OMF V11C25 He Couldn’t Remember All the Details

The expressions of Bai Fen and Qiang Yan turned heavy. Even though they didn’t want to say it out loud, they also knew that there were two distinct possibilities: Jing He had been kidnapped by a fallen god, or Jing He had fallen himself. Every clue they were able to gather about what had happened at that time would allow them to get closer to a conclusion as to which of the two was the truth.

The weather at the time of the trueborn god’s fall and how it aligned with Jing He’s possible state of mind was definitely one such clue. After all, at the beginning, the signs of a fall looked almost identical to a regular storm coming but the further it went on, the less that was the case and the more the god in question should show signs in their behavior.

Right now, what Xiang Yu was saying was that Jing He had been in a bad state when he left his father’s palace and there had potentially also been early signs of the fall. This kind of alignment … it didn’t make either of them feel hopeful.

Bai Fen gulped and tried not to get too anxious before more was revealed. “Well, that’s at least another clue. Let’s go to the Temple of Medicine now.”

Qiang Yan nodded. “Yes, try to remember the route they took as clearly as possible and if you noticed anything on the way, make sure to mention it.”

Xiang Yu nodded and then took the lead.

In fact, this part was something that Qiang Yan could have asked the guards as well but the infuriating thing was that while they had accompanied Jing He, they were unlikely to pay direct attention to him. No, the guards would be busy making sure no threats came from outside. They’d at most ensure Jing He didn’t have an accident if he should suddenly faint or something.

In this regard, it was great that Xiang Yu had been watching Jing He. Even though he might not have paid attention all the time, he had at least spent that amount of time directly focused on Jing He himself. Now that they were asking for specifics, he could likely recall some clues he otherwise might not have realized were important.

Xiang Yu really wasn’t sure what was important and what wasn’t. Thus, he simply walked ahead while trying to recall everything. He pointed here and there, mentioning it whenever another person had passed by Jing He and the guards.

Qiang Yan nodded and took note of who the people might be. One of them might be the trueborn god who had fallen or if not, then at least an additional witness they could call in and question about whether they had noticed anything themselves. It was a possible new direction for investigation. At a time when they hardly knew anything, he was naturally grateful for that.

Finally, Xiang Yu stopped in his tracks. “This is roughly where they were when it started raining. The guard took out an umbrella when he saw that Jing He didn’t have one and held it over his head. They didn’t even stop.”

Bai Fen’s brows rose. “Did Jing He say anything?”

Xiang Yu thought back and shook his head. “No, he didn’t. Honestly, I’m not even sure he noticed. He seemed really focused on the path ahead.”

Bai Fen furrowed her brows and turned to look at her brother. “That doesn’t sound like him.” Yes, Jing He had always been polite to a fault. If one of the guards took out an umbrella to protect him against the rain, he would usually feel the need to thank them. If he hadn’t … that was an indication that something had been very wrong with him.

Qiang Yan came to the same conclusion and couldn’t help but think in that direction further. “Say, the people he met before … did he greet them?”

Xiang Yu pursed his lips. “Some of them.”

“Only specific people?”

“Uh …” Xiang Yu had trouble answering that question. He might have paid some attention but not that closely. To be honest, he was already surprised that he could recall this much. The reason for that was probably that he had been worried Jing He’s father might try something mean again so he had eyed the people passing by with a little more suspicion than might have been necessary. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t have been able to recall them.

Qiang Yan sighed and patted his shoulder. “It’s alright. You were already able to recall a lot. We’ll just try to find the people in question later and ask them about it. Don’t worry.”

Xiang Yu nodded. He felt bad about it but it wasn’t like that could change his lack of memory in this regard. “Then … let’s continue?” Thankfully, they were almost at the Temple of Medicine already. He had paid more attention at that time because he had thought it would be important to Qiu Ling to know that his beloved was alright.

The group of five once again continued on their way, soon reaching the gates.

The physicians inside were all anxious at this time. They were aware the crown prince had come by and then been lost since the guards had been looking for him earlier so they naturally had some complicated feelings about the matter. When the God of War and the Heavenly Empress returned with a group of people, somebody directly ran to inform the God of Medicine. They couldn’t let anything else go wrong!

Xiang Yu wasn’t sure what to do when everyone started to get anxious as soon as he stepped inside. He hurriedly retreated to Jinde’s side, grabbing onto his sleeve. It couldn’t be that he had been recognized, right?

Jinde glanced at him to make sure the jewelry was still in place. Since he couldn’t see anything wrong, he just patted his hand. “Don’t worry. It’s not about us. They’re just worried about Jing He, I guess.”

Bai Fen nodded and also patted his arm. “Yes, don’t worry. You’re doing very well. My brother and I will solve this one and then we can continue.”

Xiang Yu gave a hum but he still stayed next to Jinde. Anyway, he’d rather not risk it.

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