LWS V3C34 Get Back to Work!

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Su Yan jumped up and down on his chair and turned to Nie Chang to get some praise. His boyfriend looked up from his work and couldn’t help but laugh.
“You finished something?”
Su Yan dashed over with an expression of ‘it’s good that you asked!’ and planted himself on Nie Chang’s lap again. “You know I was fretting over the beginning of my new novel just half an hour ago and now I’ve suddenly solved the issue! Isn’t that great?!”
“Mn.” Nie Chang patted his head. “As expected. Your husband always knew you’re the best.”
Su Yan just grinned. Hmph, whoever dared say that he had a stupid username should be ashamed! He’d show them just how much insight his husband had! He really was the best! They’d see!
Su Yan hugged his great boyfriend and coincidentally noticed the iPhone that was lying in front of him right now. “Eh? I … didn’t disturb your work, did I?”
Nie Chang tried very hard not to laugh. “Ah, how could you ever disturb me? Even if you did, I’d forget about it if you gave me a kiss.”
Su Yan pondered that possibility for a bit and finally decided that giving the kiss just in case was still better. He continued to sit on Nie Chang’s lap, unsure of what to do next. He wanted to get back to writing but … hadn’t he originally promised Nie Chang to spend the whole day with him? Just leaving him alone like this didn’t seem right somehow.
Nie Chang could practically see the thoughts coursing through Su Yan’s head. “What is it? You lost your inspiration?”
“No!” Su Yan pursed his lips. “Why would I? I’m such a genius. Naturally, I wouldn’t just lose my inspiration.”
“Then why are you still here and not back on your seat?”
Su Yan’s pursed lips turned into a pair of pouting lips. “Isn’t it because of you? I promised I’d spent the day with you. I can’t just leave you alone, can I?”
“You can. Aren’t I right beside you? That’s just like spending time together. Furthermore … I like to see you work.”
Su Yan tilted his head. “Why?”
“Well, it’s obviously because you’re looking especially lovable while doing so.”
“So you … want me to go back and write?”
Nie Chang pondered for a bit and decided to be the best boyfriend he could. “Mn.”
Don’t joke with him. It was so obvious that Su Yan wanted to write if he still said no, wouldn’t his little darling cling onto him while pouting the whole time? He’d rather Su Yan sat down and wrote until he had enough and then spent time with him. Furthermore, then he’d have his full attention and not this kind where Su Yan talked to him but where his thoughts were still with his story instead.
Su Yan still hesitated. Nie Chang might have said it was alright but … shouldn’t he insist on staying with him a little longer? Otherwise, he’d seem pretty heartless or —
Nie Chang shoved his boyfriend off and gently slapped his bottom. “Don’t dilly-dally! Get back to work!”
Su Yan’s eyes bulged. Had his boyfriend … just slapped his backside?! He opened his mouth to scold him but finally didn’t know what to say. In the end, Su Yan just murmured something and went back to his seat. Never mind, Nie Chang was his boyfriend. What was there to be angry about?
Instead, he might as well really get back to work and adjust the rest of his scene. After all, he had just reached the point where the new scene and the one he had written previously would connect.
Thus, Su Yan read the last few sentences he had just written and pondered how to connect them with what he had before. If he could keep most of the original scene, that would be for the best. In the end, he deleted a part of the beginning and then added some explanation while changing a few words:
[The boy finally managed to squeeze out of the crowd and reach the stage. He clutched the edge of the stage and tiptoed to see what was going on up there. There wasn’t much to see from his position, only the three disciples in their white robes and the platforms they had erected.
From down there the boy couldn’t even see the spiritual energy detection orbs on top of the platforms. He also didn’t know about cultivators or the Jin Shan Sect on top of the mountain. Thus, the three people in white were especially interesting to him.
One of them stood not far from him.]
Su Yan nodded and read over the following paragraphs. In general, he could leave everything as it was. The only thing that was a bit problematic was Dou Fang Hai’s name. It somehow felt wrong to put it in there since the scene was now Ziju An just observing what was happening and even though he was an expert, he still couldn’t infer someone’s name just from watching him.
So … he’d probably have to keep referring to him otherwise until he actually told someone his name. Maybe the female disciple could ask him? But they only spoke for a short moment and the system had said that he should put more emphasis on his main character instead. Wouldn’t it defeat the purpose if he had him talk more with a character now that might not even turn up that often in the future?
Ah, this wouldn’t work! He had to put more emphasis on the main characters. So maybe Ziju An would go up to Dou Fang Hai on his own? But why should he? And why should he do that soon? Unless …
Su Yan’s face lit up and he went to the last line of the scene he had previously written. He’d need to write the whole scene of the test to make this work, though. Mn, this shouldn’t be so difficult. He had written many scenes like this when writing his fanfictions, after all. He just had to make sure that it wouldn’t get too long and that Dou Fang Hai and Ziju An would both play a big part in it.

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