OMF V2C34 Answering the Proposal

Qiu Ling flew over to the outer sect. He wanted to storm right in so he could see his beloved a little sooner but he still waited patiently in front of the door. Even the real Jing He in the nine heavens would have been exasperated if he barged into his rooms this early in the morning. There was no need to discuss how his mortal reincarnation would react.
Thus, when Jing Yi stepped out of the building he was instantly wrapped in a warm embrace. “My love!”, chirped it next to his ears and a pair of naughty hands slipped into his hair and combed through the strands.
Jing Yi clenched his fists so as to not push the other person away. “Senior martial brother Qiu.” His voice was as tight as his muscles. He really had to restrain himself a lot so that he wouldn’t do something imprudent.
For someone like Jing Yi who was particular about cleanliness, Qiu Ling’s actions were especially revolting. A certain someone had really dug his own grave with his actions in the earlier years. The only reason he wasn’t being scolded and beaten up was that Jing Yi had a sense of decorum. The person acting like this was a senior martial brother, someone with a high status in the sect and furthermore someone he would have to tell something undesirable soon. It wouldn’t be right to treat him too harshly now.
Qiu Ling heard the strange tone of voice and moved back half a step. “What is it, my love?” His gaze grew worried and he gripped Jing Yi’s hands. “Aren’t you feeling well? Should I help you back inside? Maybe you need a physician? Just tell me where you’re feeling uncomfortable.” Qiu Ling started patting Jing Yi’s arms, shoulders and chest, managing to upset him even more. At Jing Yi’s darkening gaze, Qiu Ling grew frantic. “My love, just tell me what is wrong with you! I’ll definitely find a way to help you! I promise!”
Jing Yi took a deep breath and tried to smile but it was obviously strained. “Senior martial brother Qiu, please kindly take a step back.”
Qiu Ling stopped patting Jing Yi’s body and just blankly looked at him. What could be the problem? He wanted to help but he didn’t know how! Ah, my love, please tell me what exactly is wrong with you! “Jing He …”
“Please, step back.” Jing Yi sounded even worse.
Qiu Ling frowned. His hands twitched but finally, he really stepped back and folded them in front of his body. He looked at Jing Yi expectantly.
His beloved lifted his hands as if he wanted to pat his own body, then he froze. Jing Yi stared at his sleeves. They were actually … alright. They weren’t dirty, they weren’t even crumpled. In fact, Qiu Ling had managed to pat his body in a way that didn’t even leave one wrinkle.
Well, Jing Yi didn’t know Qiu Ling. If he did, he would have expected this result. After all, Qiu Ling himself was very particular about his appearance and he knew that Jing He was, too. He certainly wouldn’t let even one hair on his beloved’s head be out of place because of him!
Jing Yi gulped and closed his eyes for a moment. He had overreacted. There was no need to be like this. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes again, looking at Qiu Ling. “Senior martial brother Qiu, it’s nice to see you again.”
“Mn.” Qiu Ling’s face lit up. He wanted to take a step forward but Jing Yi lifted his hand.
Qiu Ling halted again but he looked a bit depressed. Why didn’t his beloved want him to get closer? He had missed him so much!
“Senior martial brother Qiu, there is something I want to talk to you about. Maybe …” He looked at the other disciples that were slowly coming out. All of them were looking over at them. “Maybe we could take a walk? It might not be a good idea to talk about it here.”
“Sure!” Qiu Ling stepped forward and wanted to take his hand but Jing Yi sidestepped and turned around. Qiu Ling blinked and looked at his empty hands. He chased after Jing Yi and tried to grab his hand again but Jing Yi once again pulled it out of his reach.
“Senior martial brother Qiu, please show some restraint.”
Qiu Ling furrowed his brow. Restraint? He had already restrained himself for two days! He looked pitifully at Jing Yi who nearly stumbled. Why was he suddenly subjected to such a gaze? He couldn’t take it! He wanted to be a hero but now he felt like a villain!
Jing Yi decisively turned away. He walked in the direction they had gone together two days ago and finally stopped when they reached a spot a bit further from the two pagodas at the lake. He took a deep breath again, lifted his head and turned toward Qiu Ling. The expectant gaze in the other man’s eyes nearly let his conviction falter.
“Senior martial brother Qiu.”
“Mn.” Qiu Ling wanted to close in on him and take his hands but he held back. Something told him that his Jing He wanted to say something important. He had to be patient for now.
“I’ve thought through what you said before. Mn, I mean … about … about marrying you.”
Qiu Ling perked up, his eyes glittering. “You did?” He didn’t know how to describe how he felt. He was … relieved and happy but he also hurt a bit when he thought that these words should have been spoken by the Jing He in the nine heavens and not just his mortal reincarnation.
Jing Yi pressed his lips together. It was painfully obvious that Qiu Ling had misunderstood him. He lowered his head, calmed his heavily beating heart and looked up again.
“Senior martial brother Qiu, I’m sorry. I’m unable to marry you.”
Qiu Ling’s smile faltered, his eyes went wide and his mouth opened and closed without any sound coming out. “What … What did you … say just now?” His voice sounded slightly hoarse. He couldn’t believe it. No, he must have misheard it! His beloved wouldn’t reject him.
“I’m really sorry. I’m sure you’re a wonderful man and you’ll certainly find someone who’ll gladly marry you in the future. But that person won’t be me. I can’t marry you.”
Qiu Ling swayed. He hadn’t … misheard? It was actually true? His beloved … didn’t want him? “Why? Why?!” His voice grew more frantic. “What have I done wrong?”
Jing Yi evaded his gaze. “It’s not about doing something wrong. It’s … I just feel like … it’s not supposed to be.”
Saying it like that Jing Yi might have as well taken a dagger and plunged it right into Qiu Ling’s heart. “Not … meant to be? That …” Qiu Ling shook his head. “No.” He continued to shake his head. “You can’t be serious! If we’re not meant to be, then who is?”
Jing Yi sighed. “I’m really sorry. I’d better leave you alone now.” He turned around and walked away, leaving Qiu Ling alone and exposed to the cold wind that blew through the Yun Zou sects grounds that morning.

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