OMF V4C49 I Told Them

Jing Yi helped Qiu Ling into another set of robes and sat down next to him again. “So, what exactly happened? Why did she attack you?”

“Well … I guess she was a little surprised?”

Jing Yi nodded. “If it’s true that she married the Grandmaster, then she probably doesn’t want to be found. Maybe you said something that gave your identity away?”

Qiu Ling shook his head. “No. But … I tried to take her with me. She didn’t seem to like that.”

“You …”

Qiu Ling averted his gaze. “I grabbed her and tried to take her away. Don’t look at me like that! The Grandmaster was still standing next to us. It wouldn’t have been convenient to talk there.”

Jing Yi opened his mouth but didn’t manage to say anything. In the end, he just shook his head. He could probably be happy that his fiance had ended up with only a cut on his arm. Those two could have killed him instead! Just thinking of that … he wasn’t sure what to do.

He took a moment to sort through his thoughts and then spoke up after all, hoping that he would be able to make Qiu Ling consider his actions the next time before he took them. “Qiu Ling, you can’t be like this. You tried to kidnap the Grandmaster’s wife right in front of him? What if he had attacked you? You might have ended up dead!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not that weak.”

“How can you say that? Even his wife managed to hurt you!”

“Well, I didn’t take her seriously …”

Jing Yi wanted to scold him but the way Qiu Ling looked made the words get stuck in his throat. Alright. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. Not after Qiu Ling had already gone through all of that. In the end, he only sighed and cautioned him. “Please, be more careful in the future. I wouldn’t be able to take it if something happened to you.”

“Sure!” Qiu Ling leaned over and gave him a kiss. “You don’t have to worry anyway. I already told them.”

“Mn? What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you say you were afraid because you gave away my name?”

Jing Yi nodded. “I did. You said you had an idea of how to take care of it.”

“I had. I told the Grandmaster and his family that we’re from the Yun Zou Sect.”

“You … you did what?” Jing Yi’s eyes widened and he stared at him dumbfounded. Qiu Ling … had completely given away their identities? So now, not only was there a chance that the people of the Hei Dian Sect knew who they were but it had actually become a certainty? How did he think this was supposed to help?! No wonder they had attacked him!

Qiu Ling didn’t seem to notice Jing Yi’s agitated state and just nodded slowly with a faint smile on his lips as if this idea was the most brilliant one he had ever had. “I told them. You know, about how we’re from the Yun Zou Sect and my Master is the Grandmaster and all that. Well, I did adjust the story a bit. I told them the two of us were very much in love but my Master was strictly against it and tried to break us up so we couldn’t help us any other way than fleeing. So we came here to the Hei Dian Sect.”

Jing Yi gaped. “And he believed that?” That couldn’t be! This story was … way too ridiculous for anyone to believe it, much less the Grandmaster of the greatest evil sect there was. That type of person should be quite suspicious and not be foreign to the idea of spies entering their sect to gain information, right? Wouldn’t he put two and two together in a heartbeat?


Qiu Ling didn’t seem to find that strange which stunned Jing Yi even more. It couldn’t be that the Grandmaster had accepted this story just like that, could it? Surely he had at least questioned it? Or maybe he had pretended to believe it and was currently investigating it? Then they definitely couldn’t stay here. Not to mention that they had given the Yun Zou Sect’s plan away and couldn’t find out about the evil side’s plans anymore, even they themselves were in danger! They had to leave immediately!

“What about you?” Qiu Ling hugged him as if he had just delivered some news that wouldn’t have any impact on them.

Jing Yi couldn’t adapt that fast. “Wait, wait. Qiu Ling, not so fast! What exactly happened? You … you tried to kidnap the Grandmaster’s wife in front of him and then you told him we were from the enemy side and made that up and he just … This is unbelievable!” He held his forehead, completely unable to wrap his head around this. If somebody did that to him, he wouldn’t trust them even a hair’s breadth. How could the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect be so gullible?!

Qiu Ling pressed his lips together. “Well … It’s not that easy to explain.”

“Then tell me slowly. It’s not like we have to go somewhere else now.”

Qiu Ling wasn’t so sure if that was actually a good idea. He would have liked it if Jing Yi didn’t ask any more than that. Then again … he had wanted to be honest with him anyway. As long as he didn’t tell him about Jing He and the trial everything should be alright.

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