OMF V7C41 That’s Enough

Jing Yi pulled at Qiu Ling’s sleeve when they were out of sight and earshot. “Qiu Ling, what about the task the Sect Master gave us? Shouldn’t we keep an eye on them?”

Qiu Ling also stopped and turned to his beloved, sweeping him up into his arms. “What about it? They’ll have their hands full with preparing for the fight tomorrow so they don’t lose too badly. They won’t have the time to think about sniffing around.

“And anyway, what should we do? Stay with them in that courtyard? Even sleeping there? No way! I’m pretty sure nobody expects us to do that. This isn’t even the only sect that has come to visit. The Yun Zou Sect might be able to have some disciples guard them during the day but they’ll need to do something else for the night or it would be too obvious. I mean not that these sects wouldn’t be able to figure out what we’re doing but they still need to keep up the pretenses I guess.” Continue reading

OMF V7C40 Too Emotional

He stared at the person in front of him and wondered just how this had happened. Hadn’t he just thought that he had managed to deal with the situation? How come the other person still had the upper hand?

Well, this wasn’t too troublesome to deal with yet. They were guests, after all. He might be able to challenge them to fight but as long as they said no, there was nothing he could do. Everything else would be a risk to the Yun Zou Sect’s reputation. Thus Elder Gongxi gave a smile. “Well, normally, with be happy to oblige but …”

Qiu Ling’s eyes narrowed. “But you don’t have the right disciples with you? Ah, I should’ve known. Other than your own disciple, they probably can’t measure up to that person from the Gathering of Practitioners. They probably wouldn’t dare to accept the challenge of one of our disciples. Continue reading

OMF V7C39 Great Craftsmanship

Jing Yi bit his lower lip and faced away. Ah, he shouldn’t have trusted Qiu Ling. There was no way he wouldn’t make trouble in this situation. Well, it was probably very good already that he hadn’t said worse things. Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of anything he could say to make the situation better …

Qiu Ling’s smile vanished and he put on a confused look. “What is it? You still can’t remember him?” He furrowed his brows. “That’s strange. He left me with quite a good impression with how he stood up for the older generation and all. Very noble of him. He certainly is a role model.”

He nodded as if to himself but spoke up as soon as Elder Gongxi wanted to respond. “Ah! I’m sorry. This might just be another misunderstanding. I remember now: You were only the one heading the delegation of your sect back then, right? I shouldn’t have assumed that he was your own disciple. He is probably somebody else’s disciple. Yes, that makes much more sense. Isn’t it said that a Master would always look for someone similar when taking in a disciple? Just look at my Master and me! You can see we’re very similar people.” Continue reading

OMF V7C38 They Were All True

Jing Yi sighed and lowered his hand. Well, that would have been too nice. He forced himself to smile and turned back to the door. There was still time for other things later. Now, they had to deal with the Yang Huo Sect.

Just then, an angry man walked toward the door with three disciples in red robes crowding behind him. He looked to be middle-aged with a short beard and dark-brown hair. His brows were tightly knit together as if the people in front of the door had gravely disrespected his sect.

Seeing that expression, Jing Yi wanted to sigh again. He really didn’t want to deal with this person but what could he do? If he left this to Qiu Ling, then this Elder would probably puke blood in the next five minutes and the Yun Zou Sect’s reputation might indeed be tarnished. He couldn’t let that happen! Continue reading

OMF V7C37 Mixed Feelings

The disciple of the Yang Huo Sect took another look at Qiu Ling. He hadn’t been at the Gathering of Practitioners back then so he had no idea what the Grandmaster’s disciple looked like. Was this really him? Damn. He looked nothing like it! This guy wasn’t even wearing the sect robes of the Yun Zou Sect!

Wait. The disciple narrowed his eyes. Could it be that these two were trying to trick him? One of them was wearing the official robe of the Yun Zou Sect but maybe they were trying to get rid of their Yang Huo Sect so they had gotten somebody to pretend to be the Grandmaster’s disciple? Considering how daring these guys had been when they ganged up on their senior martial brother Zhou, it wouldn’t be strange at all! Continue reading

OMF V7C36 He’d Better Come out and Greet Me!

