LWS V4C41 Do You Think We’re a Good Couple?

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Nie Chang continued to pedal in a good mood. Ah, spending time with his little darling like this was really the best. He should have asked Su Yan to go out on a date much sooner after he brought it up. Honestly, why hadn’t they done anything on Tuesday? And why hadn’t they had anything planned when Su Yan’s father called on Wednesday?
Not that it hadn’t been fun at all to visit Su Yan’s parents. Disregarding the fact that his future father-in-law had tried to make Su Yan break up with him, the evening had been quite harmonic. Playing Mahjong with Su Yan definitely was a new experience.
While Nie Chang pondered the last few days Su Yan sat behind him well behaved and just looked around. Unfortunately, he really wasn’t into gardens and he soon stopped paying attention to the plants and moved on to observing the other visitors instead.
It was a workday today and still quite early so there were mostly tourists in the park. Su Yan didn’t care about them though. He had seen so many tourists in his job at the railroad station that he had learned to ignore them if they didn’t approach him. Instead, he focused on the locals. It seemed … most of them were young couples?
One, two, three, four, five … Su Yan counted them before he looked at Nie Chang’s neck again. Six. Counting them in that were six couples. Ah, no, there had been the one in front of them before so that should be seven.
Was Century Park some kind of secret dating spot for couples? Or maybe not so secret considering so many couples had already arrived shortly after they opened.
Ah, Nie Chang was really investing a lot of time into their relationship. Thinking up a way to still fulfill his wish of going out before they had sex, finding such a good place to visit, even going so far as to drive him around without nagging …
Su Yan tugged at Nie Chang’s shirt again. “Ah Chang, do you think we’re a good couple?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well …” Su Yan once again looked at one of the other couples. “Working together and spending all our time off work together, doing things like going to Century Park … Do you think that’s stuff all couples do?”
Nie Chang looked down at the hands of a certain little koala that had definitely taken him at his word and wasn’t pedaling at all. Most likely, they were doing more than the normal couple would. But he didn’t mind. He had worked so long to finally get Su Yan and he was used to doing everything for him.
Actually, he had never seen it as a chore. This was the person he loved. He was capricious, illogical and chaotic, liked to nag and complain and he was not only a bit demanding. That was part of who he was and Nie Chang knew that he had almost as much to do with this as Madam and Mister Su had. And even if he was given the chance, he wouldn’t want to change anything about that either. Just like he would never want to change the way Su Yan clung to him when he was scared or cold or happy or just wanted to cuddle in general.
Nie Chang unwittingly smiled when he thought of that. His little darling was just special. Just think of how Su Yan always ran to him first when something happened to excitedly tell him all about it. He loved how Su Yan’s eyes sparkled and how he smiled in these moments. Why would he want to change anything about it? He wouldn’t even consider it!
“I don’t know if we’re like other couples. But I think we’re a good couple all on our own.”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded. “Then … Are you happy with our relationship?”
“Uh … Of course?” Nie Chang frowned. “Didn’t I just say we’re a good couple?”
“So you wouldn’t want to change anything about it?”
“No? Why would I?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Really nothing?”
Nie Chang took a moment to consider the question. Su Yan probably wasn’t asking without a reason, was he? What if he said no again and Su Yan wouldn’t bring up what he had been about to say originally? No, it was probably better not to say anything to that. “Ah Yan, rather than that … I feel like you want to say something. So what is it? Out with it!”
Su Yan tugged at a button of Nie Chang’s shirt. “Well … I also think we’re a pretty good couple.”
“I guess it’s good if we’re of one opinion on that?”
“Yes. And, well, you’re doing so much for me. I guess it’s a little tiring sometimes.”
Nie Chang’s gaze flitted across the path in front of them and he made a turn. It probably was tiring but he was already used to it. “Not really?” The question was rather what his little darling was getting at. Because he certainly wasn’t rambling just to waste some time. Most likely something huge was coming. Ah, he should make sure he held onto the steering wheel tightly.
Su Yan also paused. Ah, why did Nie Chang have to say no? How was he supposed to bring it up now? Should he just be shameless and directly say it the way it was?
The silence between them stretched until Nie Chang couldn’t take it any longer. “Darling, didn’t you want to say something?”
“Mn. But you ruined it. Can’t you reconsider what you said before?”
“You mean … you want me to say that it’s tiring to take care of you?”
“Mn. At least sometimes.”
Nie Chang grimaced. Could someone give him a five-minute break so he could call Su Yan’s mother and ask what this was about? Why would his little darling want him to say that taking care of him was an arduous task? This didn’t make sense!
Well, since there was no way to get help right now he could only agree with Su Yan. “Well, maybe it is … slightly tiring on some days when … there are a lot of other things to do and I’m especially tired already anyway.” He worded it as carefully as he could just in case this would turn out to be a land mine, after all.
“I thought so.” Su Yan nodded and vigorously and tugged at the button harder. Ah, now this was the cue for him to say it. He stared at Nie Chang’s back intently and made sure he had all the words in the right order. He couldn’t mess this up! “So, I put a lot of thought into this and I feel like … when we’ve … done that on Friday then we should start looking for a place for the two of us to live in on Saturday.”
He didn’t get a response immediately. In his nervousness, he tugged at the button a little harder and it came undone. Su Yan flinched and let go of Nie Chang, sliding to the side. Nie Chang tried to grab him but only managed to lose balance himself.
In the end, the two of them indeed had the accident Su Yan had worried about.

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