OMF V10C221 Trustworthy Helpers

Leng Jin Yu nodded. He could only hope that this was true. If it wasn’t … well, it would be too late to change anything by then.

Jinde shared his husband’s worry. He hadn’t actually met Jing He yet but Qiu Ling had told him a thing or two so he had a rough idea of what kind of person the current crown prince of the Nine Heavens was. Frankly, his hope that this person would easily take a setback wasn’t high. But then, he’d have to trust the Heavenly Empress on this. Anyway, she should know her husband and son best so if she believed this was doable, then it should be.

Giving a hum, Jinde brought the attention back to himself. “Well, since we’re all in agreement there, let’s focus on the practical things: What exactly should everyone do?”

Bai Fen smiled. She had heard stories about Jinde but he had supposedly died long ago so she had never really seen him in action. Now, she could see why he had been so beloved in the dragon realm. “Well, first, we need a suitable date. It has to be something auspicious but it also has to be far enough away that everything can be prepared. Considering that we have to do this secretly, it will be even more difficult to do that.”

Jinde furrowed his brows. “Can you even use the people here in the Nine Heavens if your husband is the Heavenly Emperor?”

Bai Fen’s smile turned wry in response. “That is a bit of a problem but there are certainly a few people willing to help out. Other than me, there is my brother. He is good friends with the God of Justice who … doesn’t like my husband much, so I presume he would also be willing to lend us a hand.”

Her lips twitched when she thought of Li Yin. She actually wasn’t sure how her brother had managed to befriend him even after all these years but it was as clear as day that Li Yin was somebody who valued personal relationships greatly.

In a sense, he was similar to her husband in how he seemed to put his child above everything else. On the other hand, Li Yin had always been fiercely supportive of what his son wanted. Even if everyone thought Ru Zhen was out of control and could do with some strict discipline, Li Yin just stared everyone down and then encouraged his son to continue doing whatever he wanted.

To him, it didn’t matter what everyone else thought. He just wanted his child to be happy. As a mother who loved her own child as well, how could she not admire this? While her husband’s love for their son had always been restrictive, Li Yin’s was the opposite. He was so open it really raised some brows. Still, she felt that this was the superior way of handling things. At the very least, Ru Zhen seemed happy which was something she could seldom say about her own son.

Bai Fen frowned when she thought of how subdued Jing He usually was. It really was time that he could marry and get out of the Nine Heavens. He needed this. Here, under his father’s constant scrutiny, he could never thrive. He needed to leave and the only reason he would accept was to get married. Otherwise, he would just continue to follow his father’s wishes no matter how much he resented them secretly.

Bai Fen clenched her hands into fists and looked at Jinde intently. “Not longer than a year. Let’s make sure to get everything ready in a year.”

Jinde nodded. He wasn’t sure what had just gone through the Heavenly Empress’s mind but he also wanted this wedding to happen sooner rather than later. After everything he had lived through, he knew very well how short life could be. So it was best to not push things off for too long. The sooner the children got married, the better.

With this in mind, he naturally knew that they needed to plan carefully. The result hinged on them being able to secretly prepare this wedding and still let it go off without a hitch, after all. “It doesn’t seem like you’ll have a lot of support here.”

Bai Fen shook her head. “No. These two are the only ones I am sure about. As for others … Some might be willing but I am worried that they’ll spill the beans to my husband. After all, you never know exactly what somebody thinks.”

Jinde sighed. “True. It seems like most will have to depend on our side then.”

Next to him, Leng Jin Yu narrowed his eyes. Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem to have their people take care of everything but some matters would be inconvenient to prepare there. After all, the actual ceremony was supposed to happen in the Nine Heavens. He didn’t know many people here but there were at least two he could think of who might also be willing to lend a hand. “How about Duan Ming and Lan Ling?” He turned to Jinde, wondering what his husband thought after having met them.

Jinde’s lips twitched. “The one who constantly revolved around you while in the dragon realm and his friend?”

Leng Jin Yu coughed. “Those two, yes.” And he really couldn’t do anything about Lan Ling. That guy was just … well, he had no words to describe it. “Either way, I think they are trustworthy. They were willing to help him as Zhong Jing Yi as well, after all.” And that was even though he had tried to kill his trueborn self which should be a scary thought to trueborn gods.

Jinde nodded. “I suppose so.” After all, one of them idolized his husband …

Bai Fen also nodded. “I know Duan Ming. In fact, now that you mention it, I think his mother should also be willing. You might not know but my husband is currently trying to set up Jing He and Duan Ming. Yu Ling isn’t amused about it.”

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