OMF V7C72 Not Taking a Risk

Jing Yi pressed his eyes shut, not needing to act his fear at all. He fell toward the ground, the wind rushing past him, drowning out any other sound, the rain hitting his body once again now that Jinde wasn’t shielding him anymore.

Qiu Ling’s eyes widened and his grasp on his spiritual energy slipped. The attack he had prepared collapsed, the storm raging on without his cue.

He didn’t think. He rushed forward, extending his arms to grab Jing Yi before he could crash into the ground. Never mind the bastard who tried to kill him. Never mind the person that had been hiding behind him. He had to save his beloved before he dealt with any of that! Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 7: Take Every Chance to Be with Your Beloved … (7)

Qiu Ling had no idea what he was supposed to do but he managed to wind his way through somehow. If the Heavenly Emperor and Empress greeted the gods at the bank of the river and Jing He made to do the same, then he would naturally follow suit. When the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress made a sacrifice to honor the deceased, then he … would be handed a floral wreath?

Qiu Ling blinked and took the ring of pink blossoms from Jing He. Such a strange ritual! Were they supposed to burn this like the Heavenly Emperor and Empress with their sacrifice just now? Continue reading

OMF V7C71 A Bigger Threat

Jing Yi took a shaky breath and reached out further. “Qiu Ling, it’s really alright. Look, I’m not hurt. I’m not scared of him either. You already paid him back enough. Yes? Come here now. Just … Just come here and give me a hug, alright?” He looked at him urgently, hoping that his words could somehow get through to Qiu Ling.

His lover looked back at him, his eyes uncomprehending. Obviously, he didn’t think that it was enough. But he at least didn’t throw another attack at Elder Gongxi and only let the storm around them rage on. Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C6 What Is It?

More than ten hours later, the plane finally touched down. Nie Chang heaved a sigh of relief and rubbed his eyes, wondering if he would really be able to live through the rest of the day.

After sleeping for a few hours on the flight, Su Yan had been very energetic, either talking nonstop or asking him to read him a story — one of his favorite pastime activities since the system had made him ‘read’ those novels back then. Apparently, he felt that his boyfriend had a good voice?

Anyway, as a qualified boyfriend, Nie Chang hadn’t found it in himself to refuse him even on the plane. So despite the fact that he was also dead-tired because his little darling had kept him awake last night, he continued to do as his darling said to make sure that he would feel comfortable on the flight and not start the trip in a bad mood. As a result … Nie Chang could hardly keep his eyes open. Continue reading

OMF V7C70 I’ll Save You!

Jing Yi wanted to warn him that he shouldn’t underestimate the storm but by then they had already entered and he found that the man had indeed been right. He was able to make sure nothing happened to him. In fact, if he hadn’t been able to see and hear that the storm was still raging around them, he would’ve believed it to only be an illusion. The wind didn’t touch them. The rain didn’t touch them either. It was as if the elements would deliberately skirt around them, making sure not to harm even a single hair on their body.

Jinde smiled to himself when he saw the boy’s expression. It seemed that even though the two of them were a couple, the boy didn’t understand too much about the dragons yet. Well, there would be time in the future to slowly teach him. He should tell Jin Yu to bring him with him into that secret realm every now and then. He certainly couldn’t rely on Qiu Ling to do that type of thing. Continue reading

OMF V7C69 Only One Reason

Yuchi Bing Xia and Zhangsun Xun Yi watched on as Qiu Ling fought with Elder Gongxi, their expressions getting more and more complicated. They knew there was nothing they could do but it wasn’t a nice feeling to only be able to watch. Should they try to call out? But then what if Qiu Ling still didn’t stop? That might make matters even worse.

Finally, the white feathered boat appeared in the vicinity of the sect grounds. Zhangsun Xun Yi leaped to his feet, not sure if he should feel hope or get even more frustrated. He stared at what was obviously a magical artifact. If he wasn’t wrong, then this feathered boat should be the one Hua Min had always been using when he went somewhere with his disciples. So the Liu He Alliance had sent him over? His Master had been friends with Grandmaster Leng so maybe Hua Min would have a way to contact him? Continue reading

RMN C71 Completely Wrong

The other disciples stared at the scene in front of them. This … What was happening here? They couldn’t relate what they were seeing with the story they had heard at all.

They might still be able to explain away why Yun Bei Fen had been clinging to Mei Chao Bing previously but they couldn’t make up any reason why Mei Chao Bing should try to desperately make the boy stop crying if he had really forced himself on him. After all, the kind of scum that was able to do something like that wouldn’t care much about the other’s feelings. So if he did … Did this mean that everything before had really been nothing more but a vicious rumor? Continue reading

OMF V7C68 Stronger than Him

Hua Min gave his guest a complicated look and shook his head. “We’ll be there in a bit. Please wait a while longer.”

Jinde’s lips twitched and he inched closer to the Alliance Head. “I’m being serious this time.”

Hua Min stared at the person that was now crouching next to him and couldn’t help but wonder. So the twenty times before, he hadn’t been serious?

Jinde’s lips twitched again and he motioned to the front where storm clouds could be seen not too far away. “I was being serious before as well but that was just because I wanted to see my husband again as soon as possible. But right now, the Yun Zou Sect is in trouble so I’d suggest we hurry up if it is humanly possible.” Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C5 Too Noisy!

Su Yan made himself comfortable in his seat, letting his boyfriend put a pillow behind his neck before leaning his head on his shoulder and closing his eyes. Ah, this wasn’t too bad. He could probably live through the many hours on the plane like this.

He took a deep breath and tried to drift off into sleep. After all, even though he was comfortable now, there wasn’t anything to do. His notebook had been packed up and Xiao Bai was at home. Ah, Xiao Bai …

A person in the row behind them coughed, startling Su Yan awake. He furrowed his brows and raised his head from Nie Chang’s shoulder, glaring behind him. Couldn’t people be a bit more considerate?! Continue reading

OMF V7C67 It’s My Turn Now

Elder Gongxi channeled more of his spiritual energy, making the flames leap back into life. Qiu Ling smirked and his fingers twitched lightly. A gust of wind rushed into the direction of the Elder, making the light flicker.

Since they were going to play, they should play for a while.

Elder Gongxi smiled when he saw this. It seemed he had already discovered the extent of Qiu Ling’s abilities. Although this storm looked impressive, it was nothing more than that: A flashy move meant to intimidate his opponents and have them become overly cautious, urging them to take on a defensive position that would make it unlikely for them to gain an advantage in the fight. After all, being on the offensive would always be preferable. Acting instead of reacting was the way to go in every battle. Continue reading