SML V6C58 Too Suspicious

Li Ming didn’t waste any time. As soon as he rounded the corner, he grabbed the person in front of him, not intending to let them escape.

The man gave a yelp and hurriedly held onto his camera, clearly afraid to drop it.

“What do you think you are doing?!” Li Ming tightly furrowed his brows and took a closer look at the person in front.

It was a man who seemed to be in his mid to late thirties, maybe his late forties. He was dressed neatly and had his hair cut short. He didn’t seem threatening but that way of secretly taking a photo of something around the corner just now had been too suspicious.

Li Ming didn’t dare to take it lightly. Especially since, well, he didn’t want to be an alarmist but that building over there was rented by an organization working with children. If there was a person secretly taking photos, then even if they didn’t look sketchy at first glance, it still couldn’t be ignored.

The other three who had been standing in front of the door with him also rushed after Li Ming to see what was going on. Seeing Li Ming holding onto the shoulder of a man with a professional camera in his arms, Rong Xiang and Qiao Ya both turned tense. They both had the same thought as Li Ming: If it happened anywhere else, you might not need to think of the worst immediately but it absolutely couldn’t be ignored in this place.

On the other hand, the teenager just looked at the man in a daze and then glanced at Rong Xiang. “That wouldn’t be your boyfriend, right?” He still had his doubts about the kind of person Rong Xiang’s boyfriend might be but it would just seem too coincidental if the guy came to expose himself the day he finally wanted to confront him. If Rong Xiang and Li Ming dared to say it was him, he’d have to consider that they were just making fun of him!

Rong Xiang shook her head with a solemn expression. “No, he’s not.” She didn’t bother entertaining that question any further and instead turned to the man that Li Ming was still holding onto. “I’d really like to know who you are though, Mister. Also, I’d like to know who or what you were photographing just now.”

The man could only smile wryly. “I swear I had no bad intentions!” He looked at Li Ming who was still grabbing his shoulder and cleared his throat. “How about letting go of me first? We can slowly discuss everything.” Inwardly, he was already groaning. In the many years of his career, while things like this had happened before, it had been a rare occasion and usually, it was easier to deal with. Now, there were three angry people in front of him and at least one of them didn’t seem like he’d be easy to deal with. That reaction just now had simply been too fast!

Li Ming didn’t even think about it. “Maybe we should call the police first so the officers can help us deal with this matter.”

Rong Xiang immediately pulled out her phone when he said that. “Right. Also, we should probably call our boss.” Anyway, something like this had happened right in front of the door of the organization. Even if it later turned out that it hadn’t had anything to do with that, she’d still rather pass on the information first.

Li Ming had only started work today and didn’t have much of an opinion. Instead, he focused all of his attention on the man in front of him. “You still haven’t told us anything. Unless you really want us to call the police right now, it might be best for you to speak.”

The man could only sigh deeply. “Alright, alright. No need to get heavy-handed. My name is Ruan Xia and I am a private investigator. I am not here for any nefarious reasons. I’m just making some inquiries for a customer.”

Li Ming’s gaze slid down to the camera which seemed rather professional and the clothes that gave the impression of a regular middle-class man who wasn’t lacking in money. Actually, judging just from his looks, this wasn’t impossible. “Then do you have a business card to prove this story?” Anyway, anyone could come up with a story. Just because it sounded plausible in general, that didn’t mean that they should immediately believe it.

Ruan Xia immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card. “Here you go.”

Li Ming didn’t take the card from him and only looked at it. While he trusted in his own abilities, he didn’t want to give this Ruan Xia a chance to try and escape. Putting his attention elsewhere and occupying his hands was the fastest way to allow him to play some tricks.

Seeing the words on the card, he finally relaxed slightly. “The card says the same. Of course, that could also be a ploy. What should we do now?” He didn’t look back but seeing as he had only started today and this involved the organization, he’d leave the decision to Rong Xiang and Qiao Ya.

The latter was also only an intern so she wasn’t sure what to do. She had pulled the teenager closer when she realized that there might be something bad going on but otherwise, she intended to leave matters to Rong Xiang.

“I’ve already texted the boss. He left already for the day but he’ll be here soon.” She lowered her phone and furrowed her brows at Ruan Xia before motioning at the camera. “If Mister Ruan doesn’t have anything to hide, you’re certainly willing to let me have a look at the photos you’ve just taken, right?”

Ruan Xia nodded and handed the camera past Li Ming. Anyway, he also knew that he wouldn’t get out of here unless he cooperated and he still needed to report back to his employer. If he didn’t make trouble, maybe he could even keep the photos. That would certainly be for the best.

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