OMF V3C236 He Lacks Moral Integrity

Yuchi Bing Xia continued to think about the issue, trying to look at it from all angles. This matter was important so he couldn’t rush a decision. In the end, he first called his youngest disciple over. While he had a candidate in mind, he wanted to hear Yu Jin’s opinion.

At that moment, Leng Jin Yu was sitting under the plum tree in his house’s courtyard. When a knock sounded from the front door, he cracked his eyes open and sighed. Ah, it seemed he wouldn’t be able to continue to focus on his own matters. Who knew what had happened again?

“Come in.” He called out lightly but still stayed where he was. Maybe this was only somebody making a courtesy call. He had experienced that several times already.

The person who stepped in was Cen Fu, the disciple that had come with him on the previous mission. He awkwardly stopped in the doorway from the corridor and nodded. “Senior martial brother Yu …”

Leng Jin Yu gave him a questioning look. He had never been talkative in his role as Yu Jin. It wasn’t easy to keep to this behavior but he couldn’t risk being exposed.

“Uh … Your Master asked for you to come over. I don’t know what happened though.”

“I see. Thank you for telling me.” Leng Jin Yu got up. If it was Yuchi Bing Xia, then he couldn’t ignore it.

Cen Fu hurriedly stepped out of the way and then followed him outside. He couldn’t help but take a few more looks at this senior martial brother of his. Since delivering the message of what had happened to Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple to the Yun Zou Sect, he hadn’t been able to see him. He really wanted to ask him how things had played out in the end.

Leng Jin Yu noticed his gaze but didn’t entertain him. In any case, the Sect Master might have something important to discuss and since he would have to leave the Yun Zou Sect when his task came to an end, it was likely better not to get too close to anyone. Although … he wasn’t quite sure how he felt about leaving. He still felt curious about the image of that courtyard that he had seen. In any case, that was a question for later.

Cen Fu accompanied him until the gate of the Sect Master’s palace and finally had to say goodbye. He sighed but still left. While he would have liked to talk with Yu Jin, he knew now wasn’t a good moment. He should wait until he wasn’t busy.

Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu went into the palace and made his way to Yuchi Bing Xia’s study. Stepping inside, he cupped his hands and bowed to his Master before taking the seat he offered him. He didn’t say anything and just sat there, looking at the man with a calm gaze as if nothing could shake him.

Yuchi Bing Xia repressed a sigh. Haish, that child, still not talking if you don’t ask him anything directly. He really didn’t know what to make of this. “Ah Jin, you’re probably surprised that I called you over so suddenly. I hope I didn’t disturb your cultivation.”

“Mn.” Leng Jin Yu just gave a murmur that could mean anything. He didn’t look surprised at all. In fact, there wasn’t any kind of expression on his face. It was as if the problems that worried the mortals and immortals were nothing to him. In his eyes, everything seemed to be dust.

While he would have liked his disciple to be a little more communicative, Yuchi Bing Xia couldn’t deny that he was happy about his resilience as well. He had worried about who should succeed him in case something happened to him. Now he felt like Yu Jin was a good candidate for that. Otherwise, he never would have consulted a disciple about something as important as this. His answer might also tell him if his thoughts so far were true and he could really make Yu Jin his succeeding disciple.

Yuchi Bing Xia cleared his throat and picked up his cup of tea, trying to seem casual but still serious. “Sect Master Xian of the Chun Feng Sect came by earlier. One of their disciples has vanished and there seems to be more behind that.”

Leng Jin Yu frowned. “The demonic faction?”

“That seems likely, yes. We’ve decided to send someone over.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded but didn’t say anything. He knew the Sect Master couldn’t be talking about him. Even though he was the last disciple he had taken in, he was still the Sect Master’s disciple. News of him would definitely have reached the demonic faction for a long time already. He was unsuitable for this mission.

“I’ve thought it through and I feel like that Qiguan Cheng Da could be a good choice. He has only risen to the inner sect a short time ago. People don’t really know him yet. This would be a good opportunity for him too. He can lie low so as to not attract too much attention and still gain some merit. You know him a bit better. What is your opinion?”

Leng Jin Yu kept silent for a moment. His task here was only to help the crown prince achieve his trial. He did not have to get involved in anything else. But even though that was the case, now that he was asked, he also felt that maybe he should give an honest answer. It wouldn’t threaten his task while it could still help the Yun Zou Sect. And he really didn’t want a good sect to become collateral damage because of the Son of Heaven’s trial. Now, the only question was how to tell Yuchi Bing Xia his true thoughts. He definitely couldn’t spell them out directly.

“Master has considered this quite well. Looking at the circumstances Qiguan Cheng Da would be a good choice.”

Yuchi Bing Xia narrowed his eyes. Even though the boy never talked much, he still had a pretty good grasp on what he meant when he did talk. “You think he is unsuitable?”

“When sending someone to the demonic faction as a spy the most important thing besides making sure he isn’t exposed would be that the person doesn’t become a double-agent that does the bidding of the demonic faction in the end. Nobody can say for sure how something like this will turn out but in regards to Qiguan Cheng Da … I’m afraid he lacks the moral integrity to trust him with this.”

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