OMF V2C7 A Memento from His Mortal Life

Shun Tao sat down at his desk as soon as they reached his study and opened the scroll of fate again. He frowned at the characters that were forming. Zhong Jing Yi had already left the capital. It was necessary to do something as soon as possible.
He looked up at Leng Jin Yu and motioned at the chair opposite him. “Please, sit. What are your thoughts on this matter?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and took a seat. He didn’t know the exact state of things but what Shun Tao had told Qiang Yan was enough to give him a general impression. “The overall goal is to prevent His Highness from becoming a cultivator. Considering he should already be far behind on the trials he has to pass it would be good if these two things could be combined.”
“So you’re saying?”
“I trust the Fate’s Scribe with finding the best way to dictate his fate. It’s just … You’ve seen what Hong Bao —” Continue reading

OMF V2C5 New Developments, a Blessing in Disguise

Back in the Nine Heavens, the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao unfurled that troublesome scroll of fate once more while standing in front of the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. He watched the characters that appeared one after another.
How Zhong Jing Yi approached that disciple, how he took that test, how he finally followed him back to the market square after talking to his mother … Everything he did brought him one step closer to that future that couldn’t be undone should it come to pass. Seriously, what had driven the crown prince to enter a deity sect? How bothersome! Continue reading

OMF V2C3 The Same Type of Man

Bai Fen wasn’t one to let things go just like that though. At least not in this case. After all, the person in question was her son’s future husband. If there was something wrong, she’d rather know beforehand to make sure that there wouldn’t be another disaster happening in the future. “Qiu Ling, you —”
“Ah!” Qiu Ling morphed his expression into a curious one and smiled brightly. “How was Jing He as a child?”
Bai Fen frowned at his diversion. It seemed there really was something wrong. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure how to get him to confess the matter. In that case, it might be best to let Jing He handle this when he got back. Until then, Qiu Ling shouldn’t be able to stir up more trouble, should he? After all, he had just been warned. Continue reading

OMF V1C165 A Big Play

One of Li Bo’s lackeys followed suit and smiled at Madam Zhong. “You had quite a bit of time to deal with your loss. I hope you took some of it to think about the offer our Master made.”
Madam Zhong frowned. They had really come again. And they were still as unreasonable as before. Well, why had she expected anything else? Would these three really change their ways just because her husband had lost his life because of them? They were so sure that they wouldn’t be held responsible and without that threat looming over them, they wouldn’t care at all. They just were that type of people.
Ai Hua also furrowed her brows. She didn’t know what had happened but neither did she like the tone of that servant nor the smile of his Master. His Majesty’s beloved was here and the woman that had served them the tea before seemed to be his mother so she was equally important. Could they be treated like this by just anyone? Hmph! These guys deserved a good beating!
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OMF V1C164 A Clandestine Love Affair

In the mortal realm, Ai Hua and Xiao Dong both glanced at Jing Yi and his mother when they tensed at the sight of the man in the door. It seemed this was the person that had been making trouble for the beloved of His Majesty. Well, good that he had come by. Now they wouldn’t need to search for him to teach him a lesson.
Xiao Dong cracked his knuckles and lifted a brow at his mother. Ai Hua considered their possibilities for a moment. Being beaten up by a child would definitely humiliate him but … that wasn’t something a human child could do, was it? If the story spread and people saw him with his head of gold-blond hair, they’d react like that boy His Majesty’s beloved had brought along and say he was a demon. That might bring even more trouble. In the end, she shook her head. No, it was better she did this herself.
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OMF V1C163 The Trials of the Gods

