RMN C562 A Successful Rescue Mission

Zhi Guan furrowed his brows. Up until now, they still didn’t know what exactly the plan of the demonic side was. They had found clues here and there like how all four righteous sects seemed to be involved and how Mei Chao Bing seemed to have a big part in it but up until he found out from Song Yu Zheng today that this had to do with the almost extinct Lin family, they hadn’t really had much of a direction.

Now, he was sitting opposite a person who knew exactly what the demonic side was about to do. It was a prime opportunity to gather information. The question was whether Mu Qing would be willing to give him any. While he seemed amicable, they still stood on different sides.

Zhi Guan didn’t know how his chances stood but he didn’t think there was any risk involved in trying. Mu Qing was unlikely to flip his lid after talking calmly with him for so long. “You know your Master even better than I do and I don’t believe Elder Feng would ever give up. If he needs Mei Chao Bing, he’ll force him to participate if he has to.”

Mu Qing sighed. “I can’t say you’re wrong.”

“But you don’t want it to be that way.” Zhi Guan held his gaze, trying to find something he could say to convince Mu Qing. Between what he truly believed in and a debt to somebody who might have been the cause of his misfortune and to who he stayed loyal only due to a lack of evidence for that … the choice should be easier than this. It was only a pity that everything had been going on for so long that Mu Qing probably felt trapped in his decisions of the past.

Mu Qing shook his head. “I don’t but there is nothing I can do. I know what you want from me. But I can’t. I really can’t. I’m sorry.”

Zhi Guan leaned back and sighed but finally nodded. “It’s alright. If you could have been convinced that easily, you would have done it yourself long ago. Either way, thank you for even talking to me in the first place. And you are helping me get out of here, right?”

“Mn.” Mu Qing nodded and got to his feet. “You and that other disciple. Just give me a moment.”

Zhi Guan hummed and continued to sit there as Mu Qing left the room. The thought that Mu Qing might betray him crossed his mind but he finally still stayed where he was. If it happened, he’d try to deal with it then. Otherwise, he’d rather try to keep up some trust. Without that, it was hard to live in this world, after all.

Mu Qing indeed didn’t think of betraying him. He walked down the corridor, glanced at Wei Xiang who was rather purposefully standing in the doorway to their room and flinched when he saw him, and then continued to the room that Yang Wu Huang had been in.

With him being in charge of the mission, nobody asked any questions when he told a disciple to come out. Wei Xiang had also closed the door, probably embarrassed that he had been spotted lingering around. Thus, Mu Qing managed to lead Yang Wu Huang all the way to the room where he had let Zhi Guan wait.

Stepping inside, he nodded at him. “Alright. Here is the person so you’d better leave fast.”

Zhi Guan nodded and got to his feet, giving Mu Qing a long look. “Are you sure you don’t want to come along? This would be a prime opportunity.”

Mu Qing smiled but still shook his head. “No, but thank you for asking.” He wasn’t proud of having left the Teng Yong Sect for the demonic faction. He wasn’t even sure if he had done the right thing even if there was a life-saving debt to his Master. He could understand why anyone in the Teng Yong Sect or in the righteous faction in general would hate and condemn him. Seeing Zhi Guan being willing to believe in him and even give him the chance to turn back … it meant a lot.

Zhi Guan didn’t force the issue. He currently couldn’t convince Mu Qing. It would have been perfect if he could but since he didn’t want to, he could only accept it for the time being. Right now, it was more important to return to the border town and inform his Master and Elder Xing about what he had found out. As for Mu Qing … maybe there would be an opportunity in the future.

The two of them didn’t say another word. Zhi Guan left the room while Yang Wu Huang stood rooted to the spot, staring vigilantly at Mu Qing. When the other man didn’t move, he finally followed Zhi Guan slowly, still keeping an eye on Mu Qing. Even when they finally stepped out of the underground palace, he couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder.

Zhi Guan didn’t say anything. For one, this person was rather annoying, and two, his mind was still preoccupied, going through everything he had found out. If all of it was true and so were his conjectures, then they only had a few more days to figure out the rest of the demonic side’s plan. This especially included coming up with countermeasures.

He took the straight way back to the border town, flying as fast as he could without losing Yang Wu Huang. With only so little time left, they couldn’t waste a single second. They probably wouldn’t have the chance to execute the original plan they had come up with. Well, at the very least, it had had some benefit. After all, if he hadn’t gone to save Yang Wu Huang, he never would have found out about the matter with the Lin family. Considering that this seemed to be what the demonic side’s plan hinged on, he’d say this rescue mission had been more than successful even if the guy he rescued was a bit useless.

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