OMF V6C75 Why Hadn’t He Thought of That Sooner?

Qiu Ling deflated. Unfortunately, everything he brought up was rejected right away. Was this guy even giving him a chance?! He harrumphed but still continued to ponder. This was his cousin-in-law, the prized son of Jing He’s one and only uncle. He couldn’t let him be unhappy! Jing He’s family was his family. And naturally, he would take good care of his family.
He pursed his lips. He did understand that they couldn’t stay in the human realm and that the demon realm was too dangerous. But what was the problem with the Nine Heavens? There should be some way around ascending. After all, Bai Mu’s father was the God of War! Couldn’t he just allow them? Continue reading

LWS V5C78 This Feels Like …

Nie Chang blinked and opened his mouth but no sound came out. What?
“Didn’t you hear me?!” Su Yan anxiously tugged at Nie Chang’s wrist. “I don’t want my nest to creak! Just put all of it on there!”
Unfortunately, his boyfriend still hadn’t gotten over this newest shock. He had always thought he understood Su Yan very well after all these years of being best friends but … since they had gotten together he felt more and more often that he hadn’t seen the true depth of Su Yan’s quirkiness yet.
“What is it? Can’t you see?” Su Yan hurriedly spread his legs and rolled as far up as he could. “Is this better? Can you see now? Or do I need to spread them more? Do you want to stuff something under it?” Continue reading

AHS C1: The Fairest of Them All

Jing He sat in front of his dressing table and refused to look at the mirror. Who knew what he would see if he did? He folded his hands in his lap and examined his nails instead, letting the two men behind him do whatever they wanted with his hair. Mn, his nails seemed a little dull. He should polish them when those two left.
Behind him, the Heavenly Emperor Rong Su glared at the person next to him. “What are you doing? That doesn’t suit him at all!”
Qiu Ling glared back. “Even if it wouldn’t suit him, my beloved would still be the most beautiful person around! And how can you say this doesn’t suit him? He looks beautiful!”
“He looks beautiful because he always looks beautiful! You said so yourself!”
“Hmph.” Qiu Ling turned to the side and continued to comb his half of Jing He’s hair.
The Heavenly Emperor wasn’t willing to let things go this easily though. “You don’t appreciate him enough!” Continue reading

Oh. My. Fate?! Special: A Hairy Situation

On Tapas, Inksgiving is just around the corner so I felt that it’s time for another special. With Jing He’s inky-black hair in mind, I started to prepare a not-so-serious OMF story for you: A Hairy Situation!

Yan Su Su_Oh My Fate_Hairy Special_A Hairy Situation

This story is a ‘what if’ taking place after the end of the series. So just in case everyone lives until the last chapter and ends up with whom you think they should (*cough* Xiang Yu *cough*), this is what a festival would look like where everyone strives to be the fairest!

The first chapter will be up in a bit! I hope you’ll have fun reading 😊

OMF V6C74 The Time Is Long Past

In Zhong Gang’s restaurant, Qiu Ling had propped his head up on his hands and stared at Bai Mu with pursed lips. This was such a sad story! He fell in love with a woman but then he was imprisoned because of who some ancestor was and even now that he had been freed, he still couldn’t be with her! Ah, so sad …
If this was him and Jing He, then he would be desperate! Distraught! It would be a disaster! Ah, without his beloved, he was nothing. He needed Jing He like others needed the air to breathe. How fishes needed water to swim and … Qiu Ling blinked.
Anyway! “We should do something.” Continue reading

LWS V7C77 A Bit More Couldn’t Hurt

With an even worse outcome presented to him, Su Yan forgot about the spitting bird for the moment. Right, right, it was great that Nie Chang’s nose was alright. Nothing spoke against doing it now. In that case …
Su Yan turned his koala mode back on and hugged Nie Chang’s neck again. When Nie Chang raised his brows, he smiled brightly. “Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”
“Mn … I guess so.”
The two of them looked at each other and finally both turned their faces away. Nie Chang couldn’t help but be rueful. Hadn’t the mood been quite good before? Maybe he should have gone for the nest immediately instead of insisting on playing around first. Then again, he wanted that this was nice for Su Yan too. He didn’t want to be the type of guy who only thought of his own pleasure. Continue reading

OMF V6C73 He Brought You Back

“Master …” Xin Lan interrupted himself when he noticed that this was exactly how he had greeted him in his dream. His gaze flickered and he purposefully stayed down. If he really tried to get up, his Master wouldn’t let him anyway.
Jinde nodded and came over, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “How are you?”
Xin Lan nodded with a bad feeling. “Better …”
Jinde couldn’t help but smile. Xin Lan was probably worrying whether he had been here before and seen his arousal. Most likely, it would be even more embarrassing for Xin Lan to be seen that way than it had been for him to see it. If he wasn’t afraid what it might entail, he would have made fun of him. Now, he could only pretend not to know what this was about and direct the attention elsewhere. “Don’t worry. You only slept for a while. Should I take a look at your injury to see if it’s safe to go?”
Xin Lan sighed. “No need. I can already feel that I’m better. After being in your care, there wouldn’t be any problems.” Continue reading

LWS V5C76 Saving His Nose

“You …” Su Yan took a deep breath to calm himself but still didn’t know what to say.
Nie Chang raised his brows. “What is it, Darling?” Ah, well, at least the blanket was finally lifted. Now he could finally breathe again!
“You … What were you doing?!”
Nie Chang’s gaze flickered. How to explain this? “I … wanted to make you feel good.”
“But … but you touched my bird again! And … and with your lips!”
“And that didn’t feel good?” He very honestly blinked his eyes at Su Yan and his darling’s anger dissipated.
Su Yan’s mouth opened and closed again. He didn’t know what to say. It … had felt good. But how could anyone touch a bird with their lips? Wasn’t that wrong? He wanted to ask but then remembered that Nie Chang had said not to bring up the novel again. Mn, maybe this really was normal. He pursed his lips and finally nodded. “Alright. Since you said so I’ll believe you for now.” He lay back down and waited. Continue reading

Announcement: End of LWS and RMN release rate

You might remember that I asked your opinion on what I should do after LWS ends. Well, I’ve counted the answers on all sites and the majority was for a higher release rate of RMN chapters. So that’s what I’ll be doing. 😁

Since I’m a few weeks ahead with the chapters on Patreon and time them to make things easier for myself (because I forget stuff so easily – just look at the poor Tapas people that had to suffer twice because I didn’t update on time), we’ll start with two chapters a week at 18th June. Updates will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (so 18th and 20th in that week). I’ll be raising the release rate to three chapters a while later (I’ll announce that when I decide on the actual date).

I won’t update daily for now (although that’s the ultimate goal) because I want to edit the last two LWS volumes first and plan some other stuff. (Here’s a hint: There might be a surprise for OMF readers soon!)

RMN C25 Frozen in Shock

Yun Bei Fen didn’t notice at all. He was completely absorbed in watching … the landscape. Certainly, he was watching the landscape. He might have peeked at his senior martial brother Mei a few times but he certainly hadn’t been observing him the whole time.
“Do you like it?” Mei Chao Bing smiled gently and caressed Yun Bei Fen’s cheek.
His little bunny nodded eagerly in response.
Of course, he liked it! He should definitely go and apologize to his Master later on for cursing him earlier. Now he finally understood. His Master hadn’t heartlessly thrown him away. He had actually done him a favor! Now, he could spend the whole day with his senior martial brother Mei! Continue reading