OMF V11C16 Fall in Love Again

Jinde noticed that Xiang Yu’s expression seemed a little off but he didn’t want to press. “Well, the offer is there but you don’t have to accept. Just tell me after you’ve decided.

“Or if you want to see them first, we can deal with matters in the Nine Heavens, and after we’ve solved everything, we can make a day out of going through everything and see what you would like. Ah, in the worst case, we can use the materials to make something new of them. I suppose that would also work.”

Jinde mentioned a few ideas while pulling Xiang Yu along again. He didn’t know what the little fallen god had suddenly thought about but his expression really hadn’t been good. He’d rather distract him a little. After all, the people in the Nine Heavens sure wouldn’t be off for the better if they brought an upset fallen god along.

Xiang Yu indeed pulled out of his thoughts when Jinde chattered next to him and dragged his arm. He pushed the thoughts of Yan Xia away. Anyway, that man had been a demon. He really shouldn’t care about him. No, it was much better to focus on the people who liked him. Just like Jinde and his family.

He looked at Jinde’s face and couldn’t help but be in a bit of a daze. When he first saw him, he had immediately noticed how beautiful Jinde was. And even now, after so much time had passed by, he still couldn’t overlook this fact. Jinde’s beauty was just that outstanding.

But … this wasn’t even everything. Jinde was also incredibly kind. Just look at how he had always treated him despite being a fallen god. Right now was only one more moment where he proved that he genuinely didn’t care about his identity and would be there for him if he needed him no matter what. It was no wonder that there were so many people interested in Jinde. He really was lovable.

Xiang Yu lowered his head. In comparison to him, he probably couldn’t measure up. He wasn’t that beautiful. Maybe he was a bit pretty but he had fallen while not even an adult yet so others probably found him to be childish.

As for his personality … He tried to think about that but came up with a blank. Was his personality likable? He wasn’t too sure. Jinde seemed to delight in his presence and Qiu Ling seemed happy with his company as well but Xin Lan acted as if he was the most annoying thing in any of the realms.

Even that aside, being a fallen god complicated everything. There were only a handful of people who would ignore this fact about him. It was good that he had finally found them but … this also meant that there were hardly others out there who would accept him. It was sad to think about.

Jinde noticed that Xiang Yu had cheered up first but was now once again feeling down. Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as earlier. At that time, his expression had looked the worst he had ever seen it. By now, he just seemed a bit aggrieved. He wondered what exactly had the little fallen god in such a state.

Jinde thought for a bit and finally stopped, gently pulling at Xiang Yu’s arm to make him turn around and look at him. “Do you want to share?”

“Share?” Xiang Yu wasn’t even sure what they were supposed to share.

“Whatever is weighing your mood down right now. You wouldn’t still be worried about Xin Lan, would you?” This was the only issue he could see. Unless, of course, Jing He’s possible fall had impacted Xiang Yu as well by reminding him of unpleasant things. He really hoped that wasn’t the case though.

Xiang Yu hadn’t exactly thought of Xin Lan but it seemed to be close enough so he nodded. “I just … feel like he’ll never like me because I’m a fallen god and maybe my personality isn’t very likable. After all, he seems to think I’m annoying. He always gets angry when he sees me.”

Jinde observed Xiang Yu’s expression closely and then hummed. “Well, if that’s true, then it’s really his loss. In that case, you shouldn’t think about it, just forget about him and move on.”

Xiang Yu’s eyes widened. How could a dragon say that to him?

Jinde smiled and shook his head. He had known Xiang Yu long enough now to roughly guess what he was thinking. “I was lucky to fall in love with a man who loved me back. But sometimes, things don’t work out that way. There are many people in the dragon race who are one-sidedly in love and unhappy because they can never fulfill that dream of their perfect relationship.

“You might be in love with Xin Lan right now and, of course, it would be nice if he liked you back. In fact, I believe the two of you would make a well-matched couple. But if his stance doesn’t change at all, then that is alright as well. After all, you’re not a dragon. You can fall in love again if it doesn’t work out this time. That’s the beauty of being part of the god race.”

Xiang Yu was stunned. He had never thought about it that way. He also wasn’t sure if he liked it. He wanted things to be less complicated. People should fall in love with a suitable partner and they with them. It shouldn’t be like … this. And also … “I would really like it if he liked me though.”

Jinde nodded. “Isn’t that why we were thinking of dressing you up nicely for him to see? Just give it some time! Xin Lan is a grumpy person in general. You’ll need to give him time to grieve the you he fell in love with during your trial and then you need to make your presence known. Who knows? He might just fall in love with you again.”

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