LWS V5C2 Let’s Go out and Play!

Su Yan was too wrought up to think about it any deeper. He leaned forward and grabbed Nie Chang by the shirt. Well, he grabbed him by the lapel of Ziju An’s robe, frowning at the unfamiliar sensation.
“Ah Chang, just what’s happening here?”
Nie Chang sighed and patted his darling’s hands. “Well, I’d say you’re right. We did transmigrate to your novel. I guess that so-called ‘Dimension Ticket’ was indeed that: A ticket to a different dimension.”
Su Yan’s eyes widened and he looked around the study. “So we’re not on earth anymore?!” Continue reading

OMF V5C119 The One I’m Most Thankful to

Jing Yi stared ahead blankly, not understanding what was going on. How was it Qiu Ling’s fault if something had happened to his soul? It wasn’t like he had caused him to be sucked into the secret realm. Quite the contrary, he had done everything he could to get him out of there, hadn’t he?
Jing Yi sighed and gently combed through Qiu Ling’s hair. “That’s not true. There is nothing you have to feel responsible for. You’ve always wanted my best and you’ve done so much for me. Accompanying me out of the Yun Zou Sect to learn how to cultivate, going with me to the Hei Dian Sect to accomplish that mission, finding a way to get senior martial brother Yu and me out of the secret realm … You even followed me this time even though I rejected you so harshly. Considering all the people in my life, you’re probably the one who did the most for me. The one I’m most thankful to.” Continue reading

OMF V5C118 My Love Shall Remain

When the soul was covered with his energy, Qiu Ling heaved a first sigh of relief. Now, he wouldn’t carelessly hurt him. Even if some problem came up, he could immediately shield the soul with his own energy. Nothing would happen to Jing He. Not that that would make him risk anything.
He carefully used his senses to get a clearer image of the surface of Jing He’s soul. Looking from this close the soul that first seemed intangible had an actual form. It was ellipsoid although the edges were feathered out and only the innermost core could be called a firm body. Continue reading

LWS V5C1 Look at Yourself First!

In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain female official facepalmed. How stupid! Just why had Su Yan been her favorite author?! He didn’t deserve that high spot in her heart at all! Since she had given him a system, he was only making trouble! It hadn’t even been two weeks but he had managed to thwart her plans several times already!
Just why had he used the Dimension Ticket before taking that hot shower? Or, even better, couldn’t he have waited until tomorrow and tried it after they had had sex? How was she supposed to get her story back on track now?! Continue reading

RMN C15 A Beautiful Young Man

Baili Chao took a moment to process what Yun Bei Fen had said and suppressed another sigh. Ah, this boy! He might look like a young man now but he was obviously still a child at heart!
“You. Is that the only reason you delved into cultivation like that for the past years?”
Yun Bei Fen wanted to nod but reconsidered at the last moment and shook his head. “Of course not! I’ve taken all of Master’s teachings to heart. Cultivating earnestly is repaying all of Master’s kindness!” Continue reading

OMF V5C117 A Beautiful Soul

Qiu Ling tightened his grasp on Jing Yi until their bodies seemed to stick together.
Jing Yi could feel Qiu Ling’s heartbeat at his back. It was steady but faster than normal. Regardless of what he said this embrace was obviously agitating him. But who was he to judge? His own heart raced. The warmth transmitted from Qiu Ling’s body made him sweat and he couldn’t help but incline his head toward him, hoping to get a glimpse at his face.
His wish got fulfilled. Qiu Ling leaned forward, his cheek touching Jing Yi’s while his eyes closed. He seemed concentrated as if there was nothing in this world that could distract him. One of his arms snaked around Jing Yi’s waist and secured him in place while his other hand came to rest on his chest. Continue reading

OMF V5C116 I’ve Only Ever Wanted You

Qiu Ling’s lips twitched. So he still ranked behind Madam Zhong in his beloved’s heart …
Seeing his gaze, Jing Yi couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re looking so down. Don’t tell me you really mind it so much?”
Qiu Ling’s expression blanked. “Did you … Did you just tease me?”
Jing Yi stopped laughing and looked away as if he suddenly felt uncomfortable. Qiu Ling’s gaze flickered. Could it be … Was this Jing Yi warming up to him again? Was he already reconsidering his decision even though he didn’t know the whole truth yet?
Qiu Ling reached out and gently took his hand. Jing Yi wanted to draw back but when Qiu Ling didn’t let go, he paused and looked up at him. Continue reading

LWS V4C89 Using the Special Reward

Nie Chang and Su Yan indeed didn’t need long to reach the apartment. Su Yan happily jumped out of the car and ran over to his boyfriend, linking arms with him.
“How about you come with me to check out the reward? That way you won’t have to worry that I’m gone too long.”
Nie Chang sighed and ruffled his darling’s hair. “If you want me to, then I’ll naturally come with you. Wait, let’s get your notebook first.” Nie Chang pulled Su Yan back to the car and got his notebook before accompanying him inside.
Looking at it, Su Yan blinked. “Eh, Ah Chang, say, I can also use the system on the notebook, right?”
“Sure.” Continue reading

LWS V4C88 The Milestones of a Relationship

Su Yan swiveled around to Nie Chang and stared at his profile. He hadn’t gotten it wrong, had he? They were in a relationship so there would also be milestones they could reach together. And each milestone gave him experience points so … Doing things with Nie Chang would get him closer to the next level.
Nie Chang felt cold sweat break out on his forehead. He had no idea what was going on but he had the feeling that Su Yan’s gaze spelled trouble for him. “Darling … Is something the matter?”
Su Yan leaned back in his seat and grinned. “No. Everything is great.” Really great, ah! He could actually do things with his boyfriend and become a better author at the same time. The system should have told him earlier!
Nie Chang glanced at Su Yan but there was no way he could know what his boyfriend was thinking just from taking a short look. Ah, he’d have to wait until they were home. Continue reading

OMF V5C115 If You’d Let Me Take a Look …

While trouble was approaching for Jinde, Jing Yi was also having trouble with his situation. He stared at Qiu Ling’s face, cursing his previous self inwardly for never looking at Tian’s face or inquiring more about him. How was he supposed to judge this without knowing more about the situation?
Qiu Ling quietly requited his beloved’s gaze. He felt that Jing Yi was struggling but there was nothing he could do for the moment. He had already provided so many clues. Now it was up to Jing Yi to draw his conclusions and ask for more. Thus he just waited.
Jing Yi looked at the pond next to them, his thoughts in disarray. He knew that something was wrong, that something didn’t fit but he couldn’t make any sense out of this.
He turned to Qiu Ling and opened his mouth to speak up but in the end, he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t just ask him if he knew about Tian, could he? Or maybe …
Jing Yi looked up again, meeting Qiu Ling’s dark gaze. “Qiu Ling …”
“Yes?” Continue reading