LWS Chapter 23 Writing A Romantic Encounter

There weren’t many straight pairings in the novel. Actually, the only ones he had read about until now were the Crown Prince’s parents both in his life as a god and in his life as a mortal and the sister of one of the subjects of the Crown Prince’s lover.
Yes, that lover wasn’t just any dragon but the dragon king and he had his subjects’ admiration and lots of loyal followers even though every one of them knew he was a little weird. That was one of the things Su Yan didn’t like about the novel. Shouldn’t someone who could become the king of a whole race be more mature and level-headed? How could he be such an idiot?
Anyway, one of his followers had a sister that was married and had a son. She only showed up in the later chapters of the first volume and her husband only had a guest appearance in one chapter so there wasn’t much information on them.
It probably showed just how biased this novel was in matters regarding relationships. He wouldn’t even need to think to name a few implied gay couples. Seriously, shouldn’t novels be realistic? Where were all those gay men coming from?
Had Su Yan already known at this moment how many gay men he’d be seeing in the near future thanks to his Lovely Writing System, he would probably slap himself for that thought.
Well, anyway, Su Yan had decided to fulfill his task of writing a romantic encounter with that husband and wife pair. No way he would write something romantic with two men!
“Let’s see …”
Based on the few pieces of information he had, Su Yan started to imagine their first encounter. After all, what was more romantic than love at first sight? Furthermore, he himself felt that he didn’t have much of a knack for romance so he wanted to play it safe on his first try. Considering how shitty his system rated his couples it would probably hate his first attempt at a romance scene even more.
[Meeting For The First Time
It was a scorching hot summer day when Ai Hua saw Lei Jiang for the first time. As all dragons, she was susceptible for good looks and that was something Lei Jiang could offer. His golden hair was dazzling under the bright rays and his eyes were of the same color as the sky above. Furthermore, he was a soldier and his physique showed as much.
Ai Hua admiringly ran her eyes over his body. She was instantly entranced. This was exactly the kind of man she had longed for! He was like one of those heroes clad in white robes, instantly melting her maiden heart.
Ai Hua smiled sweetly and approached him, her hands nervously twisting around. What would he think of her? She couldn’t help but worry that he wouldn’t be as impressed by her as she had been by him. She stopped not far from him, shyly gazing at him and hoping that he would take the first step and approach her further. He certainly couldn’t overlook her in such close proximity.
Lei Jiang definitely didn’t overlook her. In fact, he had already noticed her long before she came closer. How could he not? With her auburn hair giving off a glint of red in the scorching afternoon sun and her big round eyes blinking against the brightness, while they were covered by a layer of mist. There had only been one thought echoing within his heart: This is the woman you have waited for! And then, Ai Hua’s gaze seemed to have met his for a moment and she actually started to walk in his direction!
With his heart beating wildly, Lei Jiang waited if she would come to him. Maybe she would even greet him? Could it be she had also fallen in love with him at first sight? His breath became shorter and he gulped. Were his robes crumpled? Had he done his hair meticulously enough in the morning? Ah, hadn’t he been training before? What if he was still sweaty? Wouldn’t such a beauty feel repelled?
He was apprehensive and indeed: Ai Hua stopped a few steps short of him. If he wanted to talk to her, it would be possible but they’d have to raise their voices. What to do? Maybe she had only gone over because the sun wasn’t as glaring at this side of the courtyard?
Lei Jiang frowned a bit which was instantly noticed by Ai Hua. Oh no!, she thought anxiously. He doesn’t like me! Why else would he be frowning right after I came over?
She turned away a bit making Lei Jiang’s heart shudder. If he didn’t act now, his goddess might just leave!
“Miss!” He called out to her before he had consciously understood what was going on. Even his hand was raised as if to grab onto her image and hold her back.
Ai Hua’s heart thumped and she slowly turned around, the sweet smile still hanging on her lips. “Were you talking to me?”
“Mn.” Lei Jiang went over. She was still smiling, so he felt like he hadn’t done anything she disliked. “I …” He stopped talking. Just now he remembered that he had nothing to say. What now?
Ai Hua looked at Lei Jiang’s lips that moved without him uttering a sound and instantly felt delighted. She stepped closer and shyly looked up at him. Please, just say something!, she thought in her heart. Anything was fine. She just wanted a reason to stay a little longer with him.
“Uh …” Lei Jiang looked away, unable to bear it any longer. Then, he saw a man with auburn hair just like hers approaching them. He actually knew him! Lei Jiang’s eyes glinted and he turned back toward Ai Hua. “If I may be so bold to ask: Could it be that you are Yi Zan’s sister?”
Ai Hua was a little bewildered. Sure, she had wanted him to say anything but why was he asking about her brother of all things?
“Oh.” Lei Jiang also noticed that his approach might not have been the best. “I was just thinking that you seemed quite familiar, though we’ve probably never seen each other before. Your brother talks quite a lot about you.”
This was so obviously a blatant lie that Ai Hua could only lightly laugh. Her brother was a quiet man. He never liked talking. He certainly hadn’t talked about her at all. So, this man was probably only trying to have her stay behind. It seemed her feelings weren’t just one-sided.
Just then Yi Zan reached them. He nodded at Lei Jiang, then turned to his sister. “Ai Hua, let’s go.” He didn’t say anything more and already walked away again.
Ai Hua followed him but she turned back once and found Lei Jiang still looking at her.
He couldn’t help it. He was completely entranced. “So her name is Ai Hua”, he murmured. “How fitting. Such a beautiful woman should have such an elegant name.” He only left the spot where he had been talking to her when he hadn’t been able to see her anymore for a long time.
This was their first meeting but it shouldn’t be their last by far.]
Su Yan leaned back and gently massaged his fingers. He hadn’t written the 2000 words the system had granted him and only used up around a thousand but he was still quite satisfied. A first meeting should be short and sweet. The relationship that would follow was what should be described in detail.
With a slight smile, he copied his results and opened the Lovely Writing System again. He clicked on his first task and pasted his work into the box the system showed him.
He really couldn’t wait to see his results.

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