OMF V10C155 A Good Spousal Candidate

While Jing He was having second thoughts about his choice, Duan Ming wandered through the palace and stopped the nearest servant he found. “Excuse me, I was called over by His Majesty to discuss some matters regarding the upcoming Jiyi Festival. Unfortunately, it seems His Majesty has been occupied by other matters and isn’t currently in the palace. I will return to my mother’s palace for now to prepare for matters there. Would you please send word when His Majesty returns so I may come to discuss the results?”

The servant was at a loss. He was pretty sure that he had seen the Heavenly Emperor just a minute ago … Still, he did recognize the person in front of him as the son of the Goddess of Magnanimity and since this seemed to be important official business, he naturally didn’t dare to delay him. “Of course. Should I relay some words to His Majesty?”

Duan Ming thought for a moment. He was pretty sure that the Heavenly Emperor didn’t actually want him to prepare anything for the Jiyi Festival. Officially, he was an idle god, after all, and he was aspiring to become a part of the Palace of War or the Court of Justice in the future, neither of which dealt with preparing the festivals in the Nine Heavens. The Ceremonial Hall would be in charge of that and he hadn’t had anything to do with them.

Needless to say, calling him here for this discussion had only been a pretense to get him to spend time with the Son of Heaven. Thus, after that goal had been accomplished, the Heavenly Emperor probably couldn’t care less what he did. Telling him anything was likely superfluous.

Still, even if he might think so, that was only his conjecture. He couldn’t openly snub the Heavenly Emperor like this. Thus, he smiled faintly and inclined his head. “I would be very much obliged if you could tell him of this decision in case he asks. If he doesn’t, it is as well to not disturb him. I am sure His Majesty will be very busy.”

The servant nodded and then went back to his work when Duan Ming had left.

Not far away, the Heavenly Emperor that the two had just talked about pursed his lips. He didn’t get this Duan Ming. How could he leave so suddenly after having a lovely chat with his son? Wasn’t he interested in Jing He at all? It was a mystery to him but not necessarily something he was unhappy to see. The two candidates before him had been much too eager. Now, there was finally somebody who kept himself in check! He wasn’t perfect either but, so far, this was really the best one he had found.

Rong Su’s gaze traveled in the direction of the room where he had had his son wait earlier so Duan Ming could ‘coincidentally’ run into him. He didn’t want to leave him alone for too long after Duan Ming had left, lest a certain someone got any ideas. Still, he had to check something first.

Making up his mind, he hurried to the side of the palace and then stepped in Duan Ming’s path as soon as he left from the front gate and wanted to return to his mother’s palace.

Duan Ming stopped in his tracks, a little surprised that the Heavenly Emperor would be that fast. He hurriedly caught himself though and inclined his head. “Your Majesty.”

Rong Su straightened up and folded his hands behind his back before giving a hum. “Duan Ming, how is your mother?”

Duan Ming smiled wryly. His mother was likely at home, worrying about today’s matter, but he couldn’t very well say that. “My mother is very well, thank you for asking.” He hesitated for a moment but then figured he might as well cut to the chase and bring up the issue of him leaving. “Your Majesty called me over to discuss the Jiyi Festival but I was made aware that your time had been otherwise occupied so I intended to leave and return at a later time. I hope Your Majesty won’t hold my rash decision against me.”

Rong Su smiled with some satisfaction. Look at how polite this child was! Much better than that bastard from the dragon realm who only knew how to aggravate him every time he saw him. “Oh, not at all. Don’t worry about it. Anyway, it was my oversight to call you over suddenly when other matters were still left unattended but let’s not bother talking about that. Actually, what I wanted was quite simple.”

Duan Ming inclined his head but his stomach dropped. The current atmosphere was a little too harmonious. It seemed the Heavenly Emperor wasn’t totally opposed to him becoming his future son-in-law. This wasn’t good. He stayed quiet, hoping to leave him with an easily forgettable impression.

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Emperor had never been somebody who needed others to talk much. He could hold the whole conversation by himself if need be as long as you interjected a nod or a hum from time to time. In fact, seeing Duan Ming’s current attitude, he simply felt that he was very measured and respectful, just right for a spousal candidate!

He smiled even more kindly at Duan Ming and motioned for him to walk down the path with him, intending to accompany him to his mother’s palace. Anyway, a wedding was always a matter of two families instead of just two people. Thus, he didn’t have to consider only Duan Ming but also his parents and other relatives. And even though he was familiar with them and had already checked them once before he even invited Duan Ming today, it couldn’t hurt to get acquainted a little more closely.

On the way, he naturally didn’t let go of the opportunity to start probing Duan Ming’s attitude. “Actually, the matter I called you over for today is related to my son.”

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