LWS V4C5 One Step after the Other

*unedited chapter*
Su Yan waited a while before glancing out of the window. When he saw that Nie Chang had left he heaved a sigh of relief. Whoa! Had this really just happened? Had Nie Chang seriously asked him if he wanted to move in together?
He brushed his hair back and stared blankly at the sidewalk. What was he supposed to do now? Nie Chang had said he didn’t have to decide now and that they could talk about it later but who knew when later was? Shouldn’t he start thinking about it as soon as possible? What if Nie Chang brought it up in a week again or maybe even in three or four days and he hadn’t considered it yet?
Argh! What was he supposed to do now? Call his mother? He looked at his phone and pursed his lips. He didn’t even need to call her to know what she would say. Hadn’t she wanted them to move in together anyway? She was even the one who brought it up in the first place.
“Mn …” Su Yan knitted his brows and stared at the door of Nie Chang’s apartment. He wasn’t that worried anymore that Nie Chang would break up with him and since they had become a couple they had been together at either his or Nie Chang’s apartment anyway. Nothing would change if they moved in together.
The only question would probably be where they would live. Would they just use Nie Chang’s apartment since it was a little bigger? Or would they use his apartment because Nie Chang knew that he would hate to have to move all his stuff? Or … would Nie Chang insist on finding another place?
Su Yan pursed his lips further. Another place just for them? Somewhere they would only make memories they shared? That didn’t sound bad at all. So … he should probably tell Nie Chang that he was alright with it?
“Mn …” Su Yan looked at the key in his hand and sighed. He could just go in and tell him now. They could even talk it through and decide how they wanted to do it.
It was just … He also felt that what he had said before was true. He really thought that taking one step after the other was better. What if Nie Chang decided that he really didn’t want him anymore after sleeping with him? Didn’t such things happen often?
The were so many women out there who got involved with a man who seemed decent at first but then those guys left them after having sex. Sometimes the women even were pregnant. Such scum! How could men be like this?!
Well, he couldn’t imagine that Nie Chang was like that and even if he was, it wasn’t like he could get pregnant even when he had sex with him. “Hmph. If you’d dare to leave me after taking my first time, I’d tell my mom to really call someone to break your leg. No! I’d have her call someone to break both your legs! Why would I leave you with one if you leave me with nothing?!”
Nie Chang could probably be glad that he was inside right now, otherwise he might have been subjected to another death glare by Su Yan.
Considering his options in case Nie Chang indeed turned out to be scum actually calmed Su Yan down though. Well, in the worst case, they would just ruin each other. Now that that had been sorted out he could get back to the problem at hand.
What to do about their apartment? Ah, no, how about breaching the topic to Nie Chang again? Something like that needed the right opportunity, didn’t it? He couldn’t bring it up again just like that, could he?
Mn … A good situation … Su Yan inevitably thought of what they had planned for Friday when he considered the next situations that would come up. Uh … That probably counted as an opportunity too?
Su Yan tilted his head. “Wait! That’s actually really good! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?!”
He felt like kicking himself. Hadn’t he himself said to Nie Chang they should take their relationship step by step? The next step was already schedule for Friday, nothing would change about that. So after that he was good to go to tackle the step after that. First, they’d have sex and then, they’d move in together!
The best thing would probably be to bring it up right after they had had sex. Or, no, maybe that was too soon? Mn, he should probably wait until the morning after that. If Nie Chang was still there, he would also know that he could depend on him. If not … his mother was on speed dial.
Satisfied with his brilliant idea Su Yan put the spare key to Nie Chang’s apartment away. He had said he had something else to do so he couldn’t run over after a few minutes.
So … What should he do with the rest of the time? Take a look at the system? Ah, but his notebook was in the back so he couldn’t write and he probably didn’t have that much time anyway. After all, how long could it take for Nie Chang to pack up some clothes?
Mn, he needed something he could start on but didn’t have to finish. And it would be best if it was entertaining enough to take his mind off all this complicated relationship-stuff.
Su Yan’s eyes widened and he lifted his phone. Well, hadn’t there been that one thing he had wanted to do anyway? Why shouldn’t he use the time now for it? Even if it was just five minutes, he might be able to gain some insight!

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