OMF V10C179 A Sign of Admiration

An Bai didn’t have a problem with being made responsible for this part of the project. Either way, his opinion was similar to Yi Yun’s in that he really wanted this research to be done thoroughly since it benefited both races greatly. Anyway, there could never be enough knowledge gathered.

The two of them agreed and there didn’t seem to be much else to discuss so Yi Yun sat down with An Bai and they both joined the others in going through the remaining books and scrolls.

This way, several hours went by until the sun slowly sank beneath the horizon. At the beginning of this mission when time had been tight, some of the officials and half-bloods had stayed behind even longer than this. Now, An Bai got up and reminded the half-bloods to return to the palace they had been allocated.

Research was a task that couldn’t be finished in just one day and even though sitting at a desk and reading books didn’t seem like much in the eyes of many, An Bai was well-aware that you also needed a healthy body for this. Enough rest at night and some breaks during the day were important.

The half-bloods still wanted to show their worth with this mission but thanks to An Bai’s treatment of them and the way they got along with the officials from the Court of Justice, they weren’t as anxious any longer. No, by now, they had realized that no matter how exactly this mission turned out, they would indeed have a better standing in both the Nine Heavens and the dragon realm in the future. Thus, they were also willing to go along with An Bai’s urging and stop here for the day.

The officials were also the kind to keep to strict schedules so when the half-bloods packed up and their own senior official got up together with the scholar of the dragon race, they naturally did the same. Soon, the Tower of Wisdom was vacated by the large group of people, only leaving the few that came for their own research.

Yi Yun and An Bai walked out of the tower together, the former turning to follow along but keeping a slow pace so the rest of the half-bloods was soon further ahead.

An Bai realized that Yi Yun seemed to have something more to say so he quietly followed beside him, waiting for him to speak up.

Yi Yun didn’t say anything for a long time. His gaze brushed over the people around them, trying to figure out when it was a good opportunity to bring up his idea. He didn’t think it would be wise to do so with an audience. From how he knew An Bai, he was a more reserved person despite being of the dragon race and he certainly didn’t enjoy any ostentatious actions.

An Bai didn’t urge him either. He simply kept walking toward the palace. Anyway, the Court of Justice was close by and he felt like Yi Yun would likely return there.

Finally, they reached the street they had been heading toward. There weren’t many people out at this time anyway, most of them soon returning home after the daylight ended. In this place where guests were often housed, not many people lived in the first place so the street was now deserted save for the two of them.

Yi Yun finally stopped and turned to look at An Bai. There was still some sunlight, the orange hue dancing on his white hair like sparks of fire and adding a hint of liveliness to his otherwise calm gaze. Yi Yun lowered his gaze and finally took out the set of stationery he had bought before going to the Tower of Wisdom today.

An Bai felt confused when the senior official suddenly extended his hands with a small chest. He accepted it with some puzzlement and opened the lid to figure out what this way. Seeing the exquisite stationery, he turned to look at Yi Yun again. “This is …?”

Yi Yun requited his gaze calmly. “These weeks, we have been closely working together and I’ve had the chance to interact with Scholar An Bai even outside of the research for our mission itself. During this time, I have come to greatly appreciate you.

“Just as rumored, you possess a wealth of knowledge and are not afraid to share your insights. The way you are able to guide the half-bloods brought over from the dragon realm and keep calm despite the circumstances that I acknowledge are very dire for the dragon race is commendable. I value this measured and open disposition deeply.

“As a sign of my admiration, I would like to present you with this gift. It is a set of stationery manufactured here in the capital city of the Nine Heavens. The quality is excellent as you can certainly see and I hope that you will deem this suitable for your use.”

An Bai felt surprised but still inclined his head. “Thank you very much. I also have a very good impression of senior official Yi Yun and I feel honored that you think this highly of me.” He didn’t think a gift was necessary but considering what was currently going on with their king and the Heavenly Emperor, he felt like Yi Yun might feel the need to make up for it by showing that not everyone in the Nine Heavens was like that. Considering that he was also a very calm personality, it wouldn’t be too surprising.

Yi Yun watched An Bai’s expression closely and gave a faint hum. “I am glad that Scholar An Bai’s impression of me isn’t low. To be honest, other than this, I do have another matter that I wanted to talk to you about today.”

An Bai nodded faintly, not sure what to expect.

“I would like to ask your permission to court you.”

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