Review: True Star

While waiting for the next update of “Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil” I was having a look around to find some other chinese bl stories. One of those I ended up reading was “True Star” and although it didn’t manage to get me as addicted as FOD (but honestly which story can? 😅) I still liked it very much so I thought I should write a short review about it. 😉

What is “True Star” about?

This novel tells the story of the actor Fiennes Tang who is reborn as the more or less already failed celebrity Tang Feng. With his experience he managed to once again become an actor.
The special thing about this story: Tang Feng is reborn in his own world and that shortly after his death. Because of that he mets with old acquaintances but still has to cotton up to his new identity that entails its own problems.


My opinion

True Star is one of those novels where quite a lot of chapters have already been translated (the whole first volume and part of the second; there’s 4 volumes overall) even though the updates generally take a bit more time (2 times a month). Furthermore, it’s one of those novels I hadn’t actually been looking for but that I still liked in the end. 😊
What I liked about this story – just like with FOD – was the refreshingly grown-up protagonist Tang Feng. What I didn’t like up until now is the male lead (?). Actually, I’m not so sure about the romance part at all and rather reading for the plot which I found to be quite good. It was relatively down-to-earth: The different arcs aren’t too strange and instead aligned with Tang Feng’s goal and connected with each other.


All in all …

“True Star” is a nice story but I do have to admit that I came for the romance but stayed for the plot. The male lead (whoever it might be, I don’t really like anyone even until now) isn’t that much to my taste while I loved reading about how Tang Feng coped with the death of his old identity while working on setting up his new one.
Well, maybe I’ll change my opinion on the romance a bit later. We’ll see about that. 😉

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