RMN C580 Pretending Again

Liu Bao Ru pursed her lips. She really didn’t think that would work but since neither she nor Xi Ju Hai had a fitting robe, what could they do? It wasn’t like Zhi Guan would carry one with him, right?

Just as she thought so, Zhi Guan sifted through his spatial bag and then held something red in front of her. “Would this work?”

Liu Bao Ru stared at what was clearly a pretty red robe in a daze. “This is …?”

Zhi Guan glanced at it. “A robe I bought for my third junior martial brother.” He had bought it on his last mission but before he could return to the Teng Yong Sect and hand it to Luo Lin, his Master’s letter had arrived, asking him to gather materials for his little junior’s weapon.

Even though Shen Lei had once pointed this robe out specifically and he knew that Luo Lin would like it, forging a weapon still sounded more important to him so he put it aside first. Later, he forgot about it with everything else that was going on. Thus, even now, the robe was stored away in his spatial ring. Luo Lin hadn’t even seen it.

Liu Bao Ru raised her brows but thinking of Luo Lin’s willowy figure and the way he usually dressed, she also couldn’t say that she was surprised. “I suppose this should work?” She took the robe from his hands and took a closer look, trying to see what she was really in for. After all, Luo Lin’s taste and hers were quite different.

Xi Ju Hai also glanced at it but nodded after a moment. “This should work. In fact, I think it’s perfect. It toys that line between rebellious and flirtatious. From the little I have seen of female demonic cultivators, you couldn’t find a better fit.”

Liu Bao Ru nodded. The robe was bright red which was something you seldom saw on the righteous side. It was also beautifully embroidered, accentuating the lines of the wearer’s body. She could imagine Luo Lin in that very well. As for herself … well, thankfully, apart from Xi Ju Hai and Zhi Guan, nobody from their side would see it. The latter was probably the male disciple of their Teng Yong Sect who cared the least about what any of the disciples wore. As for Xi Ju Hai, the two of them were friends and she wasn’t judgmental either.

With the problem of their appearance dealt with, the two women changed into the other robe before the three of them finally made their way to the entrance they had decided on. Inside, they carefully looked around and listened for steps while also using their spiritual sense to sweep their surroundings.

“It doesn’t seem like there is anybody close by.” Xi Ju Hai motioned over to a door at the side. “I will go that way. The staircase to the lower floor is over there so I’ll have a chance to escape easily.”

Zhi Guan nodded. “Then I’ll take junior martial sister Liu over to Mu Qing.”

“Mn.” Xi Ju Hai inclined her head and then left. She closed the door behind her before walking further. This would give her a moment more in case something indeed happened.

Zhi Guan turned to Liu Bao Ru and waved. “Let’s go then.” Thinking of how they might run into others, he gave her a glance. “I didn’t describe much what my ‘sister’ was like apart from being hopelessly in love with that Yang Wu Huang and unwilling to listen in that regard. Otherwise, I suppose our relationship should be good.”

Liu Bao Ru nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ve had to assume another identity for a mission before. I can do this.” She would have preferred a more straightforward method but right now, they really couldn’t risk anything. Thus, dressing up and pretending it was.

The two of them soon reached the part of the palace where the disciples of the other side were stationed. They found a spot to hide first, checked whether the paper duck really worked, and then went ahead. Zhi Guan still continued to imbue a small amount of spiritual energy into the duck though, allowing Xi Ju Hai to listen in on what was happening on their side. Hopefully, this would allow her to prepare for her talk with Mu Qing.

Zhi Guan directly led Liu Bao Ru to the room where Mu Qing was staying. He raised his hand to knock on the door when a door further behind them opened.

“You’re back!” Wen Xiang’s expression turned excited and he looked behind him. “He’s back!”

“I heard.” Song Yu Zheng got to his feet and walked to the door, nodding toward Zhi Guan. “I see you’ve made it back with your sister.” His gaze swept over both sides of the corridor before it returned and lingered on Liu Bao Ru for a moment. His brows raised. “Your junior martial brother didn’t follow?” This really seemed a bit weird. He couldn’t believe that Zhi Lin’s sister would leave her lover behind somewhere.

Zhi Guan gave a hum. “Ran off earlier. Can’t say that’s unexpected.”

Liu Bao Ru turned to look at him and furrowed her brows in time. “Why are you saying that? It’s like he always does this!”

Zhi Guan didn’t respond and just gave Song Yu Zheng a tired look. “Well, I should tell senior martial brother Mu that I am back.”

“Yes, yes, you should!” Song Yu Zheng hurriedly nodded. “Better bring her over right now. He should still be inside and probably isn’t all that busy. You definitely wouldn’t disturb him if you stayed to chat for a while.”

Zhi Guan nodded slowly. “… right.” Anyway, that was what he intended to do anyway. “Then if you’ll excuse us.” He glanced at Liu Bao Ru and motioned at the door with his head. “We should tell senior martial brother Mu that we’re back. You still remember him, right?”

Liu Bao Ru nodded and ignored the now three male disciples beside them who were now looking at her curiously. She didn’t say a word and just waited for Zhi Guan to knock so they could get this farce over with.

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