LWS V3C26 Interaction is Key

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Under the influence of Nie Chang’s coaxing, Su Yan picked up his phone again and confirmed the system’s message. It instantly closed the window for the task and brought him back to the home page. A big ‘3’ was displayed in the corner now but Su Yan ignored it. Don’t think he hadn’t seen the stupid name for this level! He was completely aware that it was just as shitty as the one for the second level. He wouldn’t take a second glance if he didn’t need to.
Instead, he concentrated on the middle part of the window. There was still the main task in the middle and the special task of finding ten reasons to break up below it. He couldn’t see that so-called practice task for now but maybe the system just hadn’t issued it yet. The publishing stats from before were still there and hadn’t changed either. Overall, it didn’t seem as if anything had changed. The system looked just like before.
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at his notes. He still hadn’t planned everything but he definitely felt better about it now. As for the rest … He really didn’t know where to put it for now. He’d have to see how the rest of the story played out for that. So, it was probably time to submit the revised version of his plan?
Su Yan put down the phone, rubbed his hands and opened the system on the notebook again. The task of planning the second story had been checked so he clicked on it to get the next one.
[Keeping your readers up to date]
[You’ve managed to plan your second story. Now that you are sure what it will be about it’s time to inform your readers. Use the means available on your chosen platform to always let them know about the status of your story regardless of whether it’s only an idea for now or if there’s already some chapters you might upload soon.]
Su Yan nodded in understanding. Right! The system had such good ideas! It really was such a great system! He hurriedly opened the website and navigated to his profile page. His eyes widened when he saw the number of followers he had gotten himself in just this bit of time.
Wow. So … A lot of people would see his announcement. He should really think very well about what he wanted to tell them. With that decision in mind, Su Yan resolutely clicked on the button that read [Message your followers] and had his fingers hover above the keyboard for a moment before he started typing.
[Hello everyone! (^ _ ^)/ I’ve got good news for you: I’ve almost finished planning my second story!]
He stopped and pursed his lips. Should he say what it was about? Or should he give an estimate when he’d be uploading it? Maybe both? Mn … The system had said that he should let his readers know regardless of what it was. So, it was probably best to include everything.
[The story will take place in a cultivation world once again but … the main characters won’t be fellow disciples this time! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
I don’t know when I’ll be able to upload the first chapter but I’ll keep you up to date (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪]
Su Yan stopped typing and read his message again, nodding slowly. This seemed alright to him. All the important information was there and it sounded nice, too. He had to make sure, though. He turned to the side, tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve once again and pushed the notebook toward him.
“Ah Chang! Look at the message I wrote! Do you think I forgot anything? And does it sound nice enough?”
Nie Chang looked up, his gaze flying over the message on the screen. “Seems good to me.”
“Are you sure?” Su Yan couldn’t help but question. “You have to think carefully! This is very important.”
Nie Chang looked from the screen to Su Yan as earnest as possible. “I think carefully about everything my darling asks so naturally, I’m sure about this one as well. It really is a good message.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. Somehow, he was still afraid. What if —
Nie Chang reached over and hit the [send]-button. “You’ll see that your readers think the same.”
Su Yan looked at the notification showing that his message had been sent with a blank expression. This … Why did it seem so familiar? It was as if Nie Chang had done the exact same thing before.
Su Yan frowned slightly. Now that he thought about it … He had! Hadn’t exactly the same thing happened when he was searching for a username? Nie Chang just claimed that it was a good one and hit the button. And then he did the very same thing with the story itself! Was this becoming a habit or something?!
With a bit of a delay, Nie Chang got an angry glare from his boyfriend. Su Yan didn’t want to dwell on it though. He had more important things to do!
He picked up his phone again and found his task checked. He clicked for the next one and raised his brows.
[Interaction is key]
[Sending a message to your readers to let them know what you’re working on right now is a good first step. There is something even more important though: Interacting with them!
Wait for the responses to your message and answer them.
Hint: All questions specifically to the author should be answered in any case, other responses can be answered but don’t have to.]
Su Yan looked back at his notebook. Most likely, he wouldn’t get answers this fast. In that case, he should take another look at his plot and then he could even go and write the first chapter.
That way, he’d be able to answer all the questions at once and then maybe send a new message right after that, telling everyone how touched he was by their responses and that he had hurried up just for them and that he wished them a nice read?!
Well … thinking back to when he published his first xianxia story on his other account that was probably a pipe dream. Even though he already had a lot of followers, most of those people only followed the authors casually. They wouldn’t start reading something new just because he asked them to.
Ah, finding faithful readers would be the hardest thing.

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