OMF V3C224 A Secret Message

Shen An De stopped in the air when he was just half a li away from the Chun Feng Sect. With his level, he could easily hide from the disciples and even most of the Elders wouldn’t be a problem since they would hardly expect anyone here and thus not search for him. That Sect Master Xian of theirs might be a bit more troublesome but he would also have to really on clues to spot him which was unlikely to happen as well. Thus, Shen An De wasn’t worried at all and just hovered in the air, looking around.

Now, where was his sister-in-law?

His men had said that she had become an inner sect disciple by now. It was no wonder. Hong Ai was especially talented so it stood to reason that her younger sister’s aptitude shouldn’t be too shabby either.

Spirit veins might depend on luck to a certain margin but your family played a big role too. And even if she couldn’t cultivate, there was still the option to become a practitioner. This was actually the path that the demon hunters chose more often so even if there was no inborn aptitude, she could make up for it with hard work. If she was anything like Hong Ai, she would be able to do that.

Anyway, the place where the inner sect disciples would likely stay … He spotted several rows of buildings that might house them and soon focused on a select few. There weren’t many women with the demon hunters so they would most likely all stay in the same building. He continued to wait and observe until he saw a woman entering one of the houses. It wasn’t Hong Bao but it at least showed that he had the right vicinity.

After all, he couldn’t enter the sect grounds anyway. The Sect Master of the Chun Feng Sect might not be able to defeat him in a fight but he was here to peacefully invite his sister-in-law. He didn’t want to attract trouble. If he got too close, then he would only risk being noticed. No, instead of risking that, he would just employ another method of contacting her.

Shen An De took a piece of paper out of his spatial ring and wrote a short message onto it before furling it and stuffing it halfway into his sister-in-law’s pouch. He lifted his hand and threw the thing down, using his spiritual energy to make sure it accurately landed just one step away from the door of the building he had observed.

Once again, he continued to wait. Soon enough the door opened. A young woman stepped outside but stopped when she saw the pouch. She bent down and picked it up. The woman was indeed one of Hong Bao’s senior martial sisters and one look was enough for her to understand that this had to be Hong Bao’s pouch. She shook her head, sighed, and then put the pouch into her pocket.

The Grandmaster’s eyes bulged. What was with that?! Shouldn’t she hurry and bring the pouch back to its owner? What was she doing keeping it to herself?! As angry as he was, he couldn’t do anything about it. Thus, he could only leave and hope that the pouch would land within Hong Bao’s hands in due time.

He flew to the town at the other end of the mountain path and changed his clothes into something that seemed more like those of a rich heir than those of a demonic practitioner. Then, he went to the inn he had mentioned in his message to Hong Bao and got a room.

“Ah, please do me a favor,” he said to the owner before going to his room. “I am waiting for someone. That person is from the Chun Feng Sect and should arrive in this town by tomorrow. Please show them to my room when they come asking for me.”

“Sure, sure.” The man hurriedly nodded and gratefully took the money the Grandmaster gave him.

Meanwhile, Hong Bao’s senior martial sister had bumped into her on her way to her training. “Hong Bao!” She hurried over and nodded at her before giving Liu Cheng a smile. “Senior martial brother Liu.”

“Mn.” Liu Cheng only nodded. The two of them had only recently returned from their mission outside and he was still in a bad mood because he hadn’t been able to catch the other demons. By now, he really regretted killing Yawen immediately. It would have been better to just catch her and then interrogate her to find out more. Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret.

Anyway, even if this hadn’t been the situation, the martial sister still might not have been treated differently. While Hong Bao had gotten to know Liu Cheng as an amicable person, he actually wasn’t that sociable. He liked to keep to himself whenever possible. Hong Bao was the only person he had tolerated at his side for a long period of time.

There wasn’t any other reason than the feeling of having some fate with her. Bumping into her in the capital, bumping into her once again in the forest … Could that really be a coincidence? He couldn’t believe that. Thus, he had always treated her differently than anybody else.

Hong Bao’s senior martial sister was already used to it so she didn’t bother trying to engage him any further and instead turned to Hong Bao again. “Xiao Bao, you lost your pouch.” She took the pouch out of her pocket and handed it over.

“Ah! Thank you! I was searching everywhere for it!” Hong Bao smiled brightly before turning toward Liu Cheng. “Senior martial brother Liu, actually, I made this pouch for you! Didn’t you say you could need one? I never would have thought it would disappear just like that.” She pouted but at least didn’t forget to hand it over.

Liu Cheng looked at the pink pouch with the hearts and smiled slightly. The martial sister next to him felt like her eyes might fall out. Had she actually seen him smile just now? And at such an ugly pouch?! She felt like she should reconsider her own attempts at flirting. In any case, this was not the time for that. “I … I will go. Take care. Senior martial brother Liu. Xiao Bao.” She nodded and hurriedly left. She certainly didn’t want to hear them whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Liu Cheng looked up at Hong Bao and smiled. “Thank you very much, junior martial sister Hong. I’ll definitely pay close attention to it, lest it vanishes again.”

“It certainly wouldn’t!” Hong Bao grinned but suddenly jumped to her feet with a yelp. “Oh no! I totally forgot! Master wanted to see me!” She didn’t even say goodbye before she hurried away.

Liu Cheng laughed and shook his head. She had gotten more mature but not that much. She was still a bit of an air-head. But, if he was honest with himself, he liked that about her.

He looked down at the pouch with a gentle gaze but suddenly paused and raised his brows. It seemed … the pouch wasn’t the important thing. There was actually a secret message inside.

He took the small paper out and had a look: ‘Meet me at the Phoenix Inn tomorrow at noon.’

Liu Cheng’s heart beat faster and he pressed his lips into a tight line. Could it be … his junior martial sister finally wanted to confess to him? He couldn’t deny that he felt a bit of anticipation.

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