SML V6C59 Not That Much of a Creep

Rong Xiang didn’t know what she should expect. So turning the camera back on that had already turned into standby mode, her mood was complicated. She didn’t have one like this herself but in general, the symbols were the same so she only needed a moment to enter the gallery with the previously taken photos.

It had to be said that Ruan Xia was somebody who kept every case he worked on clearly separated to make sure that no sensitive details would be discovered by others. This type of thing naturally couldn’t be compromised on. After all, his customers were often the rich and beautiful. They naturally wanted to protect everything that had to do with them.

As such, what Rong Xiang found were only the photos Ruan Xia had taken on this day. The first few were shots of the building of the organization and the environment. They didn’t include any people, making it seem as if he had really come to investigate something and that this something was related to the organization.

The next pictures were of the time when everyone started to leave. There were no photos of individual people, only a few general shots of the children and the other four workers leaving. The only exception was a photo of Mister Du who had left a while before the rest.

Rong Xiang raised her brows when she saw that picture but since the others weren’t as detailed, she figured that there might not be too much reason for worry. Mister Du was their boss, after all. As the one in charge of the organization, it was likely he would also be of interest if this Mister Ruan was really investigating their organization.

Her expression fell though when she saw the bunch of pictures that had been taken last: There were several photos of their group of four in front of the door of the organization as they waited for Zhu Yi to arrive. Even worse, while the first few photos were group shots, the last few weren’t. Instead, there were photos of each of them, the last one even being a close-up of Qiao Ya’s face.

Rong Xiang lowered the camera, her expression tense. On the bright side, these photos did prove that this Mister Ruan wasn’t going after the children. In fact, he hadn’t even put any special focus on the teenager that was with them. Instead, it might be that he was really looking into the organization so they as employees had gotten into his focus. Still, she didn’t feel good about just letting him go like this.

She hesitated for a moment and then handed the camera to Qiao Ya. “You take a look as well.” She knew that she was currently the one with the highest seniority among the three of them so she should make any decisions. For now, just gaining some time would be best though. After all, she had already informed Mister Du. He’d be back soon and then he would make any decisions.

Still, it might be wise to already call the police ahead of time if it was really necessary in the end. She was hesitant though. After all, catching a suspicious person themselves wouldn’t attract as much attention. And this type of attention definitely wasn’t something they wanted.

Doing charity was hard enough when everything was running normally. You needed funds to pay the people doing the job, to rent or buy the buildings, to gather all the materials … In short, there was a lot to pay for but only a little money to cover all of it. It was only when you received generous donations that you could do more. But who would donate to a charity organization that was riddled with scandals?

Not to mention: Which parent would send their child to an organization that had creeps prowling around the neighborhood? And if the parents didn’t let their children come any longer, then the organization was as good as dead. From that standpoint, if there was no need and this man really hadn’t been after the photos of the children, it might be better not to make this matter any bigger.

Qiao Ya also looked through the pictures and then stepped closer. “It doesn’t seem as bad as I would have thought. What is he really looking for?”

Rong Xiang gave a hum. “Good question.” She accepted the camera back from Qiao Ya and then looked at Ruan Xia again.

Just when she wanted to ask, steps sounded behind them. “What are you guys doing here?” Zhu Yi looked from his girlfriend to Li Ming and the guy he was still holding onto tightly and wondered if he should roll up his sleeves and get ready to help.

Rong Xiang held up the camera. “Brother Li spotted someone taking photos from around the corner and grabbed him in time. We were just looking at what he was actually shooting.”

Zhu Yi’s brows raised slowly. His mind also went through the same speculations the others had had but seeing Rong Xiang’s rather calm expression, he felt that it shouldn’t be that bad.

Ruan Xia cleared his throat when the others talked amongst themselves. “You’ve seen the photos so you know they are all harmless. In that case, how about letting me leave now?”

Rong Xiang furrowed her brows in return. “I have seen them and I admit you really weren’t photographing the children specifically. You’ve still taken photos of the organization and us. Don’t you think you owe us some answers?”

Zhu Yi glanced at his girlfriend and then at Li Ming restraining the guy and finally moved to the other side of the group. He might not be a security guard but he knew enough self-defense and his physical fitness was also high enough to help out in case the guy managed to free himself.

Ruan Xia saw his move and his lips twitched. Did he look like he was able to escape?! He wasn’t nonathletic either, considering the type of things he sometimes needed to do to get results, but this guy in front of him was simply holding on too tight, alright!

Unfortunately, he also knew that he wouldn’t get anywhere if he complained. Thus, he could only sigh and try to deal with this another way. Anyway, this wasn’t the first time, and this time around, the stakes weren’t even that high. He didn’t doubt that he could manage.

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