OMF V10C47 The Same as Before

When it came to the places that Xiang Yu was familiar with, the top one would naturally be the mortal realm. He had lived there for a long time as Hua Lin Yu and had seen a lot thanks to his travels with Xin Lan. Naturally, it was the place where he could find a jade coffin the quickest.

Stepping out of the portal, the place where he appeared was actually the Jian Yi Sect. More specifically, he currently stood in front of one of the buildings containing the sect’s resources.

Cultivators didn’t die often and when they did, it was usually under bad circumstances so the body couldn’t always be retrieved. Still, there were enough cases so that a few jade coffins were kept at hand at all times. Xiang Yu had even witnessed the sect sending one of their own once in his time here. Thus, he naturally thought of this place when Leng Jin Yu asked him to retrieve a jade coffin.

Looking at the door in front of him, Xiang Yu directly wanted to go in, casually ignoring the disciple that stood next to it.

The disciple stared at him in a daze, not sure what to do. When Fei Bai Mu returned to the sect after her encounter with Xiang Yu, she had announced to the whole sect that her youngest disciple had died. She had also given them a warning that his soul was now occupying another body and even one that possessed a strength much greater than even she herself. The description of that body, it fit Xiang Yu down to the last detail.

With the disciple not speaking up, Xiang Yu simply stepped forward, opened the door, and walked in. Then, he went to look around.

The disciple still hesitated but then left his post, rushing to find somebody else to deal with this. The easiest option was naturally the Sect Master so he hurried over to her palace.

As luck would have it, while he didn’t see Fei Bai Mu herself, he did run into her oldest disciple. His eyes lit up and he sped up further. “Senior martial sister Ao!”

Ao Wen raised her brows when she saw the disciple’s appearance and stopped in her tracks. “What’s the matter?”

“That …” The disciple wasn’t sure how to say it and stopped after just one word. Finally, he motioned back to where he came from. “Your youngest junior martial brother …”

Ao Wen’s expression changed. She had hardly been able to believe it when she heard that Xiao Yu was dead. As for the rest … the regular disciples might only have been given a general idea that he was now a different person and not to be underestimated. The Sect Master’s other disciples and the Elders were different though.

Fei Bai Mu had given them a general rundown that included not just Xiao Li’s betrayal but also her disciple’s origin as somebody from the Nine Heavens. Presented with all those details, even if she didn’t want to, Ao Wen still had to believe it.

Facing the disciple in front of her, she finally nodded. “I see.” She looked to where he had come from and determination entered her eyes. “You were stationed at …”

“The storehouse on the southern side of the plum valley.”

Ao Wen nodded. “Very well. I will go and have a look. You …” She gave the disciple another look, not sure what to say. “Well, my Master currently isn’t in. You wait here and tell her when she comes back.”

“Yes!” The disciple stood by and watched as Ao Wen left, his heart beating madly. He wasn’t sure if he had done the right thing but it sure seemed that way.

As for Ao Wen, she made her way over to the plum valley, rushing to the southern part of it. This place was where most of the sect’s possessions were stored. She had no idea what her little junior martial brother’s … original incarnation might need from there but she didn’t think it should be for any nefarious reasons.

She soon found the storehouse with the still-opened door and stepped over the threshold. She couldn’t see anyone inside so finally, she simply called out. “Xiao Yu?”

Further in the storehouse, Xiang Yu stopped rummaging around on the shelves and raised his head. “First senior martial sister?” His voice sounded a bit doubtful but after a moment, his expression lit up. He rushed to the front of the storehouse, looking at her with bright eyes.

Ao Wen looked at the person that had stopped a few steps away, feeling complicated. She had watched Hua Lin Yu grow up. Now, he had left the world forever and in his place, there was this … youth who was likely older than even she herself. It was odd to imagine.

She sighed and walked over, raising her hand and putting it on top of his head. “It’s good to see you’re alright even if … even if it’s like this.”

Xiang Yu looked at her and suddenly, tears welled up in his eyes. Since he woke up again, most people had treated him differently. But now, here was his first senior martial sister, still touching his head the same way she had done when he was Hua Lin Yu, no matter whether he was five or fifteen or even older than that. In front of her, it felt as if nothing had really changed.

Ao Wen’s lips curled into a faint smile with a hint of regret. “I heard you were originally from the immortal realms. What brings you back?” She tried to make it sound as if she was simply curious with no judgment contained in her words.

Her Master had stressed that Xiao Yu’s original incarnation might not be completely mentally sound so they had to be careful. This way … it should be alright, shouldn’t it?

Xiang Yu lowered his head and then reached out, hugging her with the tears still hanging onto his eyelashes. At this moment, he finally felt as if he had found an outlet for all the grievances of the past weeks.

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