Qiu Ling took the pain to calm himself down and gave his beloved a beautiful smile. “Alright, I already understand. Since you don’t want me to drive them off today, then I’ll definitely wait until tomorrow. But still, since they are our important guests, we should at least go and greet them, shouldn’t we?” He couldn’t help but grin at the thought of how that guy would look when he saw him. Reminding him of just who he was could be couldn’t be considered bullying him, could it? No, his beloved shouldn’t have a problem with that.

Jing Yi took one look at Qiu Ling’s face and knew that he wasn’t planning anything good. He sighed. Well, in the end, he would still be there with him to calm the other side down if things got too heated, wouldn’t he? And the Yun Zou Sect could just reprimand Qiu Ling and pretend that it had just been he himself taking revenge for what had happened at the Gathering and not the Yun Zou Sect who wanted to slight them. The Yang Huo Sect shouldn’t be able to say anything against that, should they? Continue reading

OMF V7C35 I’m Allowed to!

Zhangsun Xun Yi watched his disciple’s angry expression and shook his head. Well, that was what he had expected. It seemed they could really leave this task to Qiu Ling. Even if he didn’t tell them outright, his disciple would certainly make sure that Elder Gongxi would take the disciples of the Yang Huo Sect and leave as soon as he could. Still, it was better to make sure that no accidents would up you.

“Remember: You have to make sure that they won’t be able to sniff around too much. The Yun Zou Sect already isn’t in a very good position among the first-tier sects. We can’t let them find out anything they shouldn’t know about. Otherwise, it might have dire consequences. So it would be best if you were able to make them leave soon.” Continue reading

OMF V7C34 He Deserved to Be Beaten up

“Qiu Ling?” Zhangsun Xun Yi knocked on the door and waited for a response but nothing could be heard from inside the bamboo hut. He raised his brows but still waited in front of the door. He was sure that he wasn’t wrong. The spiritual energy of his disciple and that boy could be felt from inside so they were definitely in.

Speaking of which … Zhangsun Xun Yi narrowed his eyes and focused on the spiritual energy emanating from Jing Yi. That was … the energy of somebody at the peak of the fourth stage?

How could that be? Hadn’t the boy just advanced to the third stage when he was trapped in the secret realm in the Leyuan region? Only a few months had gone by since then. How come he had not only managed to ascend to the fourth stage but even almost reached the fifth stage in such a short amount of time?! Continue reading

OMF V7C33 Overkill

Even though what had happened to Elder Geng’s disciple was long past, Yuchi Bing Xia felt that this issue was much more pressing than taking care of their guests. They had to find out just what was going on. Had Ma Zhi Wu run into demonic cultivators? A demonic beast? Or maybe disciples from another sect had ganged up on him and killed him?

Everything was possible, making this even more infuriating. If they knew just who was responsible for this, they might find clues as to where they could look for him. But if they didn’t … And even if he was dead, they wouldn’t be able to bring his body back or seek revenge. It was maddening! It was a disgrace and one he wouldn’t allow continuing. Continue reading

OMF V7C32 None of This Made Sense!

Bai Mu dragged Leng Jin Yu away from the repository and finally met up with his father around the corner. “Where to now?”

Qiang Yan motioned to a small path between two buildings leading away from the Court of Justice. “Let’s go that way. There aren’t too many buildings in that direction and it’s closer to the edge of the capital. We should take the shortest route possible to leave. The more people see us, the more people will wonder and ask questions. It wouldn’t be good if my brother-in-law heard about this.”

Bai Mu nodded and the two of them dragged Leng Jin Yu out of the capital together. They only heaved a sigh of relief though when they left the Nine Heavens altogether and reached the mortal realm. Now, it was unlikely for anybody of the immortal races to see them and the time was also flowing differently, allowing them more time to settle things. Continue reading