OMF V11C32 Could They Get Married Now?

Tian nodded and motioned for him to go ahead.

Xiang Yu looked at him but didn’t speak up directly. He just wasn’t sure what to say. In fact, he didn’t really know what had happened. Had Jing He fallen? Had he ‘only’ been kidnapped? He didn’t know so he felt stumped. He blinked his eyes but then figured that he might as well just ask what exactly had happened. Surely, Tian could tell. He had known exactly what the issue with Jin Ling was as well, after all. “So … do you know about the Son of Heaven as well?”

Tian nodded. “I do.”

Xiang Yu waited but didn’t get any further explanation. His lips parted while his mind churned. Did Tian not know that he wanted to know and thought he was only friends with Qiu Ling but didn’t care about Jing He? “Then … what did happen?”

Tian looked at him lightly. If he told Xiang Yu, he knew what reaction he would get. But then, not telling him anything when he asked this directly wouldn’t work either. Xiang Yu would just continue to ask because he wouldn’t get his meaning. “Well, he is safe. He has fallen but he is safe. You don’t have to worry about him.”

Xiang Yu’s eyes widened. He had half expected that this was the case but … he had only expected it half and hadn’t been sure. Hearing Tian say this now, he still felt surprised. “He really fell? That’s sad.” He thought of the Heavenly Empress and the God of War who had clearly been worried about Jing He’s well-being. He also thought of Qiu Ling who probably still hadn’t woken up. When he did and found out that Jing He was now a fallen god … he should be devastated.

Xiang Yu crouched on the ground and pursed his lips. This wasn’t alright! How could Jing He fall? Well, he actually knew that: It was all his father’s fault! But still, it just wasn’t right. Jing He shouldn’t fall. He had relatives that loved him, a fiance that adored him and would do anything for him, and friends that might have only known him from his trial but would probably be open to rekindling their friendship with him in this way too. This kind of person … he really shouldn’t become a fallen god.

Tian simply watched him pout but didn’t speak up. It wasn’t surprising that Xiang Yu had certain feelings about somebody falling. He had gone through the process, after all, and thinking about it would always cause his feelings to surge. Thus, he silently stood in front of him, waiting for Xiang Yu to work through his emotions.

Finally, Xiang Yu raised his head. “Then what should we do? It’s not good to be a fallen god but I’m sure it won’t change anything for Qiu Ling. Do you think I should take Jing He to the dragon realm so they can get married?

“Anyway, it shouldn’t matter what the Heavenly Emperor thinks now. If he can force his son to the point where he becomes a fallen god, then he really doesn’t have a right to judge!” He tightly furrowed his brows, thinking that he should still go and make trouble for the Heavenly Emperor. Even if killing him so he wouldn’t be a problem again was off the table, he could probably open a portal every now and then to send him to odd places. It might only be an annoyance to Jing He’s father but he’d feel better if he could do at least something small like this. That guy didn’t deserve to get away without consequences!

Xiang Yu felt indignant when he thought of how a perfectly happy life had been ruined by that guy. Did he not care about his son at all?! He pursed his lips tightly and needed a moment before he could calm down again. Looking up at Tian, he mumbled for a moment before asking again. “What do you think? They can get married now, right?”

Even though he was a trueborn god himself, he had only been a commoner so when it came to the wedding of people like Jing He and Qiu Ling, he had no idea what was or wasn’t possible. He could only defer to Tian again. Since he had once married a member of the Heavenly family and also had an incredible status himself, he should know.

Tian watched his expression for a moment but finally shook his head. “No, I’m afraid not.”

Xiang Yu’s expression fell. “But Qiu Ling loves him so much! I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Who else is going to have something against this?” He pouted but thinking of how he had only been able to enter the capital city of the Nine Heavens without problems today because he hid his status as a fallen god, he naturally understood.

He rubbed his head, feeling frustrated. “Then what should we do? We can’t just leave it at this, can we? They deserve to be together!” Yes, since they loved each other, they couldn’t just let this matter end like this. “Maybe they could at least get married secretly?”

Tian finally crouched down next to Xiang Yu, his expression as solemn as always. “Xiang Yu, you tell me something: Do you think you could easily fall in love, start a relationship, and get married to the person right now?”

Xiang Yu lowered his hands and blinked, completely befuddled. What did this have to do with him? Still, since Tian asked, there had to be a reason. He thought about it, his mind naturally offering up the image of Xin Lan and how he had smiled and looked at him when he was Hua Lin Yu and nodded. “Sure.”

Tian didn’t respond and just looked at him, obviously waiting for something.

Xiang Yu blinked again and then thought a bit deeper. He had fallen in love with Xin Lan, he was sure of that. Starting a relationship seemed good too as long as Xin Lan came around and treated him a little more nicely. Getting married … It didn’t seem to be an issue either?

He thought of the time when he had been Hua Lin Yu and finally willing to go through with it, only ruining the night by trying to take off Xin Lan’s mask. Thinking back now … his hands suddenly clenched and he trembled.

Tian nodded. “Since you can’t do it even after such a long time and with a person you like, what makes you think the current crown prince of the Nine Heavens would be able to? No matter whether the dragon king can accept him or not, there can not be a wedding at this point in time. That much is for sure.”

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