OMF V10C79 Protect His Majesty!

While Jing He waited patiently, albeit with growing worry that Qiu Ling might have tired of him, the person in question was still in the demon realm. Behind him, Fu Min was more or less just stumbling around, incessantly complaining to his husband who was guarding by his side.

“How can he still rush around like this? Isn’t he tired at all?!”

Fu Heng looked at his husband’s state, not happy either. Being immortal guaranteed you a virtually endless life if you took care of yourself for a bit but you weren’t immune to everything. You could get sick and you’d get tired and weak if you didn’t eat and sleep or at least channeled some spiritual energy.

The two of them had been following their king on a mad chase through the demon realm for a whole week. Among the three of them, Fu Min had the weakest constitution, so his condition wasn’t good. The problem was that he couldn’t just let him rest here. He couldn’t pick him up and carry him either because that would still make them vulnerable. He wasn’t sure what else to do though. It was a wonder Fu Min hadn’t collapsed yet.

Fu Heng furrowed his brows and looked at the back of their king. By now, the demons had wisened up and weren’t trying to attack or defend anymore. Wherever they passed by, you couldn’t see a soul. The news of their king’s killing spree should have spread throughout the whole realm by now, either courtesy to the ones who had escaped or maybe the new demon king. Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure if this meant that their king would give up soon. It sure didn’t seem that way.

Turning back to Fu Min, he finally pulled out his transmission stone. He hesitated for a moment and finally contacted a person he really didn’t want to reach out to.

Xiang Yong raised his brows when the image of Fu Heng leaped up. “What’s the matter? His Majesty …”

Fu Heng glanced back at his king. “I don’t think he’s done yet. I … I wanted to ask if you could come and get Fu Min.”

Next to him, Fu Min’s eyes widened. He had wondered what it was that Fu Heng intended to do but he never would have thought it was this. It seemed inconceivable. Those two had never gotten along!

Xiang Yong also fell into a stunned silence. After a moment, he understood though: Yi Zan and Qiang Wei were in the Nine Heavens guarding His Majesty’s beloved. They absolutely couldn’t be called away. An Bai was also back in the Nine Heavens and between the two of them, he was the stronger fighter. Of course, Fu Heng would feel better handing Fu Min over to him. Even though he disliked him, he wanted him to protect his husband. Where was that surprising?

Xiang Yong looked at the work piled up on his desk but nodded. “I’ll be there as soon as I can. Where are you right now?”

Fu Heng looked around, not entirely sure. He wasn’t that familiar with the layout of the demon realm so he had long gotten lost. He was simply following their king blindly.

Fu Min’s eyes roved around their surroundings as well and he finally pulled Fu Heng’s hand down a bit. “We turned around after seeing the mountains in the southern part of the border to the human realm and are now approaching the northern coast. It’s tough to say where he’ll go afterward.”

Xiang Yong furrowed his brows. That was on the other side of the demon realm. Sure, he could get there but passing through alone still meant danger. No wonder Fu Heng didn’t dare to send Fu Min alone in his state.

He sighed and nodded again. “I’ll come as fast as I can.” Anyway, he could fly over the sea. It would make the chance of running into demons much smaller.

Fu Heng gave a hum and hurriedly cut the connection. Looking around, he urged Fu Min to continue following their king. They didn’t need to be directly behind him but they at least needed to keep up so much that they wouldn’t lose sight of him.

Fu Min nodded and the two of them moved further east, hoping that Xiang Yong wouldn’t take too long to arrive. The longer this chase lasted, the less they would be able to help, after all. If the demons suddenly attacked in full force, Fu Min at least likely wouldn’t be much help.

Xiang Yong who was still in the capital city of the dragon realm thought the same. It had been a week. Even though Qiu Ling and Fu Heng both had a very good constitution, they should also have lost a lot of strength. If he took Fu Min away, they would even be down another person. At that time, what about their king’s safety?

He hesitated for a while and then left his study, going to knock on a door somewhere else in the palace first.

The person who opened the door raised her brows. “Xiang Yong? What are you doing here? Yi Zan already left for the Nine Heavens again.” In fact, he had done so a week ago so she really didn’t know what he wanted here.

Xiang Yong faintly shook his head. “I’m sorry to disturb you. Is your husband in?”

Ai Hua felt that this was even stranger but still called out behind her. “Ah Jiang, adviser Xiang Yong wants something from you.”

She had barely finished the words when Lei Jiang appeared behind her. “Adviser Xiang Yong.” He inclined his head and looked at him questioningly.

Xiang Yong smiled faintly. Knowing about Qiu Ling’s heritage, he didn’t dare to rashly invite people along but Yi Zan’s brother-in-law should be alright. Anyway, he was even aware of Jinde’s identity. “Please take a trip to the demon realm with me. We’ll have to switch positions with the advisers Fu Heng and Fu Min to keep His Majesty safe.”

Lei Jiang felt startled. He didn’t know what exactly was going on but he nodded at once, gave his wife a look, and then set off with Xiang Yong. Either way, if their king’s safety was concerned, then not a single second may be wasted.

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