LWS Chapter 53 You Still Call Those Coincidences?

Madam Su thoughtfully looked at Su Yan making his hairs stand on end. Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer. He slowly lowered his hands and leaned forward. “Mom, be honest with me. Could it be you’re also not sure if he likes me?” Su Yan’s eyes teared up again. He really was at his rope’s end! How should he continue to work at the repair shop when he didn’t know if Nie Chang was in love with him or somebody else? How would he be able to treat him like a normal friend?
Madam Su watched the rapidly changing expression of her son. Right now, it was bordering on panic. She was quite intrigued. Her future daughter-in-law must have done a lot to get her son to this point of fretting.
She bent forward and tilted her head. “Su Yan, be honest with your mother first. You haven’t told me everything, have you? What else happened?”
“Hah?” Su Yan recoiled. “N— Nothing happened!”
“Are you sure about that? You know I can’t give you a definite answer if you leave out any details.” She crossed her arms and leaned back.
Su Yan bit his lower lip. He didn’t want to say those things in front of his mother but he had to know what Nie Chang thought. He took a deep breath and had a look around to make sure his father wasn’t there yet. “Well, there were some things. But I’m not sure if I got it wrong. Maybe those were just coincidences.”
“Mn.” Madam Su nodded slowly and withstood the urge to pinch his cheeks again. With a bit more strength this time. What coincidences? If there were several, could you still call those coincidences? “Tell me everything”, she ordered and this time her son obediently nodded.
“When he came to pick me up in the morning he brought a bouquet of my favorite flowers over.” He waited for his mother to say something but Madam Su just waved for him to continue. “And then when we went down I found out that he had purchased the car I liked. He even said he didn’t want to tell me before because he was afraid I’d be disappointed if it didn’t work out. And then …” Su Yan trailed off when he thought of all those things that had happened yesterday.
“What is it?” Madam Su didn’t need to think any further. It was a no-brainer that this girl was very much in love with her son. She seemed to be a little unconventional, bringing over flowers as a girl …
Madam Su wrinkled her brow. Wait a moment. Maybe she shouldn’t be so sure that her son had found her a daughter-in-law. Looking at his adorable face and considering how that person had organized that day it was pretty likely that this was a man instead. Yes, most likely, her son had gotten her a son-in-law.
“Well … He kissed me.” Su Yan looked up at his mother with a guilty conscience.
Madam Su nodded. The way her son said it … If this wasn’t an especially forthright girl, then it was obviously a man. Well, she wouldn’t have believed that her son was able to take the initiative anyway.
When his mother just seemed pensive Su Yan’s courage grew a bit. “And he kissed me again in the workshop. Uh … Well, it wasn’t really a kiss.” He hurriedly waved his hands around. “He gave me that cocoa bean and it was so bitter and then he … Uh …” Su Yan blushed again. He really couldn’t say that.
Madam Su didn’t need his explanation anyway. Inwardly she marveled at her future son-in-law’s way of doing things. There wasn’t much that could be misunderstood, even for someone like her son. The fact that he had run over the very next day showed just how effective these steps were. She really was curious who that man was.
Madam Su leaned forward and smiled. “So, who is he?”
Su Yan shifted away. “That’s not important.”
“Of course, it is! I should know who you’re going to marry in the future, shouldn’t I?”
“That —”
“Come on. Don’t be like this! I’ll tell you if he likes you or not when you tell me who it is.” She was a bit thankful for the fact that her son wasn’t an attentive person right now. Else he would have known her thoughts as soon as she talked about marriage.
“I …” Su Yan averted his face. “You … You don’t know him anyway.” The tips of his ears turned red and he bit his lower lip. He was so obviously lying that Madam Su didn’t bother to ask further. Her son obviously didn’t want to tell her. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t find out by herself.
It was a man her son already knew for a long time and whom he regarded as a friend. That person had to pay close attention to his likes and dislikes and obviously knew him good enough to formulate such a detailed plan. Furthermore, he was attentive and caring but also persistent. And he knew how to take advantage of her son’s weaknesses.
There was only one person that came to mind.
“Eh, Ah Yan, say, how is Nie Chang doing?”
Her son jerked. “Why … Why would you ask about him so suddenly?” His gaze flitted around. He obviously felt caught.
“Why do you react so strangely?”
Su Yan tensed. “I … I was just surprised.”
“Well, I just remembered. What’s so strange about asking about your best friend? Eh, it couldn’t be that the person we’re talking about is Nie Chang, could it?”
“Ah … How … How could that be?” Su Yan laughed dryly. He suddenly felt that it hadn’t been such a good idea to come here. His mother was just like a bulldog. If she sank her teeth into something, she wouldn’t let go no matter what! How could he have forgotten about that?
“Well, I was just asking. So, about that person … Do you like him back?”
Su Yan felt like his brain was fried. How come there was one difficult question after the other? As for the answer …
“I … I also don’t know.”

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