OMF V4C8 I Only Need Your Approval

Qiu Ling’s eyes seemed to sparkle in anticipation.

Jing Yi smiled. “I’ve made trouble for you.” He cupped Qiu Ling’s cheeks and lightly kissed him. It was as much of a good morning kiss as it was an apology. This man was his fiance. They had already promised to marry so he shouldn’t doubt him even if he was unable to understand. He might not be completely happy with it but Qiu Ling was obviously willing to compromise. That should tell him everything he needed to know.

Seeing that his beloved wasn’t angry anymore, Qiu Ling was naturally happy and admitted his own faults without hesitation. “It’s no trouble. And I was at fault as well. I should have noticed you were anxious about that.” Qiu Ling hugged him close. “Is there anything else you want to know?”

Jing Yi considered. This would be the best opportunity to speak about these things but at the moment he really couldn’t think of anything. Thus, he shook his head.

“Alright. Let’s talk about the mission then.”

Jing Yi raised his brows. Since when had his fiance gotten so motivated?

His doubt was so obvious that Qiu Ling couldn’t help but smile. “Our marriage depends on it, doesn’t it? And you take it seriously. So, as your future husband …” His smile became a smirk, and the serious air he had about him just now completely vanished.

“Alright. But I’m not sure what else we should discuss. They accepted us and we found ourselves different names. We only need to get used to it.”

“Then, how do you want to accomplish the task the Sect Master gave you?” Qiu Ling furrowed his brow. What was that guy’s name again?

“I think we have some time to decide on that. For now, we should get used to this place and find a position for ourselves. When we’ve established that we should be able to find out what Sect Master Yuchi wants to know.” He nodded to himself, feeling that there was no way to decide on anything just yet. He didn’t even know anything about the Hei Dian Sect. How could he make decisions on how to proceed? First, they had to gather some general information.

“Mn, Yuchi.”

Jing Yi lifted his brows but didn’t ask. He had the vague feeling that he wouldn’t like the answer if he did.

Qiu Ling used his silence to sit up and stroke Jing Yi’s hair. “That sounds like a good idea. Ah, how about I help you with getting dressed?”

Jing Yi looked at him and then looked down at himself. Finally, he noticed that he was only wearing his inner robe. Furthermore, his inner robe was white and didn’t leave that much of his body to imagination. His whole face turned crimson and even his ears got slightly hot. “Qiu Ling!” He turned around and tried to cover himself up but that only led to him feeling the heated gaze on his back more prominently.

Qiu Ling didn’t mind at all. “What is it, my love? You’re looking lovely like that. Now, should I lend you a hand? I’d gladly do so.” To make sure his fiance understood, he even reached out and gently caressed his back.

Jing Yi shuddered and closed his eyes. He knew he should be angry but Qiu Ling’s slight caresses made it hard to stay in the mood for that. Most likely Qiu Ling had only tried to help. “Stop it.” He might say so but his voice had already lost the sharp edge from just now. It was more like a whisper begging him and quite naturally, Qiu Ling instead felt enticed to continue.

He leaned forward and kissed Jing Yi’s shoulder through the thin fabric. The heat of his own body was transmitted and made that cozy feeling from before return to Jing Yi. The kisses continued and Jing Yi closed his eyes.

Ah, how had this happened? This was their first day in the demonic faction but things had already gotten this far. That had never happened while they were traveling. “Qiu Ling …” He took a trembling breath and caught the hand that had snaked around his body and was trying to worm its way into his inner robe.

“Mn, I’m here.”

“I remember you telling me that … these things would make us a married couple where you come from.” He was getting breathless already to the extent where he couldn’t get the sentence out in one try.


“Then what are you trying … to do right now? You haven’t gotten … your Master’s approval.”

“I only need your approval.”

“No. That’s like … as if you said you … you wouldn’t need …” His voice trailed off.

Somehow, Qiu Ling had decided that kissing his shoulder wasn’t enough. His lips had wandered higher and were now giving their best attention to his neck. It only started with a few light pecks but soon, Qiu Ling was gently sucking his skin.

Jing Yi’s mind went blank. What had he tried to say right now? Try as he might, he couldn’t remember. He raised his hand but wasn’t able to push Qiu Ling off. His fingers had somehow found their way into his hair instead and were caressing him while his own head tilted back, exposing his throat to Qiu Ling.

Qiu Ling looked at the red marks on Jing Yi’s neck and smiled. This was the first time since falling in love back then that he could actually claim his right to his most beloved person. And from the looks of it, Jing Yi allowed him to do.

He gently bit into Jing Yi’s earlobe, leaving another shallow mark on his body before he pushed him down and propped himself up above him.

There was no protest so … it should be alright, shouldn’t it?

He kissed the other side of Jing Yi’s neck and simultaneously stroked his chest. If this really was the day of their wedding, he wanted to do everything right. His Jing He should have an unforgettable experience. His hand finally found it’s way into Jing Yi’s inner robe.

Qiu Ling shuddered. Ah, sixteen years, he had almost waited sixteen years for this moment! Finally, his beloved was old enough and willing to sleep with him. They could get married at long last!

“Jing He …” He whispered his name like a prayer and bent down to kiss his chest. Feeling the smooth skin he wanted to shed tears of joy. This really was his beloved! It couldn’t be that much different from being with the real Jing He.

“I love you. I love you so much. You’re … the most important person to me. You’re my life, my light, my everything. Jing He …” He caressed him and his lips found Jing Yi’s. Ah … too great, too perfect! He couldn’t believe this was real!

Qiu Ling and Jing Yi locked gazes. There was still a hint of hesitation in Jing Yi’s eyes though. The fact that he had just once again been called by the wrong name certainly didn’t help. But looking at Qiu Ling’s earnest gaze, he also didn’t know how to speak out.

Qiu Ling lightly touched his shoulder and brushed his hair back, his movement exceedingly gentle. “May I?”

Jing Yi breathed deeply. This really was the moment he had to decide, wasn’t it? “You —”

A knock on the door interrupted him and Qiu Ling flared up.

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