OMF V10C177 Tying Their Races Closer Together

Speaking of the immortal races and their relationship with each other, there was another person currently thinking about this issue. Yi Yun, the senior official from the Court of Justice that An Bai had been closely working with, looked at the God of Justice who had recently returned from the vacation with his son.

They had been busy with the research in the Tower of Wisdom that was still ongoing but with His Highness’s trial having come to an end, matters weren’t as urgent any longer so their work had slowed down. Right now, they had dealt with some of the regular matters of the Court of Justice but he’d be returning to the Tower of Wisdom soon to oversee the research there.

Before that though … “May I ask your opinion on something?”

Li Yin looked up from the book he had been holding and raised his brows. Usually, Yi Yun wouldn’t ask such a meaningless question if it was about official matters so this seemed to be private. This was unexpected since Yi Yun was a rather private person just like him who would seldom talk about his life outside of the Court of Justice.

Still, they had also worked together for many years so he felt that coming to him if there was an issue wasn’t out of the question either. Not to mention that he intended to make Yi Yun his successor if his work stayed the way it was. Of course, he’d prefer to eradicate possible problems early on. “What might be the matter?”

Yi Yun had already thought about how to go about his question so he didn’t need any time to consider now. “With the crown prince’s trial having come to an end and the relationship between him and the dragon king, it is likely we will soon usher in a wedding ceremony.”

Li Yin raised his brows even further. This was definitely not what he had expected to hear. “That does seem likely.”

Yi Yun nodded, neither of them taking the Heavenly Emperor’s current temper tantrum seriously. Plainly put, the Heavenly Emperor was throwing his weight as the crown prince’s father and the ruler of the Nine Heavens around. It didn’t matter though because they were allies and couldn’t destroy the alliance for such petty matters. Also, there was the issue of Tian’s curse which meant that the dragon king and the Son of Heaven couldn’t be kept apart no matter what the latter’s father thought. Thus, their marriage was a foregone conclusion.

“The alliance between our people will be strengthened by such a high-profile wedding. The dragons are also working on integrating the half-bloods better and have now taken in the gods that returned from the demon realm. By all accounts, they are doing a stellar job at showing their attitude.”

Li Yin gave a hum. “You mean to say that the Nine Heavens are lacking behind in this regard. Before the wedding occurs, we should also do our best to strengthen the ties and make it obvious that the gods aren’t just tolerating this matter because of Tian’s curse but are welcoming it.”

Yi Yun nodded. “Especially with the Heavenly Emperor’s current behavior, that seems like a wise choice to me.”

Li Yin closed the book he was holding and put it on the table. “We are still working together on the research which is a good opportunity. If there is time, you can inquire about the state of the dragons’ efforts regarding the better integration of the half-bloods.

“Blatantly copying it might seem crude but will also show our trust in their abilities. Naturally, some adjustments might need to be made considering the different structure of our realms.” He narrowed his eyes and finally sighed. “I will talk to the God of War in the meantime.

“He doesn’t have a say in this matter but his insight should be interesting since he is the Heavenly Emperor’s brother-in-law, after all, and has also worked more closely with the dragons. He might have some ideas on how to tie our races closer together.”

Yi Yun nodded but couldn’t help but speak up again. “To be honest, I myself was thinking about whether it wouldn’t be a suitable solution to encourage marriage between the people of our races. The union of the Son of Heaven and Longjun will naturally have a big influence but they might be seen as different as well. It could be helpful to make the people feel that this is something that wouldn’t be wrong for them to do either, something normal.”

Li Yin pondered for a moment. Of course, there would be issues with this, especially regarding how to encourage something like this. At the same time, it was necessary. Also, the wedding between those two high-profile people might still be a long way off considering the current state of things. Having others tie the knot before that might actually be beneficial to smoothing out the way for them. He should definitely bring that up to Qiang Yan!

Having made up his mind, Li Yin pushed the book further away and got to his feet. “I agree. I will go and talk to the God of War immediately. You should go and check the attitude of the dragons as soon as possible. After that, let’s talk about the results and then decide on further steps. I presume talking to the other titled gods would be advisable to gauge their attitude on the matter. The Heavenly Emperor likely won’t be of much help with this seeing how he is reacting to his son’s relationship. We’ll have to prepare everything on our own.”

Yi Yun had also gotten to his feet as soon as the God of Justice did and gave his agreement. Then, the two of them made their way out of the God of Justice’s study and left the Court of Justice. Yi Yun didn’t immediately return to the Tower of Wisdom though. Instead, he went to a store on one of the most bustling streets of the capital city.

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