LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (2): Find the Most Suitable Sword

Baili Chao took a deep breath. “It’s good you’re that enthusiastic, Zhi Guan. As his seniors, you should take good care of Fen’er. In fact, I want all three of you to think about this matter and come up with an idea on what kind of sword to give to him.”
“Mn!” Zhi Guan nodded earnestly while the other two didn’t seem as thrilled.
Yan Hong Min still picked at the burnt spot on the table while Luo Lin examined his fingernails.
Baili Chao rubbed his brow. It seemed he couldn’t depend on them like this. He cleared his throat again. “Ahem, just so you know your Master naturally won’t forget about you just because your little junior is at such an important junction in his life. The one whose sword Fen’er chooses will get something special.”
“A sword?”
“A barking spirit piglet?”
“A golden hairpin?”
Baili Chao sighed and waved his hand. “Whatever the person wants to have. As long as it’s something your Master can afford!” He hastily added this restriction when he saw Yan Hong Min’s sparkling eyes. Ah, thankfully he had thought of it early enough! Otherwise, this guy would come up with something nasty for sure. “Alright, since you know now, you better start thinking about what kind of sword to give to Fen’er. If you need some help, you can ask me.”
“Yes, Master!”
The three of them got up and went their own way, all thinking of what kind of sword would be suited best to Yun Bei Fen.
The one who got to work first was Zhi Guan. Thinking about this little junior martial brother of his he felt that the boy was quite small and that his arms were rather thin. Naturally, he would still grow and his body could be trained but for the time being, he couldn’t use a sword that was too long or too heavy. Things like that had to be approached gradually.
Thus he finally decided that a slightly longer short sword would be suited the best for him. As for the weight … If he remembered correctly, then there was something called the floating cloud ore in the nearby mountains. If he got some of that and combined it with the powder made from the scales of the thunder lizard, then it should be appropriate for Yun Bei Fen. With that thought, Zhi Guan grabbed his own sword and set off to gather his ingredients.
Meanwhile, Yan Hong Min returned to his own house and locked himself up in his workroom. A sword for his little junior martial brother was it? He would make him the greatest sword ever! Zhi Guan’s and Luo Lin’s swords would pale in comparison and their Master would be impressed by what he had come up with! Thus the second person went to work, grinning madly.
As for Luo Lin … He went for a stroll through the Teng Yong Sect, seemingly not caring at all about the task he had received from his Master.

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