“Mother-in-law, what are you saying? How come I don’t understand a word?” Qiu Ling furrowed his brows and tried to wriggle out of her grip. He definitely hadn’t tried to kill Jing He! This was the last thing he’d ever think of! And his mother-in-law should know!
Bai Fen held onto him even tighter. “You still dare to talk back! Do you really want to claim you don’t know what you’ve done?”
“I really don’t know! But I’ll apologize!” He grabbed her wrist and looked at her pleadingly. If he had angered her, then he definitely had to make amends.
Bai Fen relented under his pitiful gaze. She also didn’t want to punish her son-in-law. Although he had made a grave mistake, he had done everything because he loved her son so much and couldn’t see him suffer. As a mother, could she wish for a better lover for her son? Furthermore, Qiu Ling’s eyes told her that he hadn’t known what his behavior would entail. Well, he wasn’t a god so she should have thought of that possibility. She had thought Jing He would tell him but with how closed off her son was, it wasn’t a wonder he might have kept quiet. Especially since he knew how Qiu Ling was. He might have anticipated that he would make trouble if he knew what this trial was about. Continue reading

OMF V6C96 We Would Have Gone Extinct Long Ago

“Longjun …” Leng Jin Yu looked up at this person that seemed to care about him being his father at one time and then completely forgetting about the fact for the rest of the time. “How about … I accompany you to gather the ingredients?”
“Ah?” Qiu Ling raised his brows and touched his ear. Had he misheard?
Jinde scratched his husband’s back in response. “What are you saying? You want to accompany him? What about me then? Do you want to leave me at home alone? You just came back from your trip to the capital. Have some basic human decency!”
Leng Jin Yu glanced over his shoulder and raised his brows. ‘Human decency’? And that from a dragon? He couldn’t help but grin. “Jinde … It’s not like I won’t come back.”
Jinde pursed his lips and harrumphed but he still understood that this was something Leng Jin Yu had to do. He just was that type of person. It was a miracle he hadn’t started with getting to know this son of his long ago. Continue reading

OMF V6C95 Two Halves … Solely for Him

Jinde reached out for his husband’s neck, his body wriggling closer bit by bit. Before he managed to climb onto his body, something was thrown at him though. Uh? He raised his head and blinked. This was … a towel? A wet towel? He blinked again and finally turned around to his stepson.
“What’s the meaning of this?”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “You actually dare to ignore me!”
Jinde sighed and threw the towel back. “I’m just your stepfather. Go complain to your real father.”
“But he’s lying in bed with you!”
“So true …” Jinde’s hands reached out again, completely with the intention to get naughty.
Leng Jin Yu hurriedly caught them before anything could happen. “I know you don’t want to hear this but it’s still better to hear what he has to say, isn’t it?”
Jinde pursed his lips in response. “So you’d rather listen to your son now? You’re making me feel dejected.” He took his hands back and sat up, not caring at all that he still wasn’t wearing anything. Continue reading

OMF V6C94 In the Name of Education

While Xin Lan brought Xiang Yu to the Yun Zou Sect, Qiu Ling had already started to gather the ingredients for another Amethyst Lightning Pill. He couldn’t help but hesitate after he found all the herbs though. This was just something he was supposed to do because some of the ingredients could be used for the pills on the old geezer’s list. He didn’t know which though and some of them would require him to hunt down beasts again that would then lose their lives if he couldn’t exchange them again. That wasn’t too good. If he could avoid harming them, he would do so. But if he only gathered the other materials …
Qiu Ling turned to where the Glowing Sea was. He really … didn’t want to dive in there again. Never mind that his beloved already knew about his heritage, he still didn’t want to take on that form. It was better if it stayed hidden just in case. Continue reading

OMF V6C93 Let’s Call Him a Former Lover

Xiang Yu leaned back as far as Xin Lan leaned forward, his eyes widening. What was this guy trying to do?
“Alternatively …” Xin Lan reached out as if he wanted to touch him.
Xiang Yu jumped away and hid behind the corner. “No.”
“No to turning my feelings into eternal gratitude? Or … to the alternative?” Xin Lan approached the corner with a smile. He didn’t even need to act. He really felt that … this was quite fun. Just look at his expression! When had he ever seen a fallen god look like this? And he hadn’t even threatened him. He was just talking about feelings.
“I …” Xiang Yu’s lips moved but he finally stopped talking and hid further behind the corner. Only a pair of widened eyes peeked out behind it while his long hair fell to the side like a black veil. Continue reading