su Yan. His darling had pursed his lips and stared at the ceiling, obviously still thinking about something. Nie Chang’s smile turned mischievous and he reached out, poking Su Yan’s stomach without warming up the lube.
“Eek!” Su Yan jumped up and hugged his belly, staring at his boyfriend vigilantly. He completely forgot what he had been thinking about. “What are you doing? What’s that on your hands?!” He eyed the stuff suspiciously. He didn’t know what it was but … he didn’t like it!
Nie Chang laughed. “Don’t worry. It’s just lube.”
Nie Chang raised his brows. Why did he feel that Su Yan looked at it as if this was something evil that needed to be evaded at all costs? “Uh … Is something wrong?”
“Take it away!”
“It … It’s something strange!”
Nie Chang burst out laughing. “It’s just …” He stopped. Eh? Could it be … He coughed. “Darling, this is just to make extra sure you won’t be hurt while doing it. You’ll feel better with it.”
“Why would I?!” Su Yan continued to eye the lube.
Nie Chang took a deep breath and pondered. “It’s … like oiling your nest. So it won’t creak.”
Su Yan’s eyes widened. “My nest will creak if it’s not oiled?!” He grabbed Nie Chang’s wrist. “Then oil the nest! Take a lot! Actually, put all of it on there!”

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