OMF V10C144 A Bad Idea

Qiu Ling’s expression calmed when he saw Jing He look like this. It seemed he had found the root of their current issue: Jing He had no idea how far things would really go. Thus, while he felt mortified at the thought of anything being exposed, he likely didn’t realize how much would really be exposed and believed that he could just motivate himself to do this with enough preparation.

Qiu Ling pressed his lips together and made a faint sound in his throat. To be honest, he didn’t want to be the one to tell Jing He about these things. Even though he wasn’t bothering to pretend any longer, he also knew that he sometimes lacked tact. Also, explaining this kind of thing to his beloved … wasn’t it awkward?

He took a deep breath and tried not to think too much. Anyway, if not him, then who else? Jing He would feel even more awkward if his parents or uncle explained this to him. An Bai might be a good choice as a member of the dragon race but … these two had an alright relationship and Jing He might need to rely on him more after they started living in the dragon realm. He couldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

Jinde probably would have been the perfect person. He would never be embarrassed to talk about these things and it might even be a way to have these two become closer in a short amount of time. Jing He would likely see him as an elder as well, somebody he had to respect and listen to. Even if he was embarrassed, he would still listen closely. Unfortunately, with how things stood on Jinde’s side, there was no way he’d be available. Thus, what other option was there instead of doing it himself?

Having made up his mind, Qiu Ling didn’t hesitate any longer. His mind flashed a few possibilities and finally, he figured to just be straightforward. If he made Jing He feel that this was awkward enough while alone in his garden, then he might understand that he absolutely wouldn’t be able to stand others watching them doing these things.

He continued to hold him gently but the hand that had been holding his chin slipped to the back of his head instead, his fingers slipping into the thick black strands of hair. “So … you know and you still think you’d be alright with doing these things in front of others?”

Jing He hesitated but still nodded his head. “It’s important. Just because it is … unfamiliar to me doesn’t mean that I can’t adjust my state of mind.”

Qiu Ling nodded faintly and then leaned in until his breath hit Jing He’s face. “Come to think of it, I don’t think we’ve ever kissed in front of outsiders.”

Jing He wanted to lower his head but Qiu Ling’s fingers had curled tightly around his hair, making it impossible to escape the suggestive look in his eyes. He shivered, his fingertips clenching Qiu Ling’s robe more tightly.

His thoughts couldn’t help but flash through the few times they had kissed in the past as well. It seemed … other than being caught once, they indeed hadn’t kissed in front of others? And that time, it had been the Jiyi festival so they had both worn masks. So their wedding ceremony would be the first time for that to happen. It was indeed a bit strange to imagine.

Qiu Ling bridged the last gap between them and pecked his lips. Their skin only touched for a moment before he pulled back slightly, allowing Jing He to gather his thoughts. “Are you alright with others seeing this?”

Jing He hurriedly nodded. “We will have been wedded by that time. There is nothing wrong in kissing.”

Qiu Ling nodded. “Good.” He turned his head, his lips brushing Jing He’s cheek and wandering toward his ear. “Seeing as we’ll be married, you probably won’t mind them seeing me kiss you elsewhere either, would you?” He only whispered at this moment and then, his lips already started touching the side of Jing He’s neck.

Jing He shivered more violently this time. A kiss on the lips was not too much. He had seen couples do that on the streets even in the Nine Heavens. And when Qiu Ling spoke of ‘other places’ he had thought he meant his cheek seeing that that was the direction he had moved in. But now …

He gave a faint sound that couldn’t be counted as a response and his fingers couldn’t help but retract. He didn’t know what to do with them. This kind of thing, actually, it had happened before. At that time, he had pretended to be too shocked to react but this time around, he really felt lost.

They were engaged, about to be married as soon as his father gave his blessing. Such intimate acts should be nothing between them. And yet, he felt strange being held and kissed like this. It felt … like it should be forbidden, like he should not enjoy this, and should instead refuse Qiu Ling.

The truth was that his heart was racing though. He wanted to close his eyes, to give himself to Qiu Ling completely, to maybe lean back his head and expose his neck to him or just push deeper into his arms to encourage him to do whatever he wanted. He didn’t dare to though, reminding himself that he would come off as cheap if he did. Surely, Qiu Ling wouldn’t like that. Thus, he could only shiver faintly, trying to suppress this restless feeling in his body.

Qiu Ling glanced at his expression and felt a sudden sense of danger. He had just wanted to show him how his attitude toward their ceremony wasn’t a good idea but … if they continued like this, would that even be a question?

He licked his lips, trying not to let the situation bother him. Anyway, he could stop whenever necessary. One word from Jing He and this would be over. Just … just for as long as necessary to show him what he meant, that was all he needed. Surely, nothing bad would happen in such a short time frame.

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