Yami no Kodou

Looking at all those non-chinese bl things I’ve seen over the years Yami no Kodou (also known as Genwaku no Kodou) is probably the one that impressed me the most. It’s a japanese manga series that has been serialized since the 90s (and you’re able to see that) with a plot that is just so rich that I reread the whole thing as soon as I caught up with the translations. Seriously, I still feel like I’m reeling from withdrawal symptoms 😁


What is it about?

So, there’s this guy, Kouichi Amano, that lives with his single-mom who’s a novelist, his clingy younger brother Jun and his grandmother that seems like the only normal person around him. He himself doesn’t seem that strange either if you don’t look at the fact that he’s been having some strange dreams.
Very soon, that changes completely. He somehow gets caught up with Touya Kazuomi (our male lead) and Jun’s friend Kamio and the four clans they are part of. Those clans aren’t really on friendly terms with Amano’s family and it doesn’t help that they’re seeing some signs of impending doom that somehow seem to be related to him.
Between the struggle with the clans, the slowly growing feelings between him and Touya, and some tantrums his little brother his throwing, those two somehow find out that they’re, in fact, the reincarnations of some people from another world. Unfortunately, those guys left them a real mess behind that they have to solve now. Naturally, they can’t tell anyone and it doesn’t help that more trouble seems to be coming at them at every corner.


My thoughts about the series

Well, I’ve already said it: I really love this series! The plot and the backstory are so rich that it can get pretty confusing at first but it managed to draw me further in with every chapter. As of now, there are 27 volumes (the scanlations are at this volume, too) and I haven’t been bored even once.
Actually, the series seems to get better with every new volume and that in more than one way. I’ve already said at the beginning that you can see that the series is fairly old. If you compare the later volumes with the earlier ones you’ll see a big difference between the art. I was completely shocked when I started rereading because I hadn’t expected this 😅
The content, too, does get even better later on, imo. The first few volumes have a lot to do with the four families and are more or less a set-up for the later part of the story. There are big surprises and reversals I wouldn’t have expected and some things I was pretty sure would happen but that I’ve been looking forward to.

And (and this might be the most important thing 😁) there are lots of hot guys running around and they also seem to get more in the later volumes! 😁 All of those character are pretty diverse, too, so it’s really fun to read about them. One of my favorites (despite the protagonist and the male lead, of course 😜) is Shana, by the way. Ah, I just love long hair 😍


Anyway, if you love bl with lots of hot guys that somehow all fall in love with the same person (because, well, how couldn’t they?) and a deep plot, then you’ll love Yami no Kodou just as much as I do! If you’re a little put off by the art at first, don’t worry about it. After a few chapters, you won’t even notice it anymore thanks to everything else that is just great about this series 😉

If you think this is exactly the type of story you’d like to read, then have a look at bamboo feathers live journal site for the information about the scanlation.

True Star

While waiting for the next update of „Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil“ I was having a look around to find some other chinese bl stories. One of those I ended up reading was „True Star“ and although it didn’t manage to get me as addicted as FOD (but honestly which story can? 😅) I still liked it very much so I thought I should write a short review about it. 😉


Help For Those Suffering From FOD-Withdrawal ;)

Who doesn’t know that feeling of having read a good book and not being able to find anything up to par after that? Or even worse: You’re reading a translation you really, really like and then you’ll have to wait a long time for the next update but just can’t forget about that story?

Well, it got me. 😭 It’s all thanks to Fengliu Shudai’s really amazing „Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil“ that is just too good to find anything else to read.
I already reviewed the novel after reading the 14 arcs that are translated right now and what should I say? I read the whole thing once again and then read my favorite chapters two times over. 🙈

Thank god there’s Novelupdates with the recommandations of similar novels. How could I use the time until chapter 15 better than with reading something else? 😉
It was quite hard but I found some novels that are really similar to FOD (like, it’s the same concept of world hopping) and then somehow found some other novels and I’ve gotten another list of novels where I’m waiting for the next update 😅
And since I’m sure that lots of people love FOD just as much as me, I thought why not make a list with novels that could console me while waiting? 😉