LWS V4C25 Nightmares for a Month

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Su Yan rubbed his hands and chuckled. Ah, he was such a genius! Not only had he solved the problem with the duration of the admission test, but he could also use this to have some more interaction between Dou Fang Hai and Ziju An. He should have thought of this way sooner! After all, this was still a romance novel. The readers would expect a lot of chapters to focus on their relationship. Mn, he had to make sure the test would show a lot of that.
[In the row above the Elder, Grandmaster Ziju also took out a crystal orb and imbued his spiritual energy. Then he held it in front of Dou Fang Hai to let him take a look.
“These are the disciples that were just sent to take their test of physical strength. They’re not actually running around the sect grounds. Instead, they’re caught in something known as an array. If they can’t use spiritual energy, they won’t be able to get out of it.”
Dou Fang Hai blinked at the shiny orb first of all and ignored the image inside. Was this like the thing he had wanted to use on the market square? He reached out and poked it before looking at Ziju An, his still finger still touching the fragile crystal.
Ziju An just looked back at him. This was just a spiritual crystal orb. He didn’t care at all what happened with it.
Seeing that his future wife wasn’t angry at all Dou Fang Hai took the orb from his hands and played around with it. The shiny surface looked pretty. It made him think of the few pieces of jewelry his mother had. Mn, his wife would certainly need something pretty too. He should have asked his father where he would get such things before he left with her. Now he had no idea how to get his hands on something like it. Could he make it himself?
Dou Fang Hai lifted the orb in front of his eyes and examined it more closely. It was really shiny. Maybe his wife would like wearing something like this? But what was he supposed to make out of it? Some kind of bracelet? It was a little big for that, wasn’t it?
He turned it around between his fingers and pursed his lips. Grandmaster Ziju just watched him with a smile while the Elders around them looked on in horror. That was a spiritual crystal orb, ah! Never mind that it was one of the lowest quality it was still something they used often and wasn’t completely worthless. How could you casually give that to a child?!
The Elders worried for a while until one of them couldn’t take it any longer. He leaned over to voice his opinion. “Grandmaster Ziju —”
He didn’t get any further. Dou Fang Hai jerked when someone dared to talk to his future wife and the spiritual crystal orb that he didn’t really deem important fell to the ground.
What had been a pretty orb before broke into beautifully sparkling shards. Dou Fang Hai and the Elder both looked at it while Ziju An merely extended a hand to Sect Master Xue next to him.
Xue Chang Fu looked at the hand and turned to Yue Mu Gang next to him. He also extended a hand. The Elder looked at it and rolled his eyes but still placed a spiritual crystal orb on it. Xue Chang Fu smiled at him brightly, turned back to the Grandmaster and handed the orb to him.
Ziju An, on his part, took it unceremoniously and turned to Dou Fang Hai. The boy wasn’t interested in the orb though. Instead, he bent down and wanted to pick up the shards. Those were even prettier than the orb! He could definitely use them to make something nice for his wife! They weren’t as big either.
Ziju An frowned, handed the spiritual crystal orb back and grabbed his disciple by the shoulder before he could reach the shards. “Careful. Don’t cut yourself.”
Dou Fang Hai sat up straight and grinned. “Are you worried about me, pretty sister?”
Ziju An didn’t even grimace and just nodded. Naturally, he was worried about his only disciple. Getting injured every now and then as a cultivator was a given but he hadn’t taught him a single thing yet. If he was injured now, it would be his Master’s fault. If he was injured after being taught, it was either his own fault or an experience he needed. Anyway, Ziju An didn’t intend to interfere by then.
Dou Fang Hai smiled even wider when Ziju An ‘admitted his feelings’ and grabbed onto his sleeve. “Don’t you worry, nothing will happen to your future husband!”
The Elders around them dearly wished they could incapacitate their ears. Please! Don’t say such things to the lofty Grandmaster while we’re sitting close-by. We really can’t take it! And Grandmaster, could you please revert back to your aloof and cold self that doesn’t even look at others when they greet you or directly ask you a question? Seeing you smile like this is horrifying! We feel like we’re going to have nightmares for a whole month!
Unfortunately for them, neither Grandmaster Ziju nor his disciple intended to stop. The Grandmaster decided that actions spoke louder than words though.
He waved his sleeve and the shards vanished into his spatial ring. “No need to bother with those things. I’ll take them and throw them away later.”
“Eh? Throw them away?” Dou Fang Hai didn’t like this idea at all. This was his first material for the beautiful jewelry he would make his future wife! “Can’t I have them?”
Ziju An pondered but finally nodded. In the worst case, he would just use his spiritual energy to smoothen the edges of the shards so his disciple wouldn’t get hurt.
“Great! Then you keep them until then, alright?”
Ziju An nodded once more. If his disciple wanted him to, then naturally he would. But getting back to what he had just thought about … “After watching the admission test, how about learning how to cultivate and use a sword?”
Dou Fang Hai blinked. He had no idea what it meant to cultivate but … learning how to use a sword sounded great! If he learned how to use a sword, then he could always protect his wife from bad guys like that boy from before! Thus he nodded eagerly.]